Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb. What is the difference between them?

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb. What is the difference between them?

Practical, spacious, good value for money … Are you Skoda Octavia or Superb Skoda? So members of the drafting of Highway reviewers.

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb: differences.

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb: differences.

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb: differences.

Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb: differences.

In sporting terms, we could speak clearly comeback. That’s how Skoda has evolved since, years ago, products were laureates for its unique relationship between value and price. Today we must add many more attributes, many of them backed by unmatched technological arsenal, though Skoda has not played all the material part. Their cars are gaining emotionally whole, and Skoda Superb It is just one more example of the potential that hides the brand, a majestic luxury saloon and representation raised today under the philosophy of Skoda: luxury service user.

Skoda SuperbAnd this Superb has the privilege of sharing with a whole range heavy weight, Skoda Octavia, model with which it shares soul, modern architecture MQB with which the brand shows maximum manufacturing flexibility, meeting point of two cars with a unique relationship between what they cost and what they’re worth, although our testers experts and our members of the Technical Center will seek beyond any reasonable likeness.

What elements distinguish the Skoda Octavia Skoda Superb

Skoda Octavia

Skoda OctaviaFrom a Greenline version of ecologically oriented and consumption and autonomy to cross Spain from end to end, up to three sports versions RS for those seeking strong emotions, highlighting a very special RS Plus with 230 hp and front autoblocante suitable even for circuit. .. in the Octavia range fits all, and we do not mean only its interior space. Talking engine assumes noted technologies as cylinder deactivation in 1.4 TSi, alternative fuels such as CNG or diesel version VVT, as the most potent 2.0 TDi range. Technology practical approach, and of course, a body Combi in which the carrying capacity takes on another dimension without forgetting the Scout-, put the icing on a product developed over reason.

Skoda Superb

Search, compare … If you find a car with better relationship between size and roominess, more and better equipped, better performance engines, superior active and passive safety and better performance, but at a more competitive price, then do not dwell in this planet. Third generation does not involve third evolution, but a retrospective look at the past, that first 1934 Superb stately, luxury and attention to detail. Obviously raises quality standards regarding the Octavia, also it expands customization options, such as computers Infotainment up with TV tuner or piloted suspensions. It is the ultimate expression of the brand, backed by the technology of the Volkswagen Group.

Who wins, Skoda Octavia or Superb Skosda?

Adolfo Randulfe. Choice: Skoda Superb

At home we have a problem when traveling. My more than 1.90 meters high share cabin with nearly 180 centimeters of my wife and little less than 2 meters from my teenage son who also shared the back seat with his two brothers. With this background, find a car where you can sit comfortably behind the wheel and even higher your- person traveling loosely behind you It is a luxury. Something very unusual. Of all the cars in which I have sat on their rear seats-and you can imagine that you are a few- only one I found a similar arrangement: it is called Rolls-Royce Ghost Long Wheelbase. And that leaves me budget.

Miguel Garcia Puente. Choice: Skoda Superb

If when you are on board the legroom makes you a smile, opening the trunk nobody smiles, but you can see how eyes wide open. Luckily you have a network if you want to take advantage of only half: I am unable to reach the bottom, because I do not get the trunk. It is not comfortable, but it turns out that even quepo with legs stretched in this trunk. Apañado, orderly, even with a rechargeable flashlight, with open hands, electrical closing button … or assisted only if you start making the move to lower it by hand. Y If the luggage is well care, you think what have done for occupants?

Carlos Díaz. Choice: Skoda Octavia

My choice is the Octavia for one simple reason: their range and their ability to choose from more possible combinations. Apart from the most famous saloon body, you have the possibility of decantarte by any of the sports versions RS, also available in Combi with petrol engines and 2.0 TDi. If what you like is to leave more to the field circuit, also have a Scout four-wheel drive and a large 1.8 TSi engine. In the Superb, the only option with this fuel is the 1.4 TSI 150 hp, while the Octavia there are 1.2, 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 TSI … In addition to an ecological version Greenline and other compressed natural gas.

