Renault Megane dCi 130 The Bose Energy, tested

Renault Megane dCi 130 The Bose Energy, tested

The fourth generation Renault Megane car feels, and not only for its aesthetics, mainly also for its ride quality, technology and design.

Renault Megane dCi 130 Bose Energy, now more aspirational

Renault Megane dCi 130 Bose Energy, now more aspirational

Renault Megane dCi 130 Bose Energy, now more aspirational

Renault Megane dCi 130 Bose Energy, now more aspirational

Since in nineteen ninety five Renault Mégane coined the name for its compact, with the saga now adds four generations. Aesthetically it is a significant improvement compared to its predecessor, shares many features Stylistic with his older brother, Talisman, as well as many of its mechanical components. Both resort to CMF platform, for models C and D segments, which is also present in the Kadjar and Espace.

Compared to its predecessor, you will have less body, as this five-door in April the family Renault Mégane Sport Tourer will be added and minivan type, which will continue under the name Renault Scénic, both already seen in the Geneva Motor Show. For notchback sedan version will have to wait until 2017 but, as in the Renault Clio, there will be three-door hatchback version or, in principle, it seems to have the cabrio-coupé continuity.

Renault Megane, something bigger than before

Compared to the third generation Mégane, the new It measured 6.4 cm more in length, 0.6 wide and 2.8 battle, while its height is reduced by 2.5 cm. Although, as we shall see, remains highlighted by interior space.

Renault Mégane rearAs for the propellers available in its launch phase you can choose from three options gasoline and as many in Diesel. All mechanical tetracilíndricas with small displacement supercharged by a turbo. In the first group we find the 1.2 TCe versions of 100 and 130 hp and the 1.6 TCe 205 hp, with automatic double clutch 7 speed driven over manual of 6 smaller TCe. Diesel supply starts with the 1.5 dCi with 90 or 110 hp and culminates with the 1.6 dCi 130, midyear that will be reinforced with a variant 165 hp. All with 6-speed manual transmission, except for the dCi 110 hp allowing an option for 1,500 euros choose a dual clutch EDC driven with the same number of relationships and that will be the only available on the dCi 165.

Renault Megane, with four-wheel steering

At numerous driving aids that can be fitted (notice vehicles in the blind spot, of unintentional lane change, automatic switching between dipped and long, projection data on the windshield, parking aid signal reader …) and Multi Sense, which allows for different driving modes (Neutral, Sport, Comfort, Eco and Perso, acting on the accelerator, engine, gearbox -if automatic-, address, exhaust sound -simulado through audio- equipment, massage, instrumentation and ambient light), the new Mégane also you can count on all four wheels guidelines 4Control known as the Laguna, Espace and now Talisman. This is equipment that is included Serial versions GT and set a car much sportier response with impressive agility, but also more easily to unexpected maneuvers. So that Renault says It requires 40 percent less wheel spin compared to the versions not equipped. At low speeds the rear wheels rotate up to 2,7º in the opposite direction to the front for improved handling and give the feeling of driving a smaller car battle, while from 80 km / h rotate in the same direction to 1. Unique in its segment and we are already looking forward to trying the sport version always super efficient R.S. which will surely come in the near future.

A more apparent inside to Mégane

Its interior conveys a good sense of quality, at least Bose in this version, well equipped standard with very comfortable and generously proportioned seats. It’s easy to get a good driving position, with a well planned ergonomics, although it costs a bit more than other rivals for ever uncomfortable, but mostly inaccurately, backrest adjustment by lever instead of roulette that had in the past. Nevertheless their seating They are large and comfortable armchairs, the driver with a varied program of massage with inflation and deflation of the lumbar air cushion. Very pleasant is the quality of your steering wheel stitching upholstery and door panels, though detracts somewhat hard plastic center console and the entire lower region thereof and dashboard; nothing to see but also on its rivals. precise adjustments, but the slackness denotes Bose plate affixed twisted center speaker and an openly fogging good image.

