Is the best SUV? Comparison: 3008, Tucson, Tiguan, Ateca, Sportage, Koleos ...

Is the best SUV? Comparison: 3008, Tucson, Tiguan, Ateca, Sportage, Koleos …

Together with CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sportage, CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail, 3008, Renault Koleos, Ateca Seat, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV-4 and VW Tiguan. The greatest comparative SUV the moment!

Great comparative SUV: all great selling-proof

Great comparative SUV: all great selling-proof

Great comparative SUV: all great selling-proof

Great comparative SUV: all great selling-proof

13 is not today, for us, the number of bad luck: on the contrary, is the incredible number of new SUV our colleagues auto Pan They have managed to put on the asphalt and the circuit in its Finally Master Test 2017: An exercise in rigor, methodology and objectivity that has been carrying out since 2007 through comparative macro global impact with the best news car of the moment. And this time, of course, plays address the fashion segment: the latest SUV.

Comfort, quality, efficiency, safety, behavior … Everything is scanned for, this time, the best new SUV that has reached the market, a category that also must meet today important performance attributes and familiar comfort to become the reference vehicle for many households. So we do not waste more time. We started listing the 13 SUV face: Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sportage, CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail, 3008, Renault Koleos, Ateca Seat, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV-4 and Tiguan. And we continue to value the performance of each by alphabetical order, to end the score in up 6 Specific tests and maximum difficulty dry elk, moose wet variable slalom infinite, wet braking curve and braking curve. Attack!

Honda CR-V: what a surprise!

And we can not start better, nor more novelty. He new Honda CR-V 2018! It comes to Europe in the Frankfurt Motor Show, Auto Pan but they have already been proven thanks to the advance premiere on the other side of the Atlantic. And also it comes with the new engine will be the crown jewel in Europe in very little time: A 1.5 VTEC Turbo with 188 hp and CVT automatic transmission. With 4.58 meters, This SUV has always stood out as one of the most rational, bringing together the largest space in its class and numerous shopping modular solutions. Also it preserved.

Honda CR-VAlso track the new Honda CR-V has shown one of the round SUV (As you can see the end in exercises). A improved finishes and materials, now in its new generation adds a good evolution in dynamic terms: at usual comfort, this time better tolerated agile handling, brakes and suspensions more effectively. It may not be still the fastest and most athletic, but it does note and not feel awkward. Great balance that also adds a 1.5 Turbo engine extraordinary response. Will the new reference?

Hyundai Tucson: bet comfort

We continue with another SUV that is having great success in Spain: Hyundai Tucson. Korean model of 4.47 meters long, He has managed to put a major dent in the charts thanks to its stunning image and a good perceived quality. It may not be the best in any particular section, but maintains a very good balance and great comfort and smooth running which make it a very desirable SUV.

Hyundai TucsonOn this occasion, Auto Pan had a gasoline unit with naturally aspirated engine of 2.0 liters and 165 horsepower, which is not sold in our market: here comes with a 1.6 GDI 136 hp or a 1.6 TGDi, and with turbo and 176 hp. In tests She is known for a somewhat softer suspension than its rivals SUV, giving priority to more comfort on board instead of the dynamic response. Also its direction is more “on assisted”, ideal for moving in town and the traffic, but less quickly when unforeseen or overcome obstacles. Just do not compromise safety at any time. Space and facilities are very good.

Jeep Cherokee: more European

He jeep Cherokee stop and notice their European genes compared to previous generations. And finally this new SUV of 4.62 meters long It offers a spectacular interior, with more detail and vision care, and very well resolved on ergonomics, finishes and finishes. Even has new practical details as drawers under the passenger seat or to the second sliding row.

jeep CherokeeIn Europe its offer focuses on the mechanical Diesel above all, but also exists in other markets with a 2.4 petrol engine 184 hp, accompanied by the new automatic transmission with 9-speed group. The set is somewhat slow and not the most energetic. Valuing and dynamically highlight that in tests has shown a something Oversteer trend that, if better managed controls stability and traction, do not subtract points to a chassis which itself stands out for its agile and entertaining touch. Surely if the tests were off road, the Jeep would earn more points …

Kia Sportage: highly tuned

Another classic in recent years in Europe … and another big seller, even able to question some months the leadership of Nissan Qashqai. We speak, of course, the Kia Sportage, Brother SUV platform and components with the Hyundai Tucson … but comes back to show that he has another tuned differently. In fact, dynamically suspension offers firmness greater control and frame.

