Test: CrossClimate Michelin tires long-term

Test: CrossClimate Michelin tires long-term

One of the sambenitos wheels M + S is lasting less than summer. Well, the Michelin CrossClimate our long-term test at Renault Mégane finished with the canard.

So answer the Michelin CrossClimate after 50,000 km

So answer the Michelin CrossClimate after 50,000 km

So answer the Michelin CrossClimate after 50,000 km

So answer the Michelin CrossClimate after 50,000 km

After 49,000 km of use Renault Mégane dCi about our long-term test, and yet deep enough in its tread to continue employing them, we proceeded to the replacement with a new full game CrossClimate Michelin tires we have equipped all this time. There were two reasons: The possibility that we are, in the coming weeks, with severe winter conditions -the seek to account for how these wheels on snow- work, and that one of the axes had exceeded the limit of 3 mm to consider at least to circulate in these conditions, which does not dry or wet- asphalt. Also by the uneven wear of treads one of the tires after our passage through the INTA circuit where power and data slalom Elk Test conducted.

Michelin CrossClimate seven months of use

During the seven months that have used them, the Michelin CrossClimate have not only demonstrated perfect adaptation to changing conditions of temperature or strong (Dry asphalt, wet and even have had to deal with snow briefly on a couple of tours through northern Spain in December), but They have left behind any doubts that might arise about their shorter duration compared to other tires, for example, only summer without certification, as these, 3PMSF (winter use, with M + S dial).

The Michelin CrossClimate have not only met expectations, therefore, in terms of grip in different conditions, comfort or fuel economy, but also they have done in their durability. If a study Dekra Test Center, at the request of Michelin, he estimated that the difference in average mileage was 6,430 km more than its rivals (Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2, Pirelli Cinturato All Season Hankook Kinergy 4S, Vredestein Nokian Weatherproof Quatrac 5) in our case we were able to verify by ourselves that far they surpassed the average life of a tire, estimated at 40,000 kilometers.

Beyond doing almost 49,000 kilometers, it adds value to the durability, while using this set of tires, They were subjected twice to standardized tests our Technical Center in the circuit INTA. We perform on those two visits not only data sound, acceleration, recovery, braking or consumption, but also that we tested in safety maneuvers and agility, as already mentioned the Alce test or slalom 156 meters 9 cones and 18 meters from each other.

Michelin CrossClimateWe believe that, by itself, each of this test session comes to assume wear on tires (both CrossClimate Michelin as any wheel) above what would amount about 1,500 kilometers under normal use, so perfectly, an estimated 3,000 additional kilometers durability could be added to these tires. They reach therefore the 55.000 kilometers in normal use.

CrossClimate Michelin strictly standard

The set of tires used during our long-term test series has been specifically equal to that served to any client, and mounted on the service Euromaster Street Covarrubias, 26, in Madrid. During use, apart from making a permanent control of tire pressures, Always using recommended by the manufacturer for normal use or Eco (According to the tastes of each driver), we perform a single rotation to ensure, as far as possible uniform wear: 10,000 mileage use, past the pair of front to the rear wheels without altering the side on which each was.

In size 205/50 R17 93W, Michelin tire costs CrossClimate 147.95 euros in the Euromaster network, ie 17 percent more than a similar Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and 19 percent a Michelin Primacy 3.

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