Contact: BMW 3 Series GT 318d, dynamic balance and comfort

Contact: BMW 3 Series GT 318d, dynamic balance and comfort

The new BMW 3 Series GT is an interesting alternative for drivers who seek the dynamism of the German firm and other important values, such as generous interior spacious and practical solutions in the passenger compartment. We get behind the wheel of the GT 318d version, variant access and more affordable range of this model.

Contact BMW 3 Series GT 318d

Contact BMW 3 Series GT 318d

Contact BMW 3 Series GT 318d

Contact BMW 3 Series GT 318d

He BMW 3 Series GT (or Gran Turismo) It is the new version of body series 3, a new variant that is added to existing four-door sedan Y family Touring (Bodywork coupe Y Cabrio also they sold, but under the previous platform still Series 3). It is not a new name -the GT– in the range BMW, as it was the 5 series the first to incorporate this body version so peculiar. In the case of series 3, the new GT It is a highly recommended for those who claim some of the values ​​of alternative BMW -driving dynamics, design and quality- but with other relevant most practical and functional aspects, such as the interior space for occupants loose and a trunk with a good load capacity (In this case, since the 520 liters until the 1,600 liters if the rear seats are folded, the folded which do not leave a completely flat floor).

BMW 3 Series GTinner life

The new 3 Series GT It presents greater external dimensions than the 3 Series saloon and Touring Series 3, with a total length of 4.82 m, a width 1.82 m and one height 1.51 m. This increase in dimensions is felt positively in the space available for the occupants of the rear seats. We were able to see our first contact two adults from a height of between 1.80 and 1.95 m, they could travel comfortably in the rear seats, with baggy free space for heads and knees (in the case of free space for knees, until 70 mm plus as measured by BMW).

The rear seats of the BMW 3 Series GT They come up with 15 different positions and can be folded in proportion 40:20:40. These seats are series an armrest that can be folded like the occupants of these seats. We have already commented that the higher load capacity is one of its strengths. However, to access the boot, an automatic serial electrically operated tailgate opening is provided. And in the wide range of options, you can choose the pack interior compartments, including luggage net, straps and rails with two gripping rings in the trunk floor, among other things.

As for the driver’s seat, the most basic version GT 318d electrically adjustable does not offer it. If we can ensure, that subject to the same body and the great visibility driving position play in favor of more affordable variant 3 Series GT. Placing the controls and reading of all elements in the center console and dashboard is easy and intuitive.

BMW 3 Series GTMotor and behavior

The mechanical range of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is formed at first five mechanical, three petrol -335i 306 hp, 328i and 320i 245 hp 184 hp and two diesel -318de 143 hp and 184 hp 320d (in July, will arrive 325d of 218 hp). All engines have the technology BMW TwinPower Turbo Direct Injection Fuel and supercharged turbocharger. Series, the gearbox is a six-speed manual, but optionally you can also choose an automatic eight-speed, according versions (the two gearboxes include turn the system Auto Start Stop stop-start engine, which reduces consumption). How could it be otherwise, the BMW 3 Series GT It comes with two-wheel drive versions (rear), although some variants also may be combined with AWD xDrive, which will arrive in July.

In our contact, we focus on the engine speed range, the 3 Series GT 318d combined with a six-speed manual transmission. In general, the engine performance has been satisfactory at all times, combined with an effective and quick drive of each of the gears. The 143 hp we crave power as sufficient for those drivers looking for a good ride comfort. A noise and vibrations transmitted to the interior, we note the good work of soundproofing of the cabin.

aerodynamic challenge
One of the aerodynamic solutions provided by the 3 Series GT is the active rear spoiler that automatically deploys if we overcome the 110 km / h and returns to his position ‘camouflage’ when we went down to 70 km / h. If the driver you want, you can deploy this spoiler manually by a switch placed inside. In this regard, the drag coefficient of this version is a Cx merit of 0.28. A note also the complete redesign of the underbody and Air Curtain Air Breathe systems and front wings, which design minimizes possible turbulence in the lower floor of the car and between the spokes of the wheel.

He greater weight of this version 3 Series 318d GT (1,615 kg) versus 3 Series 318d 4-door (1,485 kg) and 3 Series Touring 318d (1.550 kg) is a point against which initially will subtracts some dynamism and agility. In order to affirm this so emphatic, it would have to drive versions cited by the same route to draw better conclusions. However, this variant 3 Series GT 318d It presents in our view a balanced behavior, with large doses of comfort mixed with fair dose of dynamism. And, despite having genes BMW brand fans who demand more agility and more adrenaline than choose this version.

BMW 3 Series GTAs to consumption, officially BMW declares for the 3 Series GT 318d an average expenditure of 4.5 l / 100 km, with a level of emissions 119 g / km of CO2, so this variant is exempt from registration tax in our country. On our tour and according to data from onboard computer, we obtained figures from 6.1 and 6.3 l / 100 km, at an average rate and with many kilometers EcoPro mode (A mode that optimizes the operation of the accelerator, climate change and seeking greater efficiency).


Series, the BMW 3 Series GT It is offered with items such as climate control, leather steering wheel multifunction systems EfficientDynamics (Auto Start Stop and indicator optimum gear shift, etc.), the adjustable chassis system (Comfort, Sport and EcoPro) and alloy wheels 17-inch and CD radio with MP3 and Bluetooth. From here, the list of options is wide, as a new and sophisticated device Head-Up Display last generation, it projected onto the front windshield the most relevant information for the driver, now with graphics and typography better resolution and reading. On the other hand, through service BMW Connected, you can access many optional applications, see social networks, listen to music from radio stations that broadcast over the Internet and the rapid consultation agenda and different applications of a iPhone. We can not forget the new service planning through travel and leisure services google Maps and Panoramio.


He BMW 3 Series GT It is an interesting alternative for a driver who values many aspects a car (manufacturing quality, space available inside engines, good performance and low consumption, mainly). In the case of version GT 318d, It meets and exceeds almost everything mentioned, although fans of the purest essence of BMW, surely it will lean more powerful and more exciting from the point of view dynamic versions.

Prices BMW 3 Series GT (on sale June 15, 2013)


BMW 320i Gran Turismo 184 hp: 38,500 €

BMW 320i xDrive Gran Turismo 184 CV for sale in 07/2013

BMW 328i Gran Turismo 245 hp: 43,500 €

BMW 328i xDrive Gran Turismo 245 CV for sale in 07/2013

BMW 335i Gran Turismo 306 hp: 52,500 €

BMW 335i xDrive Gran Turismo 306 CV for sale in 07/2013


BMW 318d Gran Turismo 143 hp: 36,900 €

BMW 320d Gran Turismo 184 hp: 40,600 €

BMW 320d xDrive Gran Turismo 184 CV for sale in 07/2013

BMW 325d Gran Turismo 204 hp: for sale 07/2013

Data sheet BMW 3 Series GT 318d


No. Cylinders

4 in line


1.995 cm3


common rail direct injection and VGT


143 hp at 4,000 rpm


32.63 mkg between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm





Six-speed manual



4,824 mm


1,828 mm


1,508 mm


2.920 mm


Performance and consumption

Maximum speed

210 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h

9.7 seconds

extra-urban consumption

4.0 l / 100 km

urban consumption

5,5 l / 100 km

average consumption

4.5 l / 100 km


119 g / km