Opel Astra TCR: a test more radical Astra Nürburgring

Opel Astra TCR: a test more radical Astra Nürburgring

The Opel Astra TCR is chosen by Opel to compete in tests of TCR Series circuit. We get behind the wheel to tell how this race car.

Opel Astra TCR: the wheel of the Astra's beast

Opel Astra TCR: the wheel of the Astra's beast

Opel Astra TCR: the wheel of the Astra's beast

Opel Astra TCR: the wheel of the Astra's beast

With the creation of international road racing contest TCR Series, FIA (International Automobile Federation) Has been fully successful. Currently, no less than eight brands are involved in one way or another in this discipline of motorsport. Highlight the presence of Alfa Romeo, Ford, Honda, Kia, Opel, Peugeot, Seat, Subaru, Volkswagen and surely end up expanding the list throughout the year.

In Autopista.es we had time trying to try one of these cars and has been precisely the Opel Astra TCR the first model in this category that has fallen into our hands.

He Astra TCR It is developed by the preparer Kissling with the help of Opel Motorsport. However, strict technical regulation of TCR Series It is what makes the limitations in this regard, also equality among manufacturers.

Opel Astra TCR testOpel Astra TCR: Main technical details

He Opel Astra engine TCR It is limited by regulation to 2 liters Turbo. In this case it borrows from Opel Astra OPC, although it receives some improvements that increase performance and move from 280 hp originals 330 hp which they are declared in the Astra TCR. Accordingly inter alia mounts a racing exhaust, a programmable electronic management and also is significantly improved cooling system.

The gearbox uses Opel Astra TCR is a Sadev sequential six-speed transmission with limited slip differential and it has very tight relationships and electronic drive with steering wheel paddles.

Another very worked in the Astra TCR Are the suspensions. The dampers They are Bilstein threaded body multirregulables both compression and extension, while the springs are signed by Eibach. The entire assembly is mounted on bearings and allows work a lot with the settings to achieve optimal tuning in each circuit.

The address has a gearing faster than the standard model, but retains the original electric motor assistance. the column that regulates the steering wheel height and depth is also maintained.

The spectacular wheels 18 inches shod Hankook Racing in measures 270/65 R18, mandatory in this contest. The brakes, also limited by regulations are signed by AP and have ventilated discs 378 mm in front, beds 265 at the rear, rapier six and two pistons respectively.

Opel Astra TCROpel Astra TCR: "easy" to drive

Once the controls Opel Astra TCR in plotting circuit F1 Nürburgring, first surprise is that the command post is very low and is extremely delayed to optimize weight distribution. It is not surprising that visibility It is quite limited and as we saw once on track, especially in sharp turns to the right, where he gropes literally.

Fortunately, Opel Astra TCR a affordable car and easy time to drive. And it transmits a lot of confidence from the start you can attack the most safely and confidently. The address It is fast and very accurate, but is not at all nervous, enabling negotiate the fastest turns with ease and without hesitation. Just forcing things a lot insinuates back slightly, but without violence. On slower spins it is very agile, but it is well dosed abundant cavalry off curves to avoid understeer. Impressive braking performance; They are very powerful, touch is firm but not too hard and also allow much hurry.

He motor, meanwhile, greatly facilitates the driving. Offers a very consistent thrust at all times is very elastic and thanks to a change in relations extremely tight in most swerves can choose between two gears, but should always choose the highest gear and take advantage of high doses of torque developed throughout the rev range.

So far they have built half a dozen units of Astra TCR, but it is expected to be many more, because as we said, this car category not only may participate in the TCR International Series. In Germany there is already a national championship with this type of vehicle, will soon be other markets where discipline is imposed and is also a very appropriate vehicle for endurance contest as 24 Nürburgring or Montmeló. The price is around € 100,000, a large amount, but fully justified and acceptable for pilots a certain level, especially if one considers that the maintenance costs are very content.

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