Kia SportageAlso a faster and less soft direction came this time (unlike most of its rivals) with version permanent four wheel drive. In tests it has stood out for having a somewhat loose back, but with a very good grip limit. In addition, its virtues emphasizes the driving position (All very intuitive and good overall quality), anatomical seats, a second row very large … although not overly large trunk.

Mazda CX-5: the guest “premium”

He CX-5 It has been renovated, but not too radical generational change, is emerging as an SUV with a large interior finish, almost to the level of premium brands. Also noted for its precision touch and its great response between convenience and agility … despite dynamic space for occupants it is not the best.

CX-5With 4.55 meters long and the same SKYACTIV-G 2.5 engine 195 HP and automatic shining in our market, the Mazda CX-5 has just presented a mole: to have control of loose stability and somewhat slow in its calibration, which allows the rear axle slide over the account in exercises like slalom . Electronics fails to appear in time to loss of grip. Their brakes, yes, very good.

Mitsubishi Outlander: the value of the robustness

Simplest aspect and solutions that many of its rivals, but also with great virtues. We speak this time of Mitsubishi Outlander, an SUV that sports a visually and with unimpressive less functionality instrumentation, with a driving position that is not the most modern and ergonomic, or a little short and flat seat without too much lumbar support. Even so, space (even with 7-seater versions) is very good, and perceived always as a very robust and well constructed SUV.

Mitsubishi OutlanderBorn and to limit testing, the Mitsubishi Outlander has always shown a very neutral and safe behavior, a chassis well tuned. Of course, this is not a sports model or emotional, but very complete. This time arrived with an engine of 166 hp 2.4 and CVT.

Nissan X-Trail: conservative SUV

Turn to one of the brands with more pedigree as SUV models, Nissan. This time, before his rivals is the X-Trail, a model of 4.63 meters which is positioned above the Qashqai over the size of most of its rivals. A very robust model originally went to a very modern, practical and well thought out as a family car SUV. Only the emergence of new models with more attention to detail has resulted in some respects he can be accused of more simplicity.

Nissan X-TrailAlso with option Three rows of seats and seats 7, Nissan X-Trail is positioned as an interesting SUV, but also in risky behavior that little overall commitment translates into a very conservative model. his tuning and electronic work to avoid any shock Root, so it is a very safe model but less agile reactions. Your support helps, for example, react before it even gets to happen a loss of adhesion or trajectory. Who values ​​the most dynamic section will miss perhaps more joy.

Peugeot 3008: stunning!

He Peugeot 3008 It has been one of the latest SUV to hit the market … and big! Yes, because certainly has raised great interest and has already shown a strong start as option. To begin with, it has an interior of the most original, edgy and high perceived quality. Digital instrumentation, materials and textures, make it an SUV that could almost be positioned one step above. Mechanically it had its great engine 1.6 THP 165 hp and automatic, one also superb set.

Peugeot 3008All that also accompanies environment in a Peugeot 3008 large endowment in comfort and safety (Offers up seats massage) and an outstanding dynamic approach. It has a touch of firmness ensuring good road agility, and its stability is above average … despite having a single rear axle torsional. Either in space it is the best of all, or practicality, but everything else 10 to Peugeot: it has created a wonderful SUV.

Renault Koleos: an SUV reimagined

If we spoke in 3008 of a new SUV, in this case we move into the brand new Renault Koleos These days start marketing in Spain. A radical change what was the previous Koleos, this new model Renault rises above genes Nissan X-Trail. Your body is very smart, and has a touch of personality with a somewhat less soft than the Nissan suspension … although a little more nervous also underway.