Raúl Roncero. Choice: Skoda Superb

No, I do not seek space. I left over the Octavia, already a leader among which are much bigger than him. Superb want an Audi A6 as he would like, not to leave the Volkswagen Group, or other cars of this caliber. There are aspects that are not measured or not seen, but they are there, they feel … and feel. Pisa, tour, filters and isolates the Superb, with that quality, refinement and packaging that distinguish the cars that cross the barrier of good to superior. But large does not mean, however, gentrification dynamics, but much comfort and great agility of response. Reach 190 hp TDi means reaching all-wheel drive … Compare prices. Who gives so much?

Andrés Acinas. Choice: Skoda Octavia

Metro in hand, the Superb is ahead, no less than 6 cm wider than the Octavia. But space in the area of ​​the pedals is equal and the width between the console and the door also similar, the width of the floor the same in both cases. The size of the seat is virtually modeled as the ground height or distance from the curb to the roof. That said, and leaving aside objective assessments, I’ll take the cockpit of the Octavia. I’m more engaged, and even more sense of space because the Superb seems to me to go very "I esquinado". And back, the advantage of the Superb is not, however, decisive.

Lorenzo Alcocer. Choice: Skoda Octavia

Skoda SuperbThere is no better balance or best size / space between all market saloons, where for body and packaging it militates Octavia. Its dimensions are not the result of excesses easy, but ingenuity. With dimensions rear seat roominess and cargo volume already exceptional, sacrifice more interior space, possibly useless to practical levels as a family car, a smaller exterior size. I seek not cache on the Octavia and yes some good finishes and modern equipment meeting the line Laurin & Klement. How notch above the Superb? I prefer a consistent Skoda with present value and meaning of the brand.

Juan Tortajada. Choice: Skoda Octavia

One of the things that I liked most is the Octavia perceived quality in the opening and closing doors, and especially outstanding in the front doors. The door has solid feel, with sound, touch and impeccable fit. Level characteristics of a high-end car not found in models in its class. Clearly after these features, there is a great work of engineers to improve the structure of the door, window frame supporting, soundproofing, and locking mechanisms to achieve these good feelings give first "image" perceived a car. Impeccable.

Jordi Moral. Choice: Skoda Superb

Skoda technologyNot only by quantity but above all quality. Where there comes a Octavia, Superb saloon pulls a … Lativa: A vast interior transformed and Business Class. I’m still mulling over: how luxury is measured? If by centimeters, its almost 4,90 m flow into the most extensive ever measured by Autopista saloon; if the passenger is mime and technology, you enjoy one of the Best Infotainment systems From the market; and if you put the accent on dynamics, Superb also spare her reasons. Only the price, and customer benefit, premium breaks that spirit: if you do not perceive as luxury saloon course itself is a real luxury saloon.

Jorge Beltrán. Choice: Skoda Octavia

The main reason I prefer the Octavia is its excellent performance, with a compromise between comfort and efficiency only surpassed by rival … clearly more expensive. There are two types of scheme for the rear suspension, but the truth is that both torsional axis as the most elaborate multilink work perfectly. Regarding the Superb, it is in this section where I find major differences, since the latter needs the option of electronically controlled dampers if you do not want the body balance in excess. Another point that I find more balance in the direction is more accurate and informative at the Octavia.

Pablo Mallo. Choice: Skoda Octavia

In the body of an automobile cubic forms are most party allow to obtain its size, achieving a more interior volume and trunk. Skoda has managed to make the most of this quality, but at the same time, has been able to use it as a personal resource design, emphasizing specific elements and giving strength to a very homogeneous image. The design Skoda is progressing quickly and well, and the next models of the safe mark developed considerably in this direction, towards a more emotional line, but without neglecting the rationality and balanced proportions have now gained many followers.

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