Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HR: What is the best hybrid SUV? we tried

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HR: What is the best hybrid SUV? we tried

States for its hybrid technology, Kia Niro face and Toyota C-HR, two of the most original of the moment SUV. Which is better? We tested them thoroughly.

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HR: SUV, hybrid and original

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HR: SUV, hybrid and original

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HR: SUV, hybrid and original

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HR: SUV, hybrid and original

long ago that hybrid cars ceased to be concrete models to become more mechanical alternative in many cars on the market, although curiously, in this case, we are faced with two hybrid models as original (the Toyota C-HR The conventional version of gasoline but not sold in Spain). Not so these Kia Niro and Toyota C-HR are vehicles whose fundamental premise that orientation and conditioning is ecology. Driven by fervent demand SUV, Toyota Y Kia They have set up two unpublished crossover, business, full of equipment and prepared for integrated use, as conventional cars are large projection. And obviously also doing their mechanical hybrid an argument of efficiency, ecology and vanguardismo.

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HRFrom here, in Toyota They have pulled daring to draw a C-HR what seems to matter is less mechanical type you use. his futuristic designalso inside, with some aroma premium materials and finishes– transmits a sportiness and progressiveness improper between conventional compact models and SUV category. Yes, that penalizes dramatic silhouette from a standpoint of family car and especially compared to the Kia Niro, the rear habitability, both dimensions, such as feeling of space, the lower brightness, the result of its small rear pillars and wide body, which also limits the rear visibility window.

BENEFITS Kia Niro Hybrid 141 hp Emotion Toyota C-HR 122 hp Hybrid Dynamic Plus
Acel. 0-100 km / h 10.25 s 11.66 s
Acel. 0-1000 meters 31.9 s 33.4 s
Overtaking 80-120 km / h 7.41 s 8.56 s
Loudness 100 km / h 70 dBA 66 dBA
Loudness 120 km / h 71.5 dBA 69.1 dBA
Braking from 140 km / h 71.0 m 73.3 m
Weight scale 1,478 kg 1,488 kg

The "chemistry" with the Kia Niro is different. No magnetizes, but its obvious and practical strokes perceive all that quality Y thoroughness that Kia Current prints each and every one of its products. And I feel with the mechanical sophistication Niro says a lot of good journey that has taken the South Korean brand. In this sense, it brings more credibility 7-year warranty or 150,000 kilometers mechanics throughout Niro, improving 5 years or 100,000 kilometers what Toyota It offers components hybrid system from his C-HR.

Kia Niro vs Toyota C-HRKia Niro and Toyota C-HR: efficiency and performance

In the hybrid technology of these Kia Niro Y Toyota C-HR combine one gasoline combustion engine with an electric, but the numbers of each other are so defining as what we will find later. And also by the automatic type of riding each. The new platform tnga hybrid from Toyota view and in the new Prius and this C-HR has sacrificed thermal power, electric power, whereby the C-HR is just a gasoline engine 98 hp and another electric 72, to provide combined total of 122 hp. He Kia Niro uses a gasoline engine 105 hp and another electric "alone" 44 CV, leading to 141 combined CV. He Toyota C-HR uses a auto switch very peculiar, that adapts very well to smooth ride, but it can be unpleasant as moderately accelerated (quick exit from traffic lights, overtaking, slope, etc) for a slip effect which makes up much speed the gasoline engine without a direct relationship with the acceleration obtained. Meanwhile, Kia He has attached to its one set of engines auto switch "conventional" double-clutch six-speed, that although it is not as exquisite as the C-HR (feel jumps marches against the linearity of its rival) under these conditions smooth driving and favorable conditions (neither is bad and also very nice), transmits total normality generally.

CONSUMPTION Kia Niro Hybrid 141 hp Emotion Toyota C-HR 122 hp Hybrid Dynamic Plus
Consumption city 3,9 l / 100 km 3.4 l / 100 km
Consumption Highway 4.8 l / 100 km 4.9 l / 100 km
average consumption 4.5 l / 100 km 4.3 l / 100 km

Kia Niro and Toyota C-HR: driving sensations

Only feelings, Kia Niro is more balanced from functioning, when the Toyota C-HR It may seem insurmountable in many situations, as questionable in others. Although other results beyond driving sensations appear. As electric vehicles, he Toyota C-HR is another rather more specialized and specific situations Kia Niro again provide more normal to the assembly. And many times when the Toyota C-HR it operates with relative ease as pure electric vehicle straddling streets and road, the result of its greater electrical power when the Niro beyond urban maneuvers and pulses at very low speed in traffic jams quickly petrol engine comes into action.

He Toyota C-HR It lends itself to propel you seek alone with the electric motor, Also on the road, when once launched even above 100 km / h You can take advantage of favorable sections with little throttle to move for a few hundred meters only electric. The Kia feel that the electric motor is basically a complement to heat and especially on the road. consumption obtained real reflect the capabilities of each model, but is especially city where he C-HR is amazing how little I could get to eat and if you put on your part. On the road, both models will ensure equivalent consumption of diesel models and Niro also some benefits commensurate with their numbers and own car category. The Kia is always operative motor shows, when the Toyota you can walk it seems that right in certain situations, with the added previously discussed its high noise level by the effect of the change slip under heavy acceleration. To some extent contrasts in a car with its design and excellent feel rolling.

SPACE Kia Niro Hybrid 141 hp Emotion Toyota C-HR 122 hp Hybrid Dynamic Plus
front width 143 cm 138 cm
rear width 137 cm 132 cm
front height 95-101 cm 90-96 cm
rear height 98 cm 90 cm
Legroom 73 cm 72 cm
Trunk 415 liters 420 liters

He Toyota C-HR have a roll which adds more exquisiteness to its mechanics when wheel "at their own pace". It is very comfortable, as well precise movements, but it is not a sports car reactions. Is a Treading car firm with a lot of quality and pleasure. Much has improved Touch rolling bacheo and hybrid brand with new tnga platform. still need to improve the rare and imprecise brake feel in certain situations. For his part, Kia Niro Pisa with great balance. Maybe it’s not such a fine tread car, but dynamically brings you -again- normalcy in their general behavior, as well as better feel in your braking.

Kia Niro and Toyota C-HR: our bottom line

He general equilibrium makes winning the Kia Niro, a functionally very practical and capable as a family car with a pleasant, efficient and, again, balanced mechanical model. Strong contrasts in C-HR. Spectacular image and extraordinary dynamic sensations by many times, but conditional on others.