Interior 2016 Renault MeganeFor space, its biggest exterior dimensions allow you win 2 cm wide at the front and a main squares 4 in the rear. But the most vital dimension, that of away leg, follows the line of its category, by the DS4, with just a magnifying cm and that in the trunk 20 liters are lost. Few centimeters to adults on a journey back to accommodate some relief. On boot, does not reach the 500 l of the Civic, but still provides good capacity. Under his floor the reparapinchazos kit and a box of serious audio equipment are located.

For the system infotainment They offered three options. The most basic has a monochrome screen 4.2 “ which is followed by a screen, and touch and color of 7 “arranged horizontally with browser from the finish and Zen 8.7 “arranged vertically, Bose standard on Zen and optional on GT and 248 euros. The 8.7 “is of type capacitativa -with a good response to the touch, drag icons scroll, reading pages by sliding, zoom with your fingers … It allows you to set three pages starting with functional windows (Widgets) Y until six profiles. has very good definition, but its use is not very intuitive, so it requires a period of learning and adapting to avoid shocks in full conduction. They are missing many physical buttons and touch group fat finger is marked as much force to stretch the arm.

Five finishes to choose from in the Renault Megane

Five finishes available (Life, Intens, Zen, GT and Bose), the motor dCi 130 hp only associated with the top three. He Zen very good choice, because it has dual zone climate control, four electric windows, cruise control, Bluetooth, light sensors and rain, R-Link 2 horizontal screen 7 “, electrically folding mirrors, rear parking aid, fog lights, lumbar adjustment, signal recognition, automatic lights, warning of involuntary change lanes, alloy wheels 16 “Multi Sense and hands-free key among other things. move to Bose is a increase of 1,600 euros elements such as Bose, the wheels 17 “, the vertical screen 8.7” parking camera, the electric parking brake and the massage function for the driver’s seat. More interesting from a dynamic point of view is the GT, what respect to Zen sum 4Control the four steering wheels, sports cushioning, the 17 “wheels, sport seats, the Launch Control System, LED headlamps and specific decoration by An additional 1,500 euros.

his rate, with the discount of 2,200 euros and subtracted, It is above most of its rivals generalist brands, although the equipment found in this unit top end is also the most nourished. A sample of security has Renault that their product is superior. The tested unit is worth 100 euros less than a Peugeot 308 2.0 BlueHDI 150 GT Line, more powerful and more comfort features, although the Mégane beat him in safety, with warning inadvertent lane change, automatic lights … without forget that the 308 adds LED headlamps, optional on his rival.

We have seen what has the Mégane, let’s see now how it goes

Suffice walk a few meters to verify the aplomb Car and its superb quality tread, aspects in which is placed at the top of its category. This excellent filtering, but while at the end subtracts feelings of conduction. Yes, those that not only help us to enjoy but also those that give us confidence to explore the limits. Some limits which, moreover, they are much higher than common sense and that when we arrived the Meagane reacts with great nobility. With a defense that helps gently turning round if we cut the gas in full support. But we must do it abruptly, because his character is Very understeer, at least in this dCi 130 hp version, which adds considerable weight on the front axle and a high torque figure. Brake good touch, although not stopping distances They have shown as effective like his predecessor. Achacable just might be something to this unit, but the dCi 110 hp has also gone through our facilities only improves figures one meter in front of the Mégane III 2.3. Not just convince neither your adress. Yes, it is better than before, but his touch result very artificial, does not convey much information, and Sport mode only thing we found is a hardening we believe in buzzards unnecessary journeys.

his overhangs propeller softness and low noise. Also benefits placing both acceleration and recovery as one of the best power level, even at the second point hobnobbing with 150 hp variants. The trouble is his lack of bass, which makes it seem lazy in some circumstances. By consumption, road, just stays two tenths of Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC 120 hp, reference category, but It does not have great autonomy due to loss of 13 liters in capacity of deposit. his manual shift is nice and fast enough, not like the Civic, not even like a lion, but also supports critical.

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