Ateca Seat: first measurements and impressions of the new SUV

Ateca Seat: first measurements and impressions of the new SUV

We have not been able to drive the new Seat Ateca, but we had the opportunity to live with him a few hours to touch it, measure it and feel its quality.

Ateca Seat: pictures of our first test

Ateca Seat: pictures of our first test

Ateca Seat: pictures of our first test

Ateca Seat: pictures of our first test

We have finally been able to live and feel firsthand the new Ateca Seat, an SUV that will become the third leg of the brand, together with the Seat Leon and Seat Ibiza, most successful models SEAT. Arguments for success is not lacking, as manages to bring together the best qualities of these vehicles in a model of compact size, very broad, technological and very good presentation. Do not yet know the official prices that will have the Atec Seata, but officials say the brand will be very competitive, starting at about 20,000 euros fare, which, adding promotions, would offer a price retail in the vicinity of 18,000 euros.

He Ateca Seat, which will be available on the market early next July, will fight with renowned models like Hyundai Tucson, the Nissan Qashqai, the Kadjar Renault, Mazda CX5, the Kia Sportage or Volkswagen Tiguan, to name the most recent. But do not forget that sales will scratch some other market segments such as compact or minivans, for its great versatility of use and price range. It is the first but not the last, as Seat He is preparing a product offensive in this territory, with a larger one and a smaller one, which will arrive in the coming years.

Interior Seat AtecaDuring the official presentation we had the opportunity to depth study he Ateca Seat carefully, sit, touch it, measure it and know its main strengths. Precisely its exterior size seems a wise move, as it offers quite contained external dimensions: 4.36 meters long, 1.84 wide and 1.61 meters. Their body shapes, very cubical, provide excellent optimization of interior space, as it has ample seating for five occupants, with trunk ranging between 485 and 510 liters, according to their drive system, front or total addition, the backrests of the rear seats They can be folded in 40:60, may reach double the interior capacity. The loading plane is only 66 cm soil, which facilitates the introduction of packages in the trunk. Under the floor, you can tell, depending on finishes and specifications of countries with puncture kit, spare wheel or conventional.

Ateca Seat: very spacious inside

Another aspect that we liked is the It is offering good access to both the front seats and the rear. The height of the doors and elevated seating position facilitates entry, because the height of the hip is in very close to the seat base position. All seats are in great breadth, especially at elevation height (97-104 cm in front and behind 99 cm), which will allow passengers to travel in comfort large size.

Clear driving position, similar to Lion, but it located in a higher position, with aeration nozzles wider and more space to make small objects. All controls are easily recognizable and are close at hand, tightly grouped. It also has good control steering wheel height and depth. Debuts system keyless start, high resolution screen 8-inch connectivity with Apple last batch Car Auto Play and Android, system of load cell induction, electric parking brake, automatic trailer ball retractable, opening and closing the electric tailgate by foot movement, plus headlights High Power LED, daytime running lights become indicators turn direction indicators, etc. In terms of driving aids, apart from ground adaptation system, Seat Drive Profile, which lets you choose the terrain to be circulated to accommodate the needs traction to the environment, has adaptive cruise control, capable of accelerating and braking autonomously up to 60 km / h. Of course, the system lane keeping aid, device emergency braking, he traffic sign recognition, or Blind spot detection will be present in some versions of the new Ateca Seat.

In terms of engines and transmissions, as we’ve told you have available versions of 115 190 hp. Manual gearbox six speeds for both the 1.0 and for TDI and TSI small. DSG 7-speed TSI 150 hp and only wheel drive and DSG six speeds in the 2.0 TDI 190 hp.

Interior Seat AtecaAteca Seat: official technical data and own technical data

External dimensions:

Length (4363 mm) Width (mm 1841), height (1611 mm)

Wheelbase: 2,630 mm


Max. (126 cm), min. (100 cm). Depth: 81 cm

Height up tray: 54 cm

Loading plane: 66 cm

Loading mouth width: 114 cm

Loading mouth height: 88 cm

Capacity: 485 liters in 4×4 version

Capacity: 510 liters in 4×2 version

rear seats:

Width: 139 cm / Height: 99 cm / 73 cm length legs

front seats:

Length: 105 cm / Maximum width: 145 cm / front Height: 97-104 cm


17 a19 inch 245/40 R19 tire maximum


McPherson front suspension, Rear Axle torsional 4×2 (115 and 150 hp), Rear 4×4 multi-link Ground clearance 4×4 versions: 18.1 cm


Manual 6-speed. TDI and TSI engines, DSG7 in TSI 150 hp 2.0 TDI DSG6 in 150 and 190 hp.

TDI and TSI 150 hp manual or DSG and 4×2 or 4×4, 190 hp TDI 4×4 only and DSG6


Reference, Style, Xcellence and FR (luxury or sports)


Ball trailer automatic retractable

Engines Released:

TDI 115 and 150 CV, TSI 150 with ACT, 3 cylinder 115 hp only manually and only 4×2

Features: 2.0 TDI 190 hp

0 to 100 km / h: 7 seconds

Maximum speed: 212 km / h

Consumption: 5 l / 100 km

Fuel tank capacity:

50 liters in 4×2 / 55 liter versions 4×4

CO2 emissions:

From 112 to 141 g / km CO2

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