Test: Kia Ceed pro Cee'd GT 1.6 T-GDI, a Korean GTI

Test: Kia Ceed pro Cee’d GT 1.6 T-GDI, a Korean GTI

You need to have gall to show up at the party the other with the same but cheaper. Kia pro_cee’d GT offers the sportiness such as a European compact GTI equipped but much cheaper. It sounds good, but is it true?

Test Kia Ceed pro cee'd 1.6 T-GDI GT

Test Kia Ceed pro cee'd 1.6 T-GDI GT

Test Kia Ceed pro cee'd 1.6 T-GDI GT

Test Kia Ceed pro cee'd 1.6 T-GDI GT

Well, yeah it’s true. If I’m honest I was expecting something else … worse. In 2008 I had to try the first Kia pro_cee’d happened motorway and since then I realize that it is a perfectly comparable to a European compact car, which has nothing to envy. Kia no longer need to prove anything about its quality or performance, but then to make a GTI There is a huge step. Honestly, I did not think he could. One thing is to come to Europe to make normal cars, quite another to do something as specialized as a GTI and do it well; the regulars sport compact are more demanding with what we buy and we attach great importance to benefits, but do not use them, the frame, but did not take advantage and, above all, to the image. Now there GTI’s very enshrined in Renault, Seat, Opel, Ford, VW … all sports recognized efficacy and much more tradition than does Kia but, seen the pro_cee’d GT, it is clear that once again the prejudices must be left out.

Kia GT test proceedThe unique feature of Korean old remaining in this model and can impute your particular name, and that derived from the acronym for “European Community and European Design” in English. I do not think a nice name, in fact they are not putting the prefix "pro" in the car body itself. It offers sportiness with an engine 204 CV, a firm frame, good appearance and unbeatable level of standard equipment, all at a better price than its rivals. Of course on paper everything is positive, let’s see how it goes.

Special bumpers attached to multiple sport trim aesthetics, such as 18-inch wheels or clamps red give it a imposing presence that differentiate it from a conventional cee’d. You may like it or not, but we must recognize that plant GTI. If you poke inside and see the Great Recaro mix of leather and suede with red stitching, and doubts that you could have on him evade finish. Aesthetically it meets and note. Uses a 1.6-aluminum multivalve cylinder head with variable valve timing, gasoline direct injection and turbo double shell. It offers 204 hp -10.7 hp more checked into our unit-proofing. Does not seek direct confrontation with OPC or RS and is not the fastest in its segment but runs far enough to have fun; it is clear that their way is the sports daily. Regarding the Golf GTI and its 220 horses is half second slower acceleration and recoveries, also is less powerful-and is slightly faster than the Opel Astra and Seat Leon with 180 hp engines.

Kia GT test proceedAchieves 100 km / h in 7.26 seconds and it makes kilometer from standstill in 27.7 seconds which, given its power and weight, not bad, but bad. When recovering from low revs It is more comfortable as the 1,500 laps are exceeded. Below moves with ease, but perhaps a little more joy would allow anticipate changes when driving is done "low comsumption". For power that has spent little and that no system Stop / Start, something that already carry most of its rivals. In any case, if you drive normal with city and highway speeds logical, it will normally be around 8 liters on average, always something above.

And the chassis?

GTI engine has is not radical but it does offer an important prestacional level to demand good frame. Tuning liked it. It does not point to a specialization, for example, Renault Megane RS. Its definition is closer to that of sporting comfort, showing small positive imbalance between the power and the chassis, engine and can support more smoothly. This is good and if it does not affect comfort. It is therefore a car firm that just balances the body but you can use every day with a good smile. In the development retarders it is somewhat dry, while in the large bump railcar behaves well.

The steering is quick and precise. It has the right hardness to make you feel a GTI without the torture. I like that Kia have shown personality to not get into this absurd game large and extremely low profile tire brands have, betting on a tire 225/40 in rim 18 with which the GT is film, no water gets into trouble and is more economical. No more need to measure. The front axle is obedient and rear works just. It is a model that the store limit to turn back to the minimum, but keeps a good balance between the two trains. Power comes either to the wheels and, thanks to its lower pair down, if you accelerate thoroughly rarely see traction control act. It does not reach the precision of a Golf GTI behavior but believe me to be put in very difficult situations to reach this conclusion. In what refers to dynamic behavior is a good car, do not crush and the word boring is not in his dictionary.

Kia GT test proceedAt this point the test you will have seen that the pro_cee’d GT is a nice car. The change is smooth and precise engine running and is not particularly gastón frame and will "sobrado". The brakes work well endure and braking distances are correct. Nevertheless this entire balance earns a lot worse when studying your equipment or simply sit back and take a look inside. It offers the same interior dimensions than a three-door Golf, which are good-, indicating direct labeling of one brand to another. Access to the rear seats is easy, although It has the defect that the doors are huge, almost coupé, with the "complications" which may arise if we close to park on drums.

Good finish, well presented and details of unimaginable number in any of his potential rivals, both in price and concept. The aforementioned Recaro heated browser, electric sunroof, climate control … is leading to heated steering wheel, not to mention the seven years of official guarantee of the brand. All these details make you argue that all the glamor of a Golf GTI or the excellent relationship between size, power, equipment and price of a Ford Focus ST remain in doubt. It might come to understand that pay the 4,290 euros it costs more a Focus ST, since it gives you a good equipment and 250 horses-and aplicados- discounts, but the price difference between a Golf GTI and the pro_cee’d GT is set at 8,640 euros. Understandably you pay a little more for having a name like the Golf GTI in the garage, since the value of the brands most convinces us, but then to pay 8,640 euros for a car that will give practically the same, but much less equipment and guarantee not see it.