Can-Am Spider 2017; electric fun on three wheels (video)

Do you think electronics is at odds with fun? That’s why we do not know the Can-Am Spyder F3-S, a three-wheeled vehicle to have a wonderful time.

Can-Am Spider 2017

Can-Am Spider 2017

Can-Am Spider 2017

Can-Am Spider 2017

Models like the Ford Focus RS with Drift mode, the Tesla Model S with its mode Ludicrous and many other cutting-edge sports have already shown that electronic aids do not have to spoil the party, but if there was any doubt, this vehicle has come to clear them.

The Can-Am Spyder F3-S 2017 brings among its new one Sport mode. This disables the traction control and optimizes the stabilizer system of the vehicle, achieving controlled rear wheel providing greater control in rapid rotation and skidding outputs.

Power comes from a 1330 cc three-cylinder engine that gets 115 hp, attached to a gearbox six-speed available in both manual and semiautomatic. Bembo brakes and also carries gas front shocks Fox, as well as a dynamic handlebar, cruise control and ABS.

Inspired by the concept turbo revealed this year, the F3-S production does not carry turbocharger. But it is available in a Daytona 500 Special Edition Edition yes, plus spoiler, grille, wheels and special seat leads, and a more aerodynamic handlebars.

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