5 trucks more powerful

5 trucks more powerful

The most powerful truck in Europe achieves an output of 750 hp, while the silver medal is at 730 hp. staggering numbers when you consider that in 1990 first reached 500 hp.

5 trucks more powerful

5 trucks more powerful

5 trucks more powerful

5 trucks more powerful

Incorporating electronics and a large number of cutting-edge technologies to the world of trucks has caused, among other things, that heavy engines have achieved maximum performance makes virtually unthinkable only a few decades.

To make this statement it should be noted that Renault AE in 1990 was the first truck that exceeded the barrier of 500 hp -503 hp concretely and twenty five years later, with all ecological standards Euro by the most powerful truck in Europe is the Volvo FH16-750, which exceeds the “whopping” 250 hp Renault AE’s record.

Most of these trucks incorporate mechanical architected inline six cylinder, Scania R730 only opts for a V8 solution. These motors have displacements located between 15 and 16 liters and despite its volumetric capacity emissions meet Advanced requirements Euro 6 regulations.

To adapt to the legality their contaminant levels all brands apply the same solution, ie, -Lower combine SCR catalytic systems AdBlue- injection and EGR -Reaprovechamiento of Exhaust Gas-.

1. Volvo FH16-750

Volvo FH16-750This truck is the most powerful in Europe. D16K is fitted with a 16,120 cc engine that develops 750 hp between 1,600 and 1,800 rpm, with maximum torque of 353 Mkg between 950 and 1,400 laps. This block has six online architecture and common rail injection.

2. Scania R730

Scania R730The silver medal in the ranking of powers is one of the few European truck still rides a V8 engine. This is the DC16 of 16,400 cc and 730 hp at 1,900 laps. It incorporates XPI injection system and provides a torque of 350 Mkg between 1,000 and 1,400 rpm.

3. Volvo FH16-650

Volvo FH16-650The second version of the powerful engine Volvo D16K is also positioned on the podium of the most powerful trucks with Volvo FH16-650, this time with a 650 hp mechanics develops a torque of 310 Mkg.

4. MAN TGX 18.640

MAN TGX 18.640The fourth most powerful truck engine mounts D38 common-rail only 15,200 cc, which incorporates the novelty of a dual turbo, a solution that results in better performance with lower displacement. Its power is 640 hp between 1,600 and 1,800 rpm, with maximum torque of 306 mkg rpm 975-1350.

5. Mercedes SLT-625

Mercedes SLT-625The range of Mercedes SLT is intended specifically for special transport, for which you have the most powerful version -625 hp at 1,600 rpm- OM473 engine, incorporating a block turbocompound technology and has a maximum torque of 300 mkg at 1100 rpm.