What are the cars with the most beautiful and spectacular wheels?

There are car owners a lot of money spent on tires with original and aggressive designs. Manufacturers know this and have to count on their models.

The most spectacular car wheels

The most spectacular car wheels

The most spectacular car wheels

The most spectacular car wheels

Far from fashion tuning, There are those who enjoy changing your car tires, often with too sober design. Car brands have taken advantage of the trend to offer attractive designs for the wheels of its models, either standard or optional. Most often they do manufacturers’premium‘And most sports cars on the market. We show some of the most impressive.


The Toyota’s luxury brand It has been risky in recent years with bold designs and efficient technologies such as hybrid drive. Not only saw their cars body muscular forms, but their tires are an engineering, some with countless radio and very attractive colors.


BMW wheels

It is well known that the most passionate versions of models BMW They attract a clientele seeking touches very ‘racing‘And striking when they buy one of these cars. Hence the division ‘M’ has done a good job with the tires of their cars, exemplified in the model BMW M4 and special versions, such as the BMW M4 BMW M4 GTS and CS.


They may not be the most aggressive series but maintaining a very peculiar line in all models. He Porsche 911 It has become the reference model and where we can see some of the most attractive wheels signature, followed by the Porsche 718 Cayman.


spectacular superdeportivos from Koenigsegg They can not mount anything other than alloy made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, which gives it a very competitive their models Koegnisegg One: 1 and regera.


Lamborghini wheels

I could not miss in this report Lamborghini, which features a variety of interesting designs regarding wheels is concerned. We can see some of the pintonas in models like the Lamborghini Centenario, the Lamborghini Huracán and the mythical and Lamborghini Gallardo market disappeared.


Somewhat less aggressive and with few radios designs are wheels sports cars Ferrari. Cars like the laferrari put the bar very high with its head nut in the style of the single-seater Formula 1.


Two models, the Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Chiron and his replacement are more than enough to sneak into this list. Very remarkable designs tires their final special editions, with which they fired Veyron, as the Grand Sport Vitesse “La Finale ‘(top mount).