Volvo XC40 new SUV promises maximum functionality: so will

Volvo promises to "end the mess" with the arrival of their new urban SUV, the XC40. We told you the details of storage and functionality that will incorporate the interior and trunk.

Volvo XC40 promises the revolution inside

Volvo XC40 promises the revolution inside

Volvo XC40 promises the revolution inside

Volvo XC40 promises the revolution inside

Volvo XC40 the promises to be a revolution in the segment Urban premium SUV. Currently we do not have official pictures of the Swedish car, but we know several things: It will be released before the end of 2017 Not at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the brand will not be present-, will hybrid variants, engines three and four cylinders ...

Volvo's hand, we also know that we have worked very, very thoroughly in a section in particular: the storage and management of objects inside the car. The Swedish brand He promises "the end of disorder" and that the driver of the future Volvo XC40 will within the scope of his arms all you need to store your personal items. And besides, they are out of sight of the rest, also helping to "clear your mind".

How they have done? First, carrying out a research to find out the problems of drivers in everyday life to store your belongings in the vehicle. So they concluded that most cars had weaknesses in this respect ... and thus began working inside the new XC40.

Volvo XC40, all at

Volvo XC40: solutions of all kinds

In addition to brand new modular platform, Volvo XC40 which will be the around Length 4.4 meters- He pretends to be reference in terms of functionality, space and storage capacity inside. Starting with the doors: Swedish move the speakers to accommodate compartments in catching a couple of bottles, a laptop or tablet. In addition, the XC40 have a sub-woofer innovative incorporated in the dashboard, which will also have Special credit card slots or other cards.

At central tunnel, situated between the front seats, be an area including a large capacity tissue box and a small container in which leave residues as a wastebasket. For the phone, the Volvo XC40 will have a space for wireless charging and with USB ports for this purpose. The glove box, meanwhile, you will have a small folding hook to ensure, for example, bags or backpacks. Under the seats There will also be two separate small spaces for storing belongings, such as tablets or small items.

He trunk Volvo XC40 promises of reference also be usability and functionality. In addition to having a closed compartment under the ground, there will be a special system to separate effectively luggage, and two hooks to secure and other four hooks load to carry luggage comfortably. The rear seats have a electronic mechanism for, to blow button, fold the backrests and get a completely flat load space.

Volvo XC40

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