Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition, already on sale the first SUV Alfa

With the special version Stelvio First Edition, Alfa Romeo began in Spain marketing the new Stelvio, the first SUV of the Italian firm.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition, photos

Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition, photos

Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition, photos

Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition, photos

Alfa Romeo is aimed at fashion SUV with the new Stelvio, a model loaded luxury and excitement, with which the Italian brand goes a step further to become again what it was.

He Alfa Romeo Stelvio officially it opened in elpasado in November Hall of Angelss and next month March the first units They arrive in dealerships brand in our country at a price of 62,000 €, rate special release version called Stelvio First Edition.

He Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition It will be animated by a 2-liter turbo direct injection develops 280 hp at 5,200 rpm and a torque of 40.78 mkg at 2200 rpm. The propeller is associated with a eight-speed automatic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive Q4. The latter, however, operated so that the behavior resembles that of a rear-drive and the proof is that under normal conditions, the 100 percent torque reaches the rear wheels, while the center differential works automatically and you can completely block allocation for a 50/50% if road conditions require.

According to figures reported by Alfa Romeo, for him Stelvio First Edition it announces a weight 1,660 kg quite content. As a result, can speed from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, while in terms of efficiency it approves a average consumption of 7/100 km.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio First EditionHe Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition offers very attractive, with a aesthetic style unmistakable Alfa hundred percent. It struck by the enormous size of the rims, nothing less than 20 inches in this version Stelvio First Edition. Highlights in the Stelvio First Edition good habitability (as proof of this statement, a trunk with a capacity of 525 liters advertised).

Elements of equipment featured in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition fit to mention the quality materials -including the Fiore leather for the seats, the TFT display instrumentation 7-inch navigator with 3D graphics, the latest developments in safety and driving aids, such as systems Forward Collision Warning (FCW), the device autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system and lane departure warning (LDW).

Throughout the year they will appear Alfa Romeo’s engines of Stelvio, highlighting the top end, the Quadrifoglio version with 510 hp and allow this SUV rival the sportier models in category.

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