First test: Toyota Auris 120T

First test: Toyota Auris 120T

The Toyota Auris was already a compact almost flawless, unless you wanted a gasoline engine. This remodeling of the Auris corrects an engine 1.2 Turbo.

First test Toyota Auris 2015

First test Toyota Auris 2015

First test Toyota Auris 2015

First test Toyota Auris 2015

Few people more demanding work that its creators. We had a chance to chat with "European father" Auris and we confessed his pleasure to see that practically 25 improvements proposed by Japan, were corrected in this generation. Only we got "get" three at current director of Toyota Spain, Agustín Martín, which anyone could see a center console "keep going"Without gaps or asymmetries, as the Auris Hybrid itself had a Nappa leather steering wheel in high quality Y illumination uniformity blue key and picture.

Interior Toyota Auris 2015

Even if you’ve never climbed a Auris, you would be able to check into this deep remodeling is 2015 a mature car. I want to say that He has left no room for you to be a defect serious. you you will find subtle details fruit of experience. From a size of readable letters "recreation" is an instrument panel in three dimensions or to provide a versatile color display between the clocks. Not to mention offer a generous screen 7 inch touch capacitive type. Or that trunk with a floor that hides a double bottom. In the Auris does not change the wheelbase, because there was no need, no reasonable for the legs of the rear passengers space access 43 does not require standing behind and fit well contorsionismos feet below the sidewalk. It has a good armrest, folding backrest 1 / 3-2 / 3 … Come on, four good places and one fifth place very reasonable, because the transmission tunnel is non-invasive. I only miss in lack these vents It is offering a rival. In front, the picture is even better, because space in both places is very generous (without asymmetries, things really a car that is designed to bring right and left hand drive without obligation). The almost perfect driver ergonomics. I say "almost" personal nuances, I find the steering wheel very slightly askew, like the footrest. But probably a shameful requirement to improve passive safety in the event of an impact. They weigh heavily on Toyota NCAP tests and just look at the Toyota Safety Sense to understand, a system developed to be effective and reasonably economical (700 euros in any Auris) and to extend it to lower segments. So proudly declare that 70 percent of Toyotas sold in Europe will equip this Toyota Safety Sense. The top models can even incorporate more advanced systems, supported by radar, the style of what Toyota and Lexus equips.

Toyota Safety Sense

The basis of the new Auris 2015 is the previous Auris. Not have to be tested to hold the five-star EuroNCAP only be a matter of "paperworks"Because they’re going to drop more points thanks to its Active accident mitigation system. It is called Toyota Safety Sense and focuses primarily on the Pre-Crash Safety (PCS). Through a combination of video camera and laser sensor located behind the interior mirror, the system is able to warn or start a fully automatic braking if a collision is imminent. Active below 80 km / h, the system gives you time to reduce by about 30 km / h vehicle speed in the event of action. This means that can almost guarantee that avoids most urban traffic reaches slow and abuses in the areas 30. On dry asphalt, we found that the system completely stops the car even faster. Of course, the camera not only acts as a pre-crash, is able to recognize signals, making the automatic change of beam or warn of inadvertent lane departure.

Atkinson engine Turbo!

The Auris had two gasoline engines, 1.33 and 1.6, which in Spain will be replaced by a 1.2 turbo four-cylinder 116 horses, belonging to the engine family This C (Acronym for "Economy With Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion", Combustion economy with higher thermal efficiency). Since Christian, who Toyota has decided to concentrate on gasoline engines, bring into play all his knowledge of combustion processes and thus achieve lower consumption. Thanks to a variable distribution of wide range is capable of operating both as a conventional Otto cycle, and the Atkinson employing Toyota hybrids. In this case, very low loads, the intake valve remains open and allows part of the intake air leaves the engine before the explosion, to reduce pumping losses and have a career longest expansion, simulating a displacement (and an injected) less fuel. Estec other engines had already combined turbo and Atkinson, namely the Lexus NX 200t.

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015

The result is that the Auris pushes down from very gently. Very below it means the 1400-1500 rpm reached and stops vibrating as if it were a three-cylinder four-cylinder flows as it is. In this regime and announces the maximum torque and officially does not decay up to 4,000 rpm. The engine seems stretching tasty, but it is only an appearance, because at 5,500 rpm starts the red zone the cuentarevoluciones … and that’s it. Clearly They are converging diesel and gasoline engines. They mated to a six-speed gearbox for smooth handling, consumption in a complicated route around Brussels, with heavy traffic, many people and some highway were concluded with very reasonable little over six liters. As a guide, the same journey aboard the new engine equipped Auris 1.4 D4-D diesel, BMW source, 112 horses, he snatches a liter. Of course, in exchange for the classic Diesel chatter. Another liter more on this itinerary gets down the Auris Hybrid, which easily he dropped from the five liters and here definitely you have less noise. Yes, there is more weight and it feels even stepped on the tarmac; not touch the brake or address do not reach the pleasure of the other engines, which has been enhanced feeling center point.


Push surprising that Toyota has managed to ride comfort, with adjustments made classic point and redesigned dock. Dimmers work best in small curly and stops have been changed. Auris Diesel only 90, the revised 1.4 D4-D is formed with a torsional rear axle, other versions have a rear axle with overlapping triangles. It has also been reinforced sound insulation between engine and passenger compartment joints in the transmission tunnel and it shows, to the point that the tread widths of tires 225/45 Feel finish! are the stars.

The Toyota Auris will be sold in body or five-door family Touring Sports (With an extra cost of 1,250 euros), with four trim levels, one of access to fleets, called Business, with 15-inch rim. In a clear commitment to hybrid (which has not undergone mechanical changes), Toyota claims to have Hybrid reduced the price of 900 euros. Directly, the customer can choose, for the same 19,200 euros between Auris Hybrid or 115D. Toyota underlying objective of that in this car 60 percent of sales of the Auris hybrid variant correspond to the. An interesting method of payment, released in small models and called Pay per Drive, will think even more customers: 190 euros per month for four years may finance a Auris any engine and only change the amount of the entrance to deliver. For 45 euros per month plus insurance will be available (with the obligation to pay 12 euros extra for safety equipment Safety Sense) and 25 euros will ensure the maintenance and two tire changes. A successful experience in Italy, which Toyota says it is having good reception in Spain.

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