15 cars with turbo spectacular history

15 cars with turbo spectacular history

Supercharging engines in cars today is something very common today. We have chosen these 15 for their showmanship.

15 turbo most spectacular cars

15 turbo most spectacular cars

15 turbo most spectacular cars

15 turbo most spectacular cars

The engines with supercharging are daily bread in all ranges of cars today, but it was not always so. The turbo helps automotive brands reduce consumption of its engines and, at the same time, reduce displacements without having to do thus affected the figures for power and performance.

The overfeed He started to become popular in the 80, but in very specific models and, above all, sportier cars. Famous is the ‘Turbo effect’ in some of those cars whose engine angrily he handed his power and torque from low revs. Cars, in some cases, uncontrollable to step on the accelerator, but left a personality and own printing unsurpassed.

Cars with turbo engines there have been them, and many, and even more today. We wanted to choose 15 for its spectacular, either by design and image, for wasting countless horsepower or by leaving a generation marked. Which one do you prefer?

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

The most spectacular turbo cars: generalist and premium brands

In this selection we could not pass emblematic models of generalist and premium brands whose names are already part of automotive history. Impossible not to remember the Audi Quattro and its variants competition. In the case of street cars manufactured between 1980 and 1991, they developed 203, 223 or 306 hp (the latter corresponding to the Quattro Sport version) power thanks to overfeeding. Also German, BMW 2002, precursor of the 3 Series, announced a power of 170 hp when released in 1973. More current is the Mercedes-AMG GT, precisely just released an ‘R’ version with 585 hp 4.0 V8 biturbo engine.

Ford and Renault are two general brands with particular models in the 80s, thanks to its turbo models, made history. He Ford Sierra RS Cosworth He took advantage to standardize the corresponding versions rally. Its ‘normal’ variant with turbo developing 204, although the RS500 reached the 224 hp 4×4. And what about the Renault 5 GT Turbo … this name, in the second generation of French car ( ‘Superfive’), he angry and yielded a small car with 115 hp (120 hp after restyling).

From Japan, we bring these three cars: the Mazda RX-7, which originally mounted a rotary engine of 1.2 liters and, in its third generation, mounted a twin-turbo engine that reached 252 and 276 hp. He Nissan GT-R It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular supercars of the moment with a 3.8 V6 twin-turbo engine reaches 600 hp in its NISMO version. Subaru, with its WRX STI engine 2.0 bóxer, reaches 300 hp. And what about the Toyota Supra, one of the most memorable Japanese sports and who left us in 2002: rear-wheel drive, turbocharged engines were present in the third generation (238 hp turbo) and fourth generation (326 hp biturbo).

Bugatti Veyron

The most spectacular turbo cars: superdeportivos

In this section, we collect six vehicles out of the reach of most mortals, especially the outrageous prices figures (some more than others). If we say turbo, we can not forget the saga Porsche 911, that the last generation delivers 540 hp (Turbo) and 580 hp (Turbo S), 3.8 bóxer biturbo engine.

McLaren and Ferrari, present in Formula 1 with current mechanical turbo, can boast their way two unique. More current, the McLaren P1 develops 727 hp from its 3.8 biturbo V8 engine, what would be necessary to add 176 electric hp. memorable Ferrari F40, manufactured from 1987 to 1992 mounted a twin-turbo 2.9 V8 478 hp … memorable.

On another planet are these three: Bugatti Veyron and its multiple versions, with W16 engine and four turbos !, for power over 1,000 hp; Koenigsegg Agera R, 5.0 V8 biturbo mechanically 1,400 hp; Pagani Huayra and BC, with propeller 6.0 V12 790 hp. To fly!

Audi quattro

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