We tested the Skoda Octavia Scout 2017, a practical alternative to the SUV

We tested the Skoda Octavia Scout 2017, a practical alternative to the SUV

The Skoda Octavia Scout, the Czech selling SUV, receive all updates related to updating the 2017 Octavia range. We’ve already tried.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017 test

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017 test

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017 test

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017 test

Since 2007, and with the second-generation Skoda Octavia in full maturity, this model of the Czech brand has a Scout version. With this name Skoda referred to variants, taking as a starting point the station wagon, have certain skills to move out of the asphalt with certain guarantees or better than others when sliding on it. Its technical contributions in this regard are the Total universal traction in all Scout, a greater height above the ground than other Octavia (Has 17 cm) so bring a longer springs and tires with higher profile uses a 225/50 R17 in all versions.

These characteristics are maintained in the Skoda Octavia Scout of the third generation, and with the facelift that identifies models launched during 2017. Like the rest of Skoda Octavia Scout already has dual headlamp, it can offer adaptive full-LED functions; a different grille which used the models launched in 2013 and, for the brand, are the 5E Type; or fog lights also feature LED technology as the rear lights.

However, what continues to distinguish the Skoda Octavia Scout from other versions of the family are the underbody protection is seen in the front or back, and side protective moldings.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017The interior differs by heated leather multifunction steering wheel, the lighting door handles or environmental trims in the doors, which can be configured in one of ten colors. Other standard ejectors are heated wiper, as are seats with Scout logo and upholstery of these, with a technology called Thermo-Flux, ready to be more permeable than another. They are also standard on all Scout, limiter and cruise control speed or four electric windows.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017, engines and prices

They are three available engines for him Skoda Octavia Scout 2017, two of them Diesel, one petrol. The 2.0 TDI give rise to the first two variants with 150 and 184 hp and, outside the power, the difference between them the first always is linked to a manual change and the second one automatic DSG, in both cases, with six gears. However, for within a few months, the Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI with 150 hp will also have a DSG, although in this case, with seven gears. We could try it and certainly very satisfying both for its dynamic performance and so comfortable it is.

The other engine of the Skoda Octavia Scout is the 1.8 TSI which, like the other two, is also shared with the versions of “asphalt” and front wheel drive of this model. Yields 180 hp and features as the most powerful diesel, only with the six-speed automatic transmission, the DSG6. Price is located halfway between the two Diesel.

Scout with 150 hp 2.0 TDI is the most economical of the range, by consumption and price. It costs 32.030 euros and spends, on average, 5.0 l / 100 km. His older brother, and with these 184 hp and automatic transmission consumes 5.1 l / 100 km (same as spend 150 hp when marketed with DSG7) and its list price is 34,140 euros.

As for the version with the gasoline engine, the price is 33,520 euros and spends 6.8 l / 100 km, with a similar to the 2.0 TDI 184 hp performance.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2017In the units that we could test the tires were not specific to circular field with M + S features at least it was asphalt wheels: Michelin Primacy 3. However, with the support of electronics, Skoda Octavia Scout has considerable off-road mobility; at least not very steep on firm, which is where we could drive, as well as asphalt. With more free height above the ground (30 mm more than other Octavia) also grows angles of attack and exit, which favors address or leave rather than other cars steep hills. In addition, the XDS electronic limited slip differential + work on the two axes, so that even when one of the wheels is in the air (the suspension travel is not great, otherwise) Scouting may further progress because it keeps the motor from the rest.

By activating the off-road function is has a effective system that automatically maintains speed during descents, so that it is not necessary to touch the brake.

By having all-wheel drive, this Skoda Octavia Scout has multilink rear suspension with a track type is now 1.59 m. mostly height and weight is charged, asphalt, some agility in changing direction compared to other Octavia and particularly against the RS versions that could drive almost simultáneanente this roader version. However, often may seem better suited than many SUV to circulate priority road and beyond, he is able to maintain a similar mobility.

Skoda Octavia Scout, attending driving and connectivity

In addition to new practical resources, as the bottle holder for opening the cap with one hand, the folding tables on the underside of the front seat or trunk light that can be used, when removed, as a flashlight; the Skoda Octavia Scout has all the systems driving aid linked to the 2017 facelift: Front Assist, detector blind spot alert back traffic, assistant trailer that makes them easier to maneuver (the Scout can tow up to 2,000 kg), operating without a trailer … Also active ACC to 210 km / h, the camera that recognizes traffic signs, the system parked semi-automatically or changing from short to long and back lights according to traffic conditions and road.

The same applies to the Infotainment systems or mobile services and Skoda Connect Care Connect.