Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi 110 CV 7 seats

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi 110 CV 7 seats

The new Dacia Lodgy family comes to the rescue. It is a daily Minivan, of “homespun” … in a good way. True, therefore, you may view unless other minivans, but certainly today ensures profit and savings. In its simplicity and great room for seven adds an unbeatable price. Convince?

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi 110 CV 7 seats

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi 110 CV 7 seats

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi 110 CV 7 seats

Dacia Lodgy 1.5 dCi 110 CV 7 seats

The new Dacia Lodgy born as relief for many households. And we do not know if its funny ad, because of its size or, more likely, for that low price exhibiting, was to park and create and expectation. “Look, if not ugly. We have to ask the dealer, “he was convinced by our side a couple with three children. The idea came to us. And if we get into your role? Children, nephew or neighbor, everything goes to create our particular large family. as Dacia.

And it is that very few had suspected more than 10 years ago when, newly acquired by the Renault group, Dacia inaugurating the car “low cost”. His Logan, in fact, was developed to developing countries, starting even contemplated for the more advanced. That, at least, we confirmed those responsible in Turkey. The year was 2004.

Today, however, we raise our view, in addition to the basic sedan, andl Romanian manufacturer in Europe offers a family (Break), a utility (Sandero) and SUV (Duster), In addition to this new minivan. What happened? It adds profitability of production, price and offering very popular and economic crisis. The result, the ‘Ryanair effect “: Like, despite initial doubts, the airline has grown into a leader for passengers Spain, Dacia Duster placed in 2011 as the second best-selling SUV of the year, only behind a Nissan Qashqai. It’s the same fight now so this new Lodgy among minivans. And arguments seem to offer.

more Renault

Thus begins the first week and plays take the kids to school. No big winks design or technology, in the Dacia Lodgy is still appreciating cost savings Made in Dacia. The finish “screw seen” the old trunk lock, the lack of depth adjustable steering wheel and curtain airbags, and rear drum brakes a familiar and 4.50 meters Today there are practically no car. But at the same time, progress is also palpable. At least in this Laureate superior finish… and at least the sum of necessary options.

For as Ryanair agrees to pay for baggage check or until boarding pass, Dacia imposes add the ESP (Yes, premiere brand) radio or to the curtain Luggage cover. But nobody panic. With all that It will remain up to 6,000 euros cheaper its more modern rivals (for example, a Renault Grand Scenic) With similar motor-equipment: a lot of money. In addition, touch and settings are better than in the origins of Dacia, the controls do not seem to Renault “retired” and to launch, we are surprised with a comfortable rolling and reputed engine Renault 1.5 dCi, very soft and pleasant for good low speed.

For this first test at Dacia Lodgy have their top version of 110 hp, but less than 90 CV we liked the same … and still save another 700 euros. Before, yes, we appreciate your great value, space. It is true that the Dacia Lodgy has neither sliding back row or three independent seats, But three children adapt in their rear seats and very few cars. The right legroom and high altitude, binds very wide (more than a Ford Grand C-Max or VW Touran, for example) and, above all, thin panels and doors to get straight to the last centimeter. Further, the entire floor is flat and access to the interior, large. When entering class, guys.

7 truth

Turn now to go to work and convince us of their urban mobility. Broad support left foot holes to make any enser and good visibility: transport undoubtedly effective. It arrives late, and children’s activities at Dacia Lodgy again put to the test. Our neighbor and her daughter come to the park and you have to sentarles in the third row. The second scale and generates a large access to enter smoothly. And inside … most wanted ranks the second most cars have the space of a third Lodgy.

Not only a child, but even an adult of more than 1.85 meters (as our neighbor) enters the Dacia Lodgy back entirely without problem. For height, legs and a projecting width. And above, even with 230 liters boot, almost twice a Citroen C4 Picasso or VW Touran with 7 seats, and three times more than a Ford Grand C-Max.

Among the weekly routine to check the days pass, too, that this Dacia Lodgy spends very little. Even without Stop / Start and Renault, the 1.5 dCi moves into town in less than 6.5 l / 100 km on average. Almost Renault Grand Scénic as a and better than all its rivals. The secret, its lightness: only 1.330 kg, about 250 kg less any minivan dimensions.

A purchase

For good engine range, the Dacia Lodgy benefits are also notable. Runs more than any minivan potency, and that his long developments sometimes require quick turn the smooth 6-speed manual transmission (The 90 bhp only has 5). But this dCi pushes well, both as a Renault Scénic. only sound of the discharge valve and release strong acceleration (Just remember lately in a Mitsubishi ASX) shows less work on it.

Still, the Dacia Lodgy surprises even with good legal speeds up refinement, for low noise and good tread just broken with the urban speed bump or big bump. At that point, like a pick-up, the Dacia Lodgy seems to have a later train crossbows, very loose and prone to “jump” back. And is that takes the same rigid axis Kangoo, with flexibility and tuning adapted to work with load … And the Dacia Lodgy he supports it.

With 665 liters Boot with 5 seats and almost 800 liters if we remove the third row (Easy operation, although the hardness of shooters and iron anchors require to be careful) the Dacia Lodgy almost looks like a cargo van. In addition, the second and third row can be folded together forward to not only make the purchase of the quarter, but also to put up a refrigerator.


Well solved the day, it cost, but finally arrives the weekend. Whole family and travel. In increasing rhythms … and seeing shortages. Yes up to 120 km / h and the Dacia Lodgy family routine has behaved very direct and with great honor, from there exponentially its response degrades. A faster, refinement leads to high aerodynamic noise and, according to demand more dynamic chassis, we no longer feel the “feeling” of management.

That is when the front of Dacia Lodgy train stops reporting on fast support, understeer and rolling quickly accused. Time certainly down pace. It may generally not ever become a problem, because the frame is noble in its recovery, and ESP is to correct and, although rear drums, brake well; but you should know your limits.

And, to that extent not often arise in the usual family-run, the Dacia Lodgy has performed well. With its limitations, but also with their good virtues. And again there here to resort to price. Barring a Chevrolet Orlando only 1,500 euros more expensive (Which are already) but faster, powerful and better resolved to become his great rival, all MPV 7-seater will cost at least 6,000 euros more. And we repeat that it can be for many families today much money.

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