The simulator of your practical exam

The simulator of your practical exam

Do you have nightmares about the practical driving test? Quiet; thanks to a new simulator called SimExam, this drink will be less bitter. Functions as a driving game and its cost is the same as the one practical class.The simulator of your practical exam

He practical test It is a bitter pill to swallow everything motorist must pass at least once in their life. Nerves and keep your eyes fixed on the examiner all your actions do not help or who holds the strongest nerves. Now, thanks to a new simulator called SimExam, you’ll have a little easier.

this software It works exactly like a driving game. Although its graphical environment is not up games art engine, it is extremely useful for those people who are doing their practical driving classes and will be presented soon to the test.

SimExam 2.0 recreates perfectly the scenarios Testing Center of the General Directorate of Traffic in Madrid, which is located in the town of Mostoles. In this way, the user can simulate again and again consideration by a dynamic environment that includes about 700 hectares: 12 kilometers of road and 30 in the urban environment Mostoles. Also it includes typical maneuvers as parking, one of the worst enemies of ‘rookie’ motorist.

The simulator incorporates a virtual examiner that will make the usual indications, will tell you your faults and evaluate your final result like a real exam in question.

With this system, the future driver will learn both Basic handling of the car (Movement of the steering wheel, gear shift, brake usage or intermittent indispensable) as traffic rules, whether in urban areas or road. To do this, it integrates all types of signaling: 1,000 vertical signals, 60 traffic lights, hundreds of road signs… The advantage is that all this you do on the actual exam path, so it’s nothing caught you by surprise.

For now, only it includes the examination area of ​​Madrid, because it is the only one in Spain that consistently repeated the same route (in most cities of our country travel is more random). But, as the tool is already created, its developers say they are open to applications from groups of driving schools in case they want to use it for their students.

To have this application on your computer, you just have to pay 30 euros, the price of a single lab. The software you can download it in SimExam page and if you want to have a rough idea, you also allow yourself a demo free. The only disadvantage is that the minimum requirements program are somewhat demanding: you need a PC Pentium IV 1.6 MHz video card 64 MB of RAM.

If you want more information about this product, here we leave the link. You can also inform calling 91 314 27 14 or writing an email to [email protected]. We show a video to give you an idea of ​​how it works.

Also, if you want practice theory test, here you will find, totally free, all test driver: