Prototypes most spectacular cars that never saw the light

Prototypes most spectacular cars that never saw the light

They caused great admiration when presented as concepts, but never reached the assembly line. We collect for you a selection of the best prototype cars that has left us the history of the automotive industry. After reviewing those by Italian brands and design centers, we now dwell on those made by other manufacturers.

Prototypes most spectacular cars that never saw the light

Prototypes most spectacular cars that never saw the light

Prototypes most spectacular cars that never saw the light

Prototypes most spectacular cars that never saw the light

BMW GINA Visionary ModelBMW GINA Light Visionary Model

Just six years ago, BMW we were surprised with the presentation of GINA Light Visionary Model, a spectacular prototype that also served to celebrate the reopening of the BMW Museum in Munich in September 2008. GINA It is the acronym for the German term ‘Geometrie und Funktionen in N-facher Ausprägung’ (Geometry and Functions in nth Directions). his bodywork had a special coating textile customizable, flexible and manipulable adapted on a reticular structure aluminum and another set of reinforcements carbon fiber. More on BMW Gina Light Visionary Model.

Cadillac SixteenCadillac Sixteen

In 2003, Cadillac presented an impressive and huge luxury sedan more than 5.67 m in length by the name of Sixteen, In reference to classic Cadillac V16 1930. In the case of Sixteen concept, Surprise your engine 13.6 liters displacement, V16, 32 valves and one over 1,000 hp power. Hundred percent American, no doubt, by this ‘obsession with big’.

Ford GT90Ford GT90

In nineteen ninety five, he Detroit Motor Show It was the presentation of the prototype frame Ford GT90, a car which was announced a stratospheric performance since ensured that could reach 378 km / h thanks to an impressive mechanics 6.0 V12 with four turbochargers Garret that catapulted up to 730 hp. Considered by many as the ‘spiritual successor’ of the iconic GT40, that GT90 Ford was the first inaugurating the New Edge design line, besides having the own technical basis of the best sports story, with aluminum monocoque body panels carbon fiber.

Ford InterceptorFord Interceptor

He Ford Interceptor protototipo is a relative and recent appearance by making its official debut at the Detroit Motor Show 2007. The Oval presented it as a modern interpretation of what could be the cars of the future muscle, but yes, with a spectacular four-door body with many retro dyes and considerable size (5.12 m long and 1.94 m wide). The engine was a 5.0 V8 mounted Cammer able to perform more than 600 hp.

Ghia GildaGhia Gilda

He Ghia Gilda Streamline X Coupé It is the result of a special order of Chrysler Italian company body Ghia. In order to experience new technologies and new aerodynamic shapes, born in 1955 he Ghia Gilda, a prototype that incorporated a gas turbine, a technology already employed cars of the era as the Fiat Turbine. At that time, the actress Rita Hayworth premiered the Gilda film. The parallel between Hayworth and the Ghia Gilda what we should look on the winding and attractive shapes that looked both the actress and the concept (‘Atomic vedette’ It was one of the many nicknames that received Rita Hayworth).

Holden HurricaneHolden Hurricane

He Holden Hurricane It was a prototype sporty two-seater submitted in 1969 and considered one of the most advanced of its time. It was used as a testbed to experiment in aesthetic, aerodynamic and technological issues. Had a futuristic and sporty fiberglass body which it was divided into three parts: cockpit cover (compartment) motor and the rest of the body. To access inside the cabin is fully raised forward through an electrohydraulic mechanism. Faithful to the sports pure strain, incorporating an engine-rear center position of 4.2 liters and eight cylinder V yielding 262 hp. his equipment It was groundbreaking for its time, with fully electronic instrumentation, air conditioning with automatic climate control system, rear view camera and quite unique magnetic browser.

Jaguar C-X75Jaguar C-X75

He Paris Motor Show 2010 He attended the premiere in style of Jaguar C-X75, a sports hundred percent electric with a total of four electric motors (One per wheel) of 195 hp each. To recharge your Lithium-ion batteries It uses a novel system consisting of two gas microturbines rotating at 80,000 rpm which they are recharged during operation, reaching give the Jaguar C-X75 of theoretical range of 900 km (Although in 100% electric mode, it is reduced to 110 km). These microturbines, as well as to recharge the batteries, can be used to provide extra power to the electric motors. More about the Jaguar C-X75

Mazda Furai ConceptMazda Furai Concept

To celebrate the 40th anniversary his first rotary engine, Mazda He presented in the Detroit Motor Show 2008 the spectacular concept Furai. Based on a racing car of American Le Mans Series, incorporating an engine of 450 hp three rotors that could be fed as fuel E100 ethanol. More about the Mazda Furai Concept.

Mercedes C111Mercedes C111

He C111 from Mercedes Benz It was developed with the aim of creating central motor which, after its presentation in 1969 continued to develop a sports car. The main problem lay in its Wankel engine too capricious and thirsty enough to survive the times of the oil crisis. He C111-1 1969 Wankel engine mounted on a three-rotor direct injection; he C111-2 1970, four-rotor motor 370 hp; he C111-3 in 1978, a 230 hp turbodiesel engine; and the C111-4, 4.8 supercharged V8. To highlight the great drag coefficient achieved by the C111-3, with a Cx of 0.183.

Renault DeZirRenault DeZir

He Renault DeZir It marked the beginning of a series of concepts cars that were to be used to develop the new design line brand gala. In this case, we are facing a fully electric two-seater coupe. To achieve ideal weight distribution, the electric motor is located at rear center position, offering a range of 160 kilometers and a power of about 150 hp with a torque of 23.06 mkg. It incorporates a retrieval system similar energy to KERS developed in the Formula 1. Renault DeZir more about.

Smart ForStarsSmart Forstars

Smart He opted for the imagination with its new and surprising prototype Forstars. With a body of visual impact, this hundred percent electric concept He integrated into the front hood one cinema projector to be able to see films whenever you want. Without any doubt, this prototype was one of the great sensations Paris Motor Show 2012. More on Smart Forstars.