5 trucks 'dumper' most spectacular

5 trucks ‘dumper’ most spectacular

Who said that only a supercar can impress so much to open up your mouth? Surely these beasts (pun intended) let gaped achieve: they are known as ‘dumpers’ huge trucks used in large construction or mining to transport tons and tons of material. These are the most impressive five there.

Top 5 truck'dumpers' más espectaculares del mundo

Top 5 truck'dumpers' más espectaculares del mundo

Top 5 truck'dumpers' más espectaculares del mundo

Top 5 truck'dumpers' más espectaculares del mundo

Surely if you see the typical large construction programs from channels like Discovery MAX on television, ye shall have ever encountered mine operators using these real ‘monsters’ on wheels. Are the trucks ‘dumper’ which, by its sheer size, they make any car or human that is close to ‘insignificant’ ants.

The brave drivers of these trucks always emphasize the difficulty moving through the dirt roads of mines or major works. And it is that their cabins are so high that it would be difficult to lead … a misstep and a catastrophe could occur. We introduce you five ‘dumpers’ most impressive beasts and the world.

1. Belaz 75710, the ‘dumper’ of 4,664 CV:

BelAZ 75710

At present, the BelAZ 75710 is The world’s largest ‘dumper’. Measure 20.6 meters long, 8.16 meters high and 9.87 meters wide. Manufactured by the company Belaz, Belarus, is capable of carrying a load of 496 tons to. That is, near 250 Audi A8 at the same time, for example. His first job has gone to a Russian mining company.

For this and future jobs, Belaz uses 75710 two diesel engines supercharged cylinder 16 hp 2332 each. Weighing with the scale 360 tons, It is capable of reaching 64 km / h. That is, that with his butt rocker box, the eight oversized Michelin tires and tubeless This mastodon are able to drag over 850 tons. Amazing…

2. Caterpillar 797F, the last of the series:

Caterpillar 797F

The second largest planet ‘dumper’ is called Caterpillar 797F and is the latest model of the 797. series is on the market since 2009, presuming dimensions 14.8 meters long, 6.52 in height and width 9.75. The engine able to move this ‘monster’ truck is a Diesel engine, as well souped up, associated with a transmission hydraulic torque converter, reaching 68 km / h.

Weighing 687.5 tons, reaches carry 400 tons of cargo. Seeing these dimensions, is even more impressive assess the capabilities of Belaz 75710 we talked about earlier.

3. Bucyrus MT6300AC engine with 20 cylinders:

Bucyrus MT6300AC

The previously known as Terex MT 6300 AC, and subsequently renamed by Bucyrus (Manufacturer acquired in 2010 the division of Terex mining equipment) total weight 660 tons and, like the Caterpillar 797F, it is capable of carrying up to 400 tons payload. To do this, it uses a Diesel engine 20 cylinder more than 3,750 CV, able to move this beast 14.63 meters long.

4. Liebherr T 284, 3,750 hp brutal force:

Liebherr T 284

This ‘dumper’, like the previous two, You can move 400 tonnes while under its ‘hump’. He Liebherr T 284 He is the brother of T 282C, with the same capacity. both weigh 661 tons, measure 15.69 meters long and his Diesel engine cylinders 20 3750 CV Power take him to the 64 km / h.

5. Belaz 75601, brother ‘small’:

BelAZ 75601

The other truck ‘dumper’ of the Belarusian company Belaz, he 75601, It could be considered little brother which leads the standings. Yes, small has nothing, because it is capable of carrying 396 tonnes. The Belaz 75601 alone weighs 672 tons and measures 14.9 meters long, 7.22 meters high and 9.25 meters wide. Like the previous two, it moves through a engine 20 cylinder V, developing 3750 CV and it allows you to reach 64 km / h.