Test: Citroën C5 2.0 HDI Crosstourer suddenly ‘crossover’

Maybe neither you imagined, but the C5 Tourer and lent itself to be used as a ‘crossover’, even if only by how much it contributes to its unique hydropneumatic suspension. Now, picture and last say more.

Test: Citroën C5 2.0 HDI Crosstourer suddenly'crossover'

Test: Citroën C5 2.0 HDI Crosstourer suddenly'crossover'

Test: Citroën C5 2.0 HDI Crosstourer suddenly'crossover'

Test: Citroën C5 2.0 HDI Crosstourer suddenly'crossover'

I understand that you continue without accepting it as’crossover ‘ when the first condition is to be sure that this Citroën C5 Crosstourer, and any model that seeks, provided a four-wheel drive, skills but on the other hand brings his Hydractive III +, and wanted more than one ‘Crossover’ and SUV market, including many of the brands and specializing in this field.

Citroen C5 CrosstourerOne of the particularities of the ‘Crossover’ is his greater ground clearance, which is achieved by raising the body to overcome obstacles off-road and be able to roll more easily over roads with lots of snow. In the latter case, obviously is a priority four-wheel drive, but if you are looking for a ‘Crossover’ "rainfed", I believe that there is no other model best on the market this C5 Crosstourer. Do not discard either for extreme winter conditions, because something as simple as are assembling a posteriori specific winter tires or a mixed can give you a surprising plus motor skills and safety … and post any ‘Crossover’ Market him you can ride a leveling and adjustable suspension height.

Hidractiva III +

This name Citroën to its hydropneumatic suspension, a Technical brand icon which she premiered this DS "shark" and whose patent they even Rolls Royce and Mercedes use, until they developed their own pneumatic suspensions. I am among those who think this suspension is wasted for the same Citroën, now only available in some versions of the C5 … and no DS5. But that is another story.

In this Crosstourer, From a starting setting (15 mm higher than C5 Tourer to 70 km / h, then down the 15 mm to improve stability and aerodynamics), you can select a keystroke a higher position (40 mm to 40 km / h), to roll with some disregard for tracks or roads very bumpy and youta 10 km / h, you can upload another 20 mm, for a ground clearance of 210 mm (As large SUVs), advancing the purest style "all terrain". A 4th place it allows you go down from a normal position 50 mm, in this case, promote access the passenger compartment and trunk.

Citroen C5 CrosstourerTo all this, always keeps selfleveled body and you finally presents her with an adaptation to the firm and load conditions makes circules by asphalt with a very high comfort Y by rough surfaces, advance without penalizing low Car (protected slightly with defenses).

Regardless of height, it has two levels of damping, with a Sport mode attenuates the flexibility of this suspension when you ride strong road, improving Time accuracy. his traction control, depending on the way to lose motor skills, understand if you’re rolling through mud and snow and adapts laws acting on whether you wheels asphalt. It will not be a 4×4, but an excellent 4×2… should not bear the weight and a mechanical friction wheel drive maybe you only need "2 times" per year.

Make this version has to cost you Citroën… I think. Comes close to the farewell of this C5 generation to meet rising demand and in some ways feels the veteran car. If for future C5 generation take into account to make a ‘Crossover’ at first, I think we will have a very interesting car. Just think that you can even incorporate a four-wheel drive …