Renault KoleosIts general stands out as a SUV also quite conservative behavioral, to the point that their stability and traction controls sometimes fail to correct path but merely to stop completely the model. And inside, good textures and materials add up to a Infotainment system very advanced and spectacular, with the larger central screen than average and easy to use. In Spain only comes in Diesel versions of time.

Ateca Seat: high compact

Literally “a lion stilt“. Defines the new Master Test SUV 2017 to Ateca Seat, a model almost almost round. With great versatility, a huge interior space and trunk, and a good perceived quality, first SUV Seat He soon arrived but has now become one of the references.

Ateca SeatWith great effectiveness behind the wheel, the Ateca Seat (measuring only 4.36 meters and this is the smallest) is listed as one of the most agile SUV … also favored road course being the lightest. Taking advantage of many components VW group, its mechanical combination 1.4 TSI 150 hp and the automatic gearbox DSG is a delight, both for use as soft power in the form of benefits. And all very content consumption. Perhaps one could improve with a little more effective brakes, but it is clearly one of the most complete models.

Subaru Forester: the power of technology

Subaru. That brand that rarely comes into the pools of purchase, but how good cars ago … and especially nowadays SUV models. He Forester is a different option, which as always makes special emphasis on technical innovation. has a turbo boxer engine with the symmetrical AWD or box automatic CVT (Incidentally, the best on the market in this regard). On the road you have to know to understand, since the turbo lag makes you should play with the manual mode of the change, which simulates the existence of up to 8 preset speeds.

Subaru ForesterThe Subaru Forester is a SUV strong, robust, giving you great control on road and very accurately, but also some nervousness response even in a direction that bounces against sudden movements. His grip limit, though, is the highest thanks in part to Cash 4×4 system fitted. Its interior may not reach the quality of performing many of his new rivals, but instead offers one of the best visibilities when driving.

Toyota RAV-4: Pioneer

It was the model practically invented the category, a pioneer… and today still exhibiting good form. We get filled with Toyota RAV-4, an SUV that exhibits an inner perhaps too simple. Space, yes, on both front and back, with a flat floor without projections marked to help accommodate better than most rivals inside a passenger fifth.

Toyota RAV-4As in the Honda CR-V, the trunk flatters with a very low floor for loading, which facilitates the introduction of heavy luggage. A chassis level, the RAV-4 is shown as an SUV very poised, confident and reactions noble at all times. It is a compelling model in general that in our market stands out for its hybrid set that makes it most special.

Volkswagen Tiguan: the historical reference

Another SUV completely renovated recently and it continues to shine as one of the references. Now even already on the market with a 7-seater version Allspace, the Volkswagen Tiguan He has always displayed very good interior space and a large trunk, further showing in general a standard of outstanding quality.

VW TiguanOn this occasion, also equipped with the powerful engine 180 hp 2.0 TSI with DSG, SUV is a spectacular performance and power. Dynamically feels agile, you do not lose a great ride comfort and although heavier than Ateca, ends up composing an SUV with a resounding response on the road. Undoubtedly, next to amazing new Honda CR-V, to the new Peugeot 3008 and his Seat brother Ateca, we’re talking about the 4 big winners of this comparative macro SUV. !! Congratulations!!


VARIABLE slalon: Exercises with continuous turns, more and more speed and cones also vary their distance does not recreate common situations of everyday life, but they do give an idea of ​​the dynamic response of cars that must withstand continuous transfers of pesos. Best result here for a Volkswagen Tiguan which it favors its all-wheel drive and a direction. Unluckiest got the Mazda CX-5, which emerged as winner of the race for their agility but, nearing the end, suddenly he lost control of the rear axle and just sliding.

