This is 'The Beast': the new car Donald Trump

This is ‘The Beast’: the new car Donald Trump

A Cadillac known as "The beast"Limousine is US president. After official car use as Barak Obama, now comes the turn of Donald Trump. Here’s your new car.

Barack Obama official vehicle

Barack Obama official vehicle

Barack Obama official vehicle

Barack Obama official vehicle

In limousine part, in part SUV and what it is tank. This is the official vehicle that has walked since President Barack Obama in 2009 He became the first black man to take charge of Government of North America. And if no changes in the coming days are announced, so will the official car now the new president Donald Trump.

This authentic strength created by General Motors is the only of all that have been made for Home white what not part of a specific model series, but borrows part of a Cadillac limousine and another of a GMC SUV. And all this to the ‘beast’, reason enough so nicknamed Obama presidential car. his body 20 centimeters thick It is capable of supporting projectiles large caliber thanks to its manufacturing a steel alloy, aluminum, titanium and ceramics. The crystals also benefit from shielding which makes them virtually unbreakable-about 12 centimeters of thickness-. his weight It is estimated at eight tons, making his benefits are very limited. his Maximum speed is 100 km / h, this limit is reached no less 15 seconds. Yes, an advanced system ‘RunFlat’ in your tires allow ‘The Beast’ roll for more than 100 kilometers with flat tires.

Far from fiction, incorporates machineguns and rockets that make the official state car into a sort of tank, except for the detail that luxury and elegance are not lost in their aesthetics. Until it is able to withstand chemical attack, for that would seal the doors and use a system to go recycling oxygen inside.

No missing within it a complete communications system composed of computers, phones, GPS tracking device, Internet, satellite and direct connection to the US authorities.

even the V8 petrol engine drives the limousine is armored. Yes, it consumes more than 30 liters 100 km.

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