Best cars Taxi

Best cars Taxi

Ruggedness, reliability, practicality, space and maximum efficiency in terms of consumption, these are not just characteristics highly valued by most drivers, but also for most driving professionals. We developed a ranking of what may be the best car for cab according to several criteria.

The best cars for taxi, according to several criteria

The best cars for taxi, according to several criteria

The best cars for taxi, according to several criteria

The best cars for taxi, according to several criteria

Dacia Lodgy cab– Cheapest: Dacia Lodgy

The authorization centers taxis approval of the two large Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona, they have included in their list of the fleet Dacia Lodgy. For both the capital and the of Barcelona, ​​the version available is the bi-fuel petrol / LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) 1.6 85 hp with interior configuration for five occupants. Madrid price of 10,400 euros and 9,720 euros for Barcelona. More about the Dacia Lodgy.

Skoda Octavia cab– The most popular: Skoda Octavia

Over recent years, the Skoda Octavia It has been perhaps the most popular car among the guild taxi. The practicality, the sturdiness and the reliability They have been key to these transportation professionals have chosen him as one of their favorites. One of the versions most chosen by these drivers has been driven by that 1.9 liter turbo diesel engine with unit injector system, a very popular mechanics in the Volkswagen group before this automotive giant decided to switch to common rail technology in their diesel engines. In the supply of new taxis, Skoda wants to decouple the current generation Octavia with this particular market; Instead, it aims to enhance the role of the Rapid, ‘cousin-brother’ turn of the new Seat Toledo. More about the new Skoda Octavia and the new Skoda Rapid.

Seat Alhambra– Best for space: Seat Alhambra and Mercedes Viano

Any minivan of existing fleets of taxis can be highlighted by space, but we have kept the Seat Alhambra and the Mercedes Viano. The official offer for Seat Alhambra approval taxi, three mechanical versions -a common rail 2.0 TDI 115 hp, 2.0 TDI common rail 140 hp and 2.0 TDI common rail 177 hp, depending on offer cases can be combined with a manual or six-speed automatic DSG six speeds.

Case Mercedes Viano in his final approval enabled leaves a passenger vehicle with a capacity of 7/8 occupants in its van version 5 meters long. To push, you can use two CDI diesel engines of 136 and 163 hp.

Nissan Leaf– Greener: Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf

He Toyota Prius He has been competing in recent years with the Skoda Octavia for being the most popular / used among taxi drivers. his hybrid technology It allows you to recover a lot of electricity in urban sections, one aspect of the latter ideal for the daily evolution of this group that performs many of his journeys city. For a while, they have also been very popular Prius versions compatible with GLP, adaptations that the driver himself assailed by their own risk, although Toyota officially explained in the official guarantee of their vehicles ‘non inclusion of such transformations’.

On the side of the hundred percent electric cars homologated for cab we find the Nissan Leaf. We understand that it can be a totally ideal vehicle for those professionals who know very well how many kilometers you will make in your workday as well as its planned recharge times. The theoretical and approved Leaf autonomy is 199 km.

Mercedes Class E– The most luxurious Mercedes E Class

For several years now, the Mercedes Class E It is one of the cars listed as premium which has approval taxi. All versions are available with diesel powered version and two-wheel drive, but also approved versions AWD 4matic.