quattro Audi vs BMW xDrive, what is better? (Video)

quattro Audi vs BMW xDrive, what is better? (Video)

¿Tortilla with or without onions? Pizza with pineapple: yes or no? Beach or mountain? ¿Star Wars or Star Trek? Does Windows or Mac? From all the cities or countryside? … Quattro or xDrive?quattro Audi vs BMW xDrive, what is better? (Video)

Life is full of debates around dichotomies that divide humanity. The field of technology does not escape them, which is paradoxical when, supposedly, technology seeks to unite people. And the automotive world is no different: Debates like ‘¿Diesel or gasoline?’ long they come pouring rivers of ink. Although this particular seems to be resolved in recent times.

But the question of which we speak today is quite far from resolved. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of all-wheel drive systems Audi and BMW, he Quattro and the xDrive, respectively.

Although there will be reviews for all tastes, and advertising techniques both German firms seek-and consiguen- appeal to the emotional part of each of us to not limit ourselves to purely technical aspects, some people wanted to take the debate more there. Youtube Channel Car Throttle He has deepened the subtle differences between one system and another to determine What works best. And it has launched its analysis in video form.

Up to you to see the video that we propose and draw your own conclusions. And you do you think? ¿Traction Audi Quattro or BMW xDrive?

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