Honda CR-V 13,7 s 64 km / h
Hyundai Tucson 14,4 s 66 km / h
jeep Cherokee 13,5 s 67 km / h
Kia Sportage 12.5 s at 70 km / h
CX-5 13,7 s 70 km / h
Mitsubishi Outlander 13,4 s 63 km / h
Nissan X-Trail 13.3 s to 66 km / h
Peugeot 3008 12,9 s 63 km / h
Renault Koleos 14,1 s 62 km / h
Ateca Seat 12,9 s 67 km / h
Subaru Forester 14,0 s 66 km / h
Toyota RAV-4 13,2 s 64 km / h
Volkswagen Tiguan 12.5 s to 69 km / h

INFINITE CURVES: Faced with a circle of 25 meters radius, this exercise is to shoot as fast and stable as possible. Good behavior comes guaranteed by the effectiveness of electronic assists and chassis tuning. Here, little difference to the overall good ESP calibration and racks. To highlight the Honda CR-V for very fine control stability and very good overall response.

Honda CR-V 0.86 g to 57 km / h
Hyundai Tucson 0.83 g to 54 km / h
jeep Cherokee 0.83 g to 54 km / h
Kia Sportage 0.83 g to 54 km / h
CX-5 0.84 g to 56 km / h
Mitsubishi Outlander 0.83 g to 53 km / h
Nissan X-Trail 0.85 g to 55 km / h
Peugeot 3008 0.85 g to 55 km / h
Renault Koleos 0.82 g to 55 km / h
Ateca Seat 0.84 g to 53 km / h
Subaru Forester 0.81 g to 53 km / h
Toyota RAV-4 0.83 g to 55 km / h
Volkswagen Tiguan 0.83 g to 52 km / h

MOOSE DRYThis exercise in the SUV 2017 Master Test simulates an evasive maneuver against any obstacle, such as a sudden appearance of animal in the road or a pedestrian. Obliged to do it as quickly as possible, then return to the starting position lane or in the presence of an alleged oncoming vehicle. those who They were best solved it and Toyota RAV Peugeot 3008, followed by VW Tiguan, Seat Ateca, CX-5, and CR-V. Which was rearmost was the Jeep Cherokee, a stability control that fails to manage well its large chassis.

MOOSE IN WET: The same methodology this time, but with the aggravating circumstance of a wet floor further compromising grip and demands the best of the brakes, the support you can give the suspension and calibration of electronic aids. On this occasion, best result for Mitsubishi Outlander. At opposite side, the CX-5, with a rear axle that will not bear as its rivals.

measurementsBRAKING ON WET: Important to know the reaction of an SUV emergency situations, such as checking adherence to wet soils. This time, the exercise runs from 60 km / h. Triumph here for Volkswagen Tiguan, with the best braking segment. Toyota RAV-4, Mitsubishi Outlander and Renault Koleos get the worst records.

Honda CR-V 16.6 m
Hyundai Tucson 16.5 m
jeep Cherokee 17.5 m
Kia Sportage 18,1 m
CX-5 16.5 m
Mitsubishi Outlander 18.5 m
Nissan X-Trail 17.5 m
Peugeot 3008 16.6 m
Renault Koleos 18,4 m
Ateca Seat 16.4 m
Subaru Forester 17.4 m
Toyota RAV-4 18.9 m
Volkswagen Tiguan 14.7 m

Cornering Brake: This time, braking is done with dry floor and curve radius of 25 meters. This is to stop from a speed of 65 km / h. The tuned Peugeot 3008 was the best performer showed, almost equaled the Volkswagen Tiguan. In the downside, again a Jeep Cherokee with very slow control stability. Then, finally, you can see the table with dry braking in a straight line of 100 km / h to 0.

Honda CR-V 40.0 m
Hyundai Tucson 39.1 m
jeep Cherokee 45.8 m
Kia Sportage 42.1 m
CX-5 41.4 m
Mitsubishi Outlander 43.1 m
Nissan X-Trail 42.4 m
Peugeot 3008 36.3 m
Renault Koleos 43.1 m
Ateca Seat 40.6 m
Subaru Forester 44.7 m
Toyota RAV-4 39.3 m
Volkswagen Tiguan 36.9 m