Mercedes S Class 2018: new engines with 6-cylinder petrol

Mercedes Class S: new petrol engines for 2018Mercedes Class S: new petrol engines for 2018Mercedes Class S: new petrol engines for 2018Mercedes Class S: new petrol engines for 2018

Mercedes It has announced that next October will release its renewed unpublished Class S 6-cylinder gasoline online (It has also used this configuration for a new family Diesel engines) It has developed for replace the previous engines V6, as a V8.

He new gasoline engine 6 cylinder inline Mercedes, named with the internal code M256, It has 3 liters and receives a high technological burden. Thanks to a 48 volt power supply, the new engine electrifies many components so far mechanical movement. traditional auxiliary belt disappears (Shorter motor), brings together the traditional alternator and starter in a single mechanism that attaches to the gearbox and also assumes functions electric motor drive support (20 hp); It incorporates a buyorr exponentially efficient electrical idle; water pump, air conditioning compressor.... everything becomes electrically driven and managed.

Mercedes engine inline 6-cylinder petrol

The first installment of this engine will be divided into two versions. For him Mercedes S 450 power advertised 367 hp and the S 500, 435. The brand has not announced more data, but is expected very low fuel consumption and emissions. Strong electrification confers these versions hybrid properties. At times, new Mercedes S 450 and S 500 they may be moved only by electricity. The change also present a "candle mode" when decouples the gasoline engine of change itself to advance through the inertia of the car, the heat engine is stopped.