Contact: Toyota Yaris 2015, present company

Contact: Toyota Yaris 2015, present company

The third generation Toyota Yaris received an important boost with a new exterior design, more customization options and, more importantly, improvements in motor gasoline 70 hp 1.0 and the hybrid version of 100 hp.

Contact: Toyota Yaris 2015, present company

Contact: Toyota Yaris 2015, present company

Contact: Toyota Yaris 2015, present company

Contact: Toyota Yaris 2015, present company

In a segment that competed like utility, with cars draft of Ibiza, Polo, Clio, 208 or Corsa, among others, it is almost mandatory renewed every bit. Thus, after three years of the arrival of the third generation utility Yaris, Toyota has decided to renew significantly. Proof of this is that the Japanese brand boasts of having released 1,000 new components and having invested 85 million euros.

Toyota Yaris 2015You, from outside, You’ll see quite different. The grille has been redesigned and adopts new design in ‘X’ that you like it or not, gives more packaging and personality, and a new look opens in headlights. Trust me the ‘old’ and the new Yaris are distinguished quite well. Inside, there are also surprises with redesigned dashboard Y improvement in the perceived quality of materials.

Offering customization also extends -City three finishes, Active and Advance- and a special number, called Feel !, and can be completed with various packs.

However, the highlight of this restyling will celebrate our pocket as two of the four engines available -70 hp 1.0 petrol and 1.5 hybrid- improve efficiency, which will make it takes longer to go through the gas station.

The first named, the 1.0 70 bhp three cylinder receives a major renovation. It has worked to reduce weight, reduce friction and moves to adopt the Atkinson cycle at low load and low rpm and returns to the Otto cycle at higher load and speed. With these modifications, it is possible to comply with the antipollution regulations Euro 6 and a significant reduction in consumption and emissions is achieved, going from 4.8 to 4.3 l / 100 km in the combined cycle and a emissions 111 to 99 g / km of CO2.

Equally, the gasoline engine hybrid version It has been adapted to the Euro 6 regulations and also gets better consumption figures -3.3 liters / km compared with previous 3.5 liters in the cycle mixto- and lower emissions -from 79 to 75 g / km. Complete the offer already known 1.33 petrol and 100 hp and the 1.4 D4-D 90 CV, they now have a smoother performance.

Although chassis and dimensions is maintained, the new Yaris opens certain improvements as a increased body rigidity 20 percent, nail more rigid suspensions -amortiguadores- new one improved soundproofing assembly and one more precise address. The goal is to give a touch something sportier Yaris.

At the wheel

Toyota Yaris 2015In our Touchdown we could drive the version of access to the range, 1.0 VVT-i 70 CV, and hybrid variant. Regarding the former, without being a car prestacional far, we liked their performance. A more usable in urban areas and face long journeys with some patience car. The engine sound is not excessive and combines well with the gearbox five relationships with which it is associated. Their consumption -4.3 liters in the cycle mixto- They are among the best in the category: They are near a liter lower compared to similar competitive engines, such as the Ibiza or the Clio, and similar to the 208 or C3.

The Yaris is a very comfortable car. with a balancing body less and a neutral behavior. Despite changes in Toyota, sportsmanship is not their goal -the combination with the smallest engine in the range ayudaba- either, but the kind of customer who acquires it, certainly not the intended. Porter pretty decent and back up something just for if you are taller than 1.85 m spaces are two peculiarities of the Yaris.

respect to Yaris hybrid, becomes the ideal choice if you do mostly city, because it is there where you can get more out of your electric mode. For flashing accelerations, It shows the engine noisier, but calm returns cruises. It is the price for not pollute any more than necessary.

Speaking of prices, Here is some entire 2015 Yaris range, which will go on sale in September

Yaris 70 City: 10,490 euros

Active Yaris 70: 11,350 euros

100 Active Yaris -manual-: 12,350 euros

100 Active Yaris – automatic-: 13,350 euros

100 Yaris Advance -manual-: 14,650 euros

100 Yaris Advance -auto-: 15,650 euros

Yaris 90D City: 13,000 euros

Active 90D Yaris: 13,350 euros

90D Yaris Advance: 15,650 euros

Yaris Hybrid City: 14,350 euros.

Yaris Hybrid Active: 14.990 euros.

Yaris Hybrid Advance: 17,290 euros.

Prices for 5-door versions -3 doors, 500 euros less, and applied PIVE 6