BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo: photos and data substitute Series 5 GT

In the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW will debut the new 6 Series Gran Turismo, a unique model that beyond representing technical progress, is notable for its more refined than the outgoing 5 Series GT design.

BMW 6 Series GT: BMW total remodeling of the projection 5 Series GT

BMW 6 Series GT: BMW total remodeling of the projection 5 Series GT

BMW 6 Series GT: BMW total remodeling of the projection 5 Series GT

BMW 6 Series GT: BMW total remodeling of the projection 5 Series GT

surely BMW Series 5 GT It has been one of the most controversial models in recent years ... although an exceptional car in almost all sections. But its design may not accompany him. The format Gran Turismo what BMW defined on the basis of the above 5 series It resulted in a vehicle loaded with elegance, comfort, dynamic, space and technology, but perhaps without the aesthetic sportsmanship that suggested the name Gran Turismo.

Today, with new 5-Series and on the street, BMW It has designed this second generation GT, now rechristened even number (6), assigned to sports variants, refining its imposing silhouette stylishly. The new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo measures 5.091 meters long (8.7 centimeters), is as wide (1,902 m), but has reduced height 2.1 cm (1.532 meters in total). In the back it has been further reduced height: 6.4 centimeters. But there seems to be only a matter of proportions, and there are also many nuances that seem to have lightened their image and emphasized his sportsmanship. No stops transmitting elegance, livability Y practicality, finally, fulfill format Gran Turismo. Of course, all windows waive frames. In addition, the great gate count with one aileron concealable It is unfolding from 120 km / h and is collected below 80. The trunk He has won 110 liters into a cave 610 liters. The plazas you back They continue to its longitudinal dimension a value of limousine and the interior height dimension back there is improved.

BMW 6 Series GT


technically Series 6 GT It takes advantage of the CLAR modular platform that already support the current 7 Series and 5 Series, ie, taking the best and most advanced brand. On average, BMW announces reduction of weight of 150 kg, as mechanical versions. And it has been lowered the drag coefficient, varying between 0.25 and 0.29. He aluminum and the ultra resistant steel They are the main raw materials 6 GT. Monta series air suspension rear height adjustment constant. And optionally be mounted on pneumatic elements two axes and combine it with active dampers. In addition, you can count on Integral Active Steering, now supports the AWD xDrive. The most complete combination promises comfort and exceptional overall dynamics. As usual in the brand, range of tires and wheels (17 to 21 inches) will allow you configurarte one GT Series 6 to the letter.

BMW Seri 6 Gran Turismo: Inside

Inside, the GT Series 6 focuses on the iDrive control the car's functions, browser, system communication, information and entertainment. iDrive It consists button Touch control Controller and Control Display, which it is now independent and also touch. The high resolution screen has a diameter of 10.3 inches. Optionally you can have advanced voice and gestural command. It also presents a Head-Up Display with a surface 70 percent greater.

BMW 6 Series GT

BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo: engine range

The initial range of BMW Series 6 GT It will feature three engines. In gasoline, the name 630i a motor means 2.0 Turbo 4-cylinder and 258 hp. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and standardizes consumption of 6.2 l / 100 km. The other option is gasoline 640i, riding a motor 3.0 Turbo 6 cylinder 340 CV. In 5.3 seconds it reaches 100 km / h and average consumption is 7.0 l / 100 km. This version can have traction xDrive (Same acceleration and consumption of 7.7 1/100 km). He 630d Diesel is the only option. It has an engine 3.0 Turbo 6 cylinder 265 hp. It takes 6.1 seconds to reach 100 km / h and average consumption is 4.9 liters. The 630d xDrive GT version also declines. Improves acceleration to 6.0 seconds and penalizes consumption to 5.5 l / 100 km. In all cases, change is always 8 speed automatic.

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