2017 Lexus IS 300h, trial and prices for Spain

2017 Lexus IS 300h, trial and prices for Spain

The Lexus IS 300h is renewed with interesting changes in technology and chassis that increase the appeal of this sedan. We’ve already tried.

2017 Lexus IS 300h, our test photos

2017 Lexus IS 300h, our test photos

2017 Lexus IS 300h, our test photos

2017 Lexus IS 300h, our test photos

If ever you get to see the image Darth Vader on the front of the Lexus, the New Lexus IS 300h 2017 He finishes it off, with a prominent air inlets that distinguish it from its predecessor immediately. The multiLED headlights are new, but respect the ways of the previous, so from the point of view of the human eye requires being attentive to details that change.

At visual path 300h Lexus IS 2017, would have to be much finer to realize that stamping doors It has also changed and that the perception of the proportions of the side is slightly modified or how rear lights turning to a technology that makes them much more current.

2017 Lexus IS 300hLexus IS 300h 2017, drive

However, the major changes Renewal of the Lexus IS in the middle of its life cycle go inside. Only a regular user of Lexus IS They feel, but the result is that modifications suspensions and direction They get car make IS 300h (only version that will come to Spain) a a very bright car chassis. That means that while your obedience to the steering wheel is instant and accurate, neither too fast nor approximate those requiring small corrections. Also it does not matter what happens under the wheels, the path remains unperturbed and kidneys of the occupants to shocks, too. And they have found no way to prove improvement in Lexus to invite international journalists to drive the roads around Rome, a hell of potholes and patches to try to plug them into a sea of ​​asphalt (so wavy) and cobblestones. The head of the project, Naoki Kobayashi seems to have wanted to make his mark, because before heading the project of a complete car, it was dedicated to the development and set-up chassis And this is the result. If he Lexus IS 300h already had sophisticated suspensions overlapping triangles now lower It is aluminum and new support chassis to filter better. Behind, the anchors are also modified and especially in the 2017 Lexus IS 300h They have tuned stiffness docks and the law damping, so that it reduces the swinging, but better filtering irregularities at low speed. Conflicting points, but with successful outcome. Hear the bumps, but without altering the life of the occupant.

Lexus IS 300h 2017, interior changes

With driving ahead, Kobayshi He explains when asked about the dashboard design 300h 2017 Lexus IS with two levels, he explains that forced even the designers to test prototypes circuit to see if their work did not pose any problems for driving. Especially, the new screen more than 10 inches Crowning now dashboard, Without overflowing. Designers have changed “mouse” the handles and which now bears two buttons to use thumb (two, we imagine that for versions with RHD). In the usual place of hand brake have decided to follow the rotary control mode selection eco-normal-sport, but not a button electric brake, following the American fashion of a left pedal. Pedals, what it is most surprising what you learn after Toyota leads 20 years of hybrid: Brake feel is firm, and the beginning of the instantaneous and adjustable electric braking without an unpleasant if you are forced to brake harder and disc brakes join step. Yes, electric brake because how we said that the IS 300h is hybrid? If the declared aim is to make Lexus precise driving cars, the being a hybrid brand is another of its top.

2017 Lexus IS 300hIn Spain, only see the Lexus IS 300h (hybrid), although in other markets also it will bind two liters with a motor. There will be no IS-F, sporting V8 old, who believe best represented among the possible customers for a body coupé, with RC-F, specific frame. Long time Lexus said no to Diesel, who they think they can match or beat in consumption and, of course, in the emission of pollutants. Labeled type “Echo” DGT, the consumption is approved 4.3 liters, as always far from reality, and that in the chaotic traffic of Rome left in 7 l / 100km. Soon we will check it in the usual routes, as measured by our Technical Center, because marketing is immediate. The battery It remains of Nickel-metal hydride, by cost and safety, and not limit the trunk, offering 450 liters. Ending with the interior, the padded center console are more generous, so that the knee can not be hit and striking finials wooden doors and dashboard, with fine lines of “musical inspiration” is not a score but the finish Yamaha laser gives some of his pianos and instruments and Lexus wanted to bring the interior of the iS.

The combination of the four-cylinder 2.5 liter and the electric motor It will satisfy the vast majority. In fact, this point has been left as it was in the renovation of the new IS 300h 2017. He Car sound insulation and silence of operation is so good that continues to draw attention when you demand a strong acceleration and it seems that the combustion engine awake. This point may take back some customers, but not by the noise level reached, but so atypical. It provides a combined output above 220 hp, but they are not comparable to those of a conventional car, either diesel or gasoline, there’s no kick, but smooth and consistent thrust.

He 2017 Lexus IS 300h You can now receive what they call preventive safety package Lexus Safety System +, which it is nothing but the combination of Pre-Crash, with that radar that enables adaptive cruise control (below 40 km / h the driver must return driving), and the camera on the windshield automatic high beam control, the lane departure warning and read traffic signs. Outside this package, depending on the equipment, the blind spot detector and reversing alert oncoming traffic is offered.

2017 Lexus IS 300h, prices for Spain

– IS 300h Eco: 35,900 euros
– Business IS 300h: 39,000 euros
– IS 300h Executive: 42,600 euros
– IS 300h Executive Parking: 43,600 euros
– IS 300h F-Sport: 49,200 euros
– IS 300h F-Sport Leather: 56,600 euros
– IS 300h Luxury: 56,600 euros

In Spain, the Lexus IS 300h prices 2017 They have been adjusted to the finish Executive is chosen by the vast majority of buyers of this hybrid car and it already shown Multiled headlights, the 17-inch wheels, rain sensor, bizone, the Lexus Safety System + or opening doors “keyless”.

At finish F-Sport, Apart from a sharper front design and 18-inch wheels, They offered Heated electric sports seats, electric sunroof, Lexus LFA instrumentation and style, side chassis, adaptive damping and a specific setting for address.