Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech: test 100,000 to 200,000 km

We have already reached the first 100,000 kilometers on board our Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech 130 hp. Now we take another step: reach 200,000.

The Peugeot 308 reaches 100,000 km

The Peugeot 308 reaches 100,000 km

The Peugeot 308 reaches 100,000 km

The Peugeot 308 reaches 100,000 km

For more than a year, we have lived with one of the first units registered in Spain Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech 130 hp. The initial challenge was to reach 100,000 kilometers, for what we have had the participation of drivers of all types: from experienced technical editors of magazines Iberian Motorpress to people who do not drive very often.

Beyond achieving the proposed kilometers, we also aim gather impressions about the behavior of this unit, equipped with an engine that has surprised us by its performance in recent months in the new wave of “downsizing” .We have received more than 235 requests for the use of this 308 along this test marathon, being Finally used for about 125 different people. Of these, 73 used to cover routes that went far beyond commuting between the periphery and the city of Madrid or only within it. Proof of this is that among these latest drivers made 83,001 km of the 100,000 initially expected, with an average mileage of 1,137 km.

Content consumption. The 308 satisfaction with this has been the general trend, It is highlighted by many of the drivers both ride quality and comfort. The engine also generally praised for his softness, elasticity, and consumption level prestacional. In this regard, it should not overlook that many of the kilometers on highways and expressways nearly 90 percent of them, the consumption at the end of the first 100,000 km has remained at only 6.6 l / 100 km.

Kilometers have been falling without major problems, with normal wear and even lower than usual, such as dampers, brake discs … hard wear Nor seen in the controls most used, as the wheel or pedals. Fault more complications caused us was the one of the ABS sensors, by the number of elements depends on the same stability -of the parking brake, to control speed cruise-. The edge of the originally scheduled end of this test had the first incidence on the engine, with the failure of the solenoid offset camshaft exhaust: made to remain at failure mode and not to pass 3,000 rpm.

Have been other situations, caused by careless driving, which most often led us to the workshop, beyond the mandatory maintenance every 20,000 km. So, we had to proceed to the arrangement of doors, the rear lights, following a collision in a parking maneuver or replacement of the bottom of the front, after running over a rabbit. We also have had to replace two tires on the same side, the left, severely beaten inside face, probably by a curb, or go through a big bump: caused not only the stability control to malfunction, but also the perception of the dampers had exhausted their useful life. Changed, these elements are able to use, although we have already planned replacement.

So, the taste is leaving us this is very pleasing 308. And we hope to remain so for another 100,000 km more depleted during this period the factory warranty period enjoyed by all Peugeot. However, to continue, perhaps another 100,000 would need to start accusing the 308 kilometers of truth. Time will tell

What has happened to our Peugeot 308

9,167 km

Step by vehicle inspection to verify optimal brake and suspension.

20,486 km

Garbu first review in Guadalajara dealer: oil change, filter, level control and brakes. a spare burrs from the air conditioning compressor according to a Peugeot intervention campaign also lowers support.

29,693 km

First visit to chapista to solve a blow parking in one of the doors and another in the rear area that affects a pilot. Peugeot claims by the unit (45 days / 345 km) to monitor the operation of the motor / unit to be this 308 unit validation and against the occurrence of vibrations in other 1.2 130 hp.

31,696 km

Replacing the bearing on the left front wheel. The rotation of the ABS sensor is damaged by chips that produce the bearing (dirt in the measurement) and must be replaced after detecting malfunctions in the various electronic systems that depend on it.

33.000 km

Returning after new step for the exchange workshop was scheduled for a wheel of 17 “, not 18 the front wheels are replaced, a Michelin Pilot Primacy Pilot Sport 3. The rear remain with 5 mm.

44,950 km

Change oil and filter, pollen filter and spark plugs. The abuse of a rabbit (31,627 km, going through the R4) will have an effect on the frontal area. Visit the plater! Replacing the lower grille, sump guard fastening, wheel … air loss of the right front wheel is repaired: howitzer failed.

60,184 km

Change oil and filter, air filter and the passenger compartment. Step by vehicle inspection to verify optimal brake and suspension. They are simultaneously replaced the two wheels on the left side, while the tires of the four wheels.

77,000 km

Repair of one of the parking sensors, sunk in a parking maneuver.

80.000 km

Change oil and filter, pollen filter. Replacing spark plugs and brake pads. Also liquid. the screws of the suspension arms are changed, due to a Peugeot intervention campaign. The wheels are 80 percent of its estimated life.

99,600 km

Oil change and filter. Cabin filter also. the solenoid valve that controls the phase of the exhaust camshaft is replaced. Changing front brake discs and pads.

What the drivers say

“Perfect car. Its interior is very broad, because we use four people and we felt very comfortable all the available space. Also by how comfortable the seats are. We did many kilometers at night and the panoramic glass roof made the only trip. “

Paula Casimiro Flores

“I was very pleasantly surprised, it is a car that generates confidence and trust in driving, and also has interior finishes and features that really like. The only thing that might improve is the distance between the gears, especially on long marches, very board is. “

Monica Garcia Moscoso

“After several months without driving, the state has surprised me pleasantly. Tire change and replacement of the two damaged tires has sat great because it not only offers more comfort, but have gone difficulties in areas bumpy how much confidence did you lose when you noticed that the tires were not rolling on but jumping on the asphalt. A legal speeds you are below 6 l / 100 km. “

Óscar Díaz

“I still feel mechanically surprising because the change in performance remains virtually as the first day without symptoms evidencing wear on the clutch. The only point I find some decline in behavior is something loose in support changes, probably because they have not yet replaced the dampers of origin. “

Jorge Beltrán

“In this last test of consumption, our 308 has been a little higher than normal. Especially in the urban cycle. Is the reason ?: Stop&Start failed to be working more than two minutes compared to 12 remained the engine off in another urban routes. Otherwise, the engine provides a data nothing exaggerated expense for its dynamic ability, with small differences attributable to different energy rating of the tires and even the weather changes. “

Carlos Diaz