Jaguar XE 2.0d, sedan race and great sporting character

Jaguar XE 2.0d, sedan race and great sporting character

With great personality and sporty character is expressed this Jaguar XE, a car with a set-up for those, especially, who like driving.Jaguar XE 2.0d, sedan race and great sporting character

On refined and comfortable bases, other half saloons like may be adding optional products to configure more and more sports. But the starting point for Jaguar is very oriented real driver, but go point by point, starting from the base of the pyramid. Peculiar start the range with two units of different power of Jaguar 2.0D and identical starting price: 163 hp says the brand-oriented sales companies flotistas- 180 hp.

Jaguar XE 20d37,000 euros it costs you open the doors of either of these two Jaguar with manual transmission, 2,500 euros more with the automatic. I do not need to tell you who to mark points, although remember how things will change soon, because both the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series have undergone a profound generational change and a significant evolution, respectively. Yes, even if Jaguar could justify the price of their raw material, Jaguar XE 2.0d is not equal equipment, engine and transmission, more expensive than Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series and yes clearly cheaper than the Mercedes C-Class in the Japanese league is where we find the most advantageous in this premium midsize sedan price format, because it is also fair to say that the Infiniti Q50 of origin, with mechanics as the Lexus Mercedes- IS, without ruling out the Volvo S60 can be here on merit.

Release, modular structure with evident projection for future models, on which a body sits with high aluminum content. I certify that You feel in your hands a very fast car, apparent lightness and agility to change direction, although the scale shatters our feelings: of the cars I’ve mentioned before, only 2.2D INFINITI Q50 is heavier than him. It should also be pointed out that our R-Sport trim not only comes with a clearly extended respect the base -Pure- equipment, but also included an impressive team of 19-inch wheels. And partly, perhaps because of the size of these, the XE has not asserted nor its excellent aerodynamics and efficiency expected of a new generation engine. Among its select group of rivals, the Q50 2.2d is the only one who has surpassed the figures for this XE on our road and city tours; yes, certainly they have been involved in the XE curb on figures from Porsche, but back to consumption.

Consumption Jaguar XE 2.0d

With 4.4 l / 100 km, Mercedes has set the fastest time on the road with its 220 CDi, while 4 l / 100 Lexus Town IS30h I think they will, over time, an insurmountable barrier to any diesel saloon of this bearing. It really is one of those issues that I expected better level seen his credentials Diesel new 2 liters, even hides a not very common variable valve timing for the exhaust tree.

During his stay in our dyno, it is somewhat far from certifying horses promises, although up feelings, this time again to face reality. While digging 30 seconds in the 1000m, I really do not feel nearly two slower than the current 320d Steptronic seconds. Maybe it’s his way to deliver the power, or because the acceleration effect is also featured in the interior do not know if making you understand that XE wants closer ties between man and machine. The truth is The engine is not the most elastic, even the most refined, but by feel, and how it is associated with the chassis, the XE is one of the most dynamic and sporting configurations entire category.

Jaguar XE change in 2.0d

Jaguar XE 20dThe change is one of those elements that amplifies this impression. They have not arrived nine marches Discovery Sport, change from the same manufacturer that uses the XE, but eight, transmitted to the body with subtle and instantaneous power interruptions, I think it intentionally. Fast therefore not necessary, but something soft for anyone who wants to see the fine rodador XE. As well we miss the inertia function, increasingly common in automatic transmissions last batch.

I do not find much difference between the ends of the -Eco driving profiles, Normal, Winter and dynamic-, all compatible with the gear shift in D or normal or a more sporty S mode: none leaves quicken the engine far, insurance, could eventually turn, but little sense would when maximum power is reached at 4,000 rpm, somewhat less actually seen this engine behaves on the roller bench; In the end, it all depends on how you act on the accelerator, but as I say, Eco that even theoretically more efficient guidance keeps the dot pepper in power delivery and response change.

Jaguar XE behavior 2.0d

And as an extension of these feelings melee, direction has a highest speed and the chassis does not seem to carry a body of such caliber. Here yes, comes out the best performance of Jaguar. The sporty rear differential -through frenado- guideline provides an extraordinary effect on a front axle very direct but very accurate in virtually all situations, with the exception of fast and long corners where you start to lose a little sensitivity. But the cornering speed is really high, and not only that, but the car is also noble and safe. Said differential effect seems to remain just that and even with such a direct address, is a monolithic car at high speed. I also think its exquisite quality cushioning, and that it should retain the stroke of a huge tire. But compresses without jolt and extends into perspective for board not feel great pitching and rolling. Again, the character of this Jaguar really gives the face, demonstrating their skills with facts, and not in exchange for large dowries. In his roll becomes excessive whisper to feel that the aforementioned mechanical noise adds the tread. Do not go outrageously high numbers of our sound meter, but quite the opposite, but with penalties at speeds mean the result of any possible mechanical or chassis resonance.

Like the exterior, the interior design also follows the pattern of recent Jaguar. Remarkable quality of materials, although adjustments could improve a bit, for my taste, too many shiny elements sensitive to scratches. The squares front are like a velvet glove; the rear not so much: Narrow, short on legroom, they do not have too high and the plant is anecdotal. Likewise, the trunk is not the most capable of the category, all perhaps due to the sleek design with inspiration coupe, Jaguar role dynamically seasoned with a dynamic first. It may not be the most balanced car category, but if you really like to drive, put it on your list of candidates.

In a nutshell

Acceleration. Just at that time in the three main parameters that define the cars they are quick to those who are not. They have failed horses, and it shows.

Change. Eight Is Enough, although the manufacturer is already using nine. It is much faster than smooth, resulting too obvious power interruptions.

Braking. If you lose 70 m. It is a symptom of quantity and quality in the brake system and wheels, losing 68 afinadísima also involves development of all electronic components. In-class record.

consumptions. They have not left the records you expect from such a modern engine mounted on a body as aerodynamics.

Overtaking. Are proportionally better data than the accelerations, but again this is at the bottom XE Squad: Infiniti Q50 except 2.2d, the rest will take one second.

Habitability and weight. Great structural rigidity, and it shows; and not excessive weight, something also evident, although much presence of aluminum has not left its mark on the scale. Its rear seats are coupe than sedan.

Sonority. Values ​​are not high, but the graphs of frequencies we get do not draw very clean curves: there is some audible resonance at low and medium speeds.

Trunk. Too small in volume for a car of its size as the average -cubica between compactos- cars, too irregular in shape and with not very wide mouth access.