Volvo V40 D3: 100,000 km conclusions after test

Volvo V40 D3: 100,000 km conclusions after test

After 100,000 km of testing, the Volvo V40 D3 shows an almost flawless balance. Reliability, driving characteristics and engine are its main virtues.

Volvo V40 D3 2013, 100,000 km of test

Volvo V40 D3 2013, 100,000 km of test

Volvo V40 D3 2013, 100,000 km of test

Volvo V40 D3 2013, 100,000 km of test

Test the durability Y reliability of the Volvo V40 D3 in a proof from 100,000 km It is like trying to tire Ironman triathlete in a half marathon. At the end of the day, the Swedish brand cars have a reputation for robust and indestructible. I do echo of this long-term test of Volvo V40 just before its new range was announced, which will premiere at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

In a couple of years, it is more than likely possible that the compact Volvo V40 of the generation Current end also part of that Ranking, judging by the results of our endurance test. Because the Volvo V40 D3, with engines Diesel from two liter five-cylinder 150 hp of the 2013, exceeded the distance test so impassive that we have no doubt that we could trust the triple Mileage. Or even more. Not only powertrain with its gearbox and drive shafts, show no overt signs of fatigue, but also the body and interior seem to accuse the hard kilometers They are taking their backs. But go to parties.

Volvo V40 D3 2013In 2013, he Volvo V40 painted titanium gray came into our newsroom. The lush Summum version includes driver seat electrically adjustable, light and rain sensor, cruise control and heated windshield and safety systems typical of Volvo as the airbag for pedestrians or system City Safety.

Very good seats at Volvo V40. There have not been any complaints to its suitability as a family vehicle. In any case, there are some objections to the low volume of cargo and its small door. However, the amplitude of the interior often take the applause of passengers and their comfortable seats, very good quality, we also have a heating system suitable for the North Pole. As the outside temperature, this system is appreciated further. In those cases, also it comes in handy windshield heating, a legacy of the Ford era in Volvo.

Volvo V40 D3, great engine

Of the best. And we are speaking of praise: the propulsion system Volvo V40 D3, in this case the aforementioned Diesel 2.0 five-cylinder 150 hp, blandishments of all users also picked up, although it is little consolation, because the car engine test no longer exists. From may from 2015, a four-cylinder two liters of the new Volvo engine family replaced the five-cylinder. More than one will give pity, because the old Diesel glad the driver with a smooth ride, a distinctive timbre and high torque motor. Nor is consuming too. During long-term test has consumed a total of 6898.8 liters Diesel, which equates to an average of 6.9 liters 100 kilometers.

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May not sound very thrifty, but keep in mind that the Volvo V40 He was used very often for rushing movement, including long stages at high speed freeway. In the evaluation boards are both values consumption around five liters almost as values nine liters After very fast freeway routes.

Volvo V40 D3 2013: there was only one fault

During the inspection of 60,000 kilometers ours Volvo V40 D3 testing, within the framework of the warranty, an air pipe was replaced into the intercooler, minor defect with consequences so discreet that no driver realized before the car went through the workshop.

Measurement of oil complicated in Volvo V40 D3. Apart from this, there is no repair to mention, apart from the change, wear, wiper blades, lubricants and tires. Keeping out of range, the engine requires two liters of oil, so it is an almost negligible consumption. In general, the opinions of the different drivers complaints about the difficulty of handling the additional features and multimedia information system, navigation and entertainment abound. Flatten the phone, choose the map browser or adjust stations from radio They are tasks that require some practice.

Volvo V40 D3Volvo V40 D3 2013: what we like least

Almost flawless. are also frequent observations on the suspension, most consider too rigid, and the direction, nervous and insensitive. They not like too much (especially at the highest pilots) the relative narrowness of access and slightly excessive height of the seats. Among the most frequent criticisms also they include lack of visibility and large turning radius, and the closure of the tank, without lid and amateur splash, which has more than once mosqueado drivers. However, this in no way affects the fact that the V4 D3 has passed the endurance test with flying colors.

Volvo V40 D3. Incidences after 100,000 km

– 670 km: on July 12, 2013, the Volvo V40 D3 entered the wording for the start of his trial
– 773 km: the greasy wiper blades were changed in late August.
– 30,542 km: it was time for the first change of oil filter and pollen in the workshop.
– 60,276 km: on his second visit to the workshop was changed an air tube into the intercooler.
– 91,001 km: the last visit to the workshop included software upgrade for the multimedia information system, navigation and entertainment
– 101,022 km: End of long-term test after exactly two years.

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