10 compact cars with more luggage

10 compact cars with more luggage

For its overall balance compact cars are traditionally being the best sellers in Spain. Key remarkable is its price / size / space / trunk.

The largest segment compact car with the trunk

The largest segment compact car with the trunk

The largest segment compact car with the trunk

The largest segment compact car with the trunk

Capacity trunk can be decisive when a car It aims to meet the needs of a family and consequently, the demand for transport from load not only daily, also in summer, with what this can mean. The cars compact They have evolved size to the point that today is the Format family possibly more balanced. And not necessarily in their family variants, break, station wagon, tourer or as want to call them. We refer to car compact from 5 doors conventional. As best example, Leader Our rating: their 500 liters verified by our Technical center They would place even high up on the top list of average sedan. And not only the Honda Civic highlight in the world of saloons.

In any case, speaking today porterage It must take into account a very important aspect: if the model in question is wheel replacement conventional, from emergency or just a kit reparapinchazos. A few years now manufacturers have found here a way to provide more space to the aforementioned kit, which remains true, also it goes against some security and comfort if prick and it is a real headache if the puncture is in the form of raja. Another solution is to directly mount tires runflat which can keep rolling pricked and thus avoid carrying parts or tool generalized solution in BMW and Mini.

Why there are manufacturers that offer a choice. And we find that in the same car, between each option can be a vital difference. Therefore, we clarify our list the solution to prick each car checked by our Center Technical. From the list we have removed the 3rd place at Renault Megane above, with 440 liters Y normal wheel He is featuring a high volume and the comfort and security of conventional wheel. Surely the new generation that soon will measure at least retain the same capacity.

Measuring balls trunkHow We measurements

Classification you have below is based on the measurement data obtained by our Center Technical. The method we use is simple and very accurate. we fill to the upper trunk tray, cerciorándonos to reach all “gaps” and irregularities, about spheres what 0.37 liters cube each. Once full, all these areas are extracted, counted, and that number is multiplied by these 0.37 liters.

10 coohes more compact trunk

Honda Civic 500 liters kit

Skoda Spaceback 445 liters Normal

Citroën C4 440 liters Emergency

Nissan Pulsar 435 liters kit

Hyundai i30 415 liters Emergency

Peugeot 308 415 liters Emergency

Mazda3 405 liters kit

Cactus Citroën C4 400 liters kit

DS 4 400 litersEmergency

Nissan Leaf 400 liters kit

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