GTA Spano, Spanish show 925 horses

GTA Spano, Spanish show 925 horses

The final version of the Spanish supercar GTA Spano will be presented at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. 8.4 V10 engine of 925 hp, a spectacular and futuristic design and a performance of heart promise to elevate this dream car to car Olimpo himself. Initially, only 99 units will be manufactured at the rate of 570,000 euros (excluding taxes) each.

GTA Spano, the Spanish sporting dream

GTA Spano, the Spanish sporting dream

GTA Spano, the Spanish sporting dream

GTA Spano, the Spanish sporting dream

After presenting several prototypes and test several units, finally Spanish company Spania GTA (Formerly, this company called GTA Motor) announced with great fanfare the presentation of the final version of GTA Spano supercar.

The founder of the company, Domingo Ochoa and the Director of Project Engineering, Sento Pallardó, fulfill the dream of developing a Spanish supercar made by hand, like the illustrious Hispanic-Switzerland or Pegasus a few decades ago. And is that the GTA Spano It is pure show from any point of view. Its design is quite a challenge to the senses, with many spectacular areas. In the side view, for example, we can see how the doors are perfectly integrated in a pronounced arc where are also located the air inlets. These, in addition to an aerodynamic function, also meet more practical as oil cooling radiators functions, power steering and brakes.

GTA SPANOThe front area GTA Spano either it goes unnoticed and take center stage two air inlets and a Domed hood. Spania GTA sources have been able to overtake the GTA Spano we see in Geneva 2013 You will have small changes in exterior and interior design in respect of which you can see on the large photo gallery that we have prepared. On the other hand, the back also puts us heart racing with a large spoiler, winding aerodynamic shapes, the double exhaust, the two intakes and large air diffuser. In short, a more typical aesthetics of a spacecraft a car that ‘flesh and blood’.

The great glazed surface GTA Spano is another of its distinguishing features. This element allows plenty of light into the interior, increasing the sense of space in the cabin. Responsible for Spania GTA They have patented a new system that regulates the greater or lesser light to enter the interior, to suit the lucky and wealthy client. And we stress this last detail because each of the 99 units ready to manufacture will cost 570,000 euros (Amount which must be added the applicable taxes).

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sporty and elegant interior

He leather and the carbon fiber They spread everywhere in the inside of the GTA Spano. One of the main elements is located on the large LCD screen with touch technology from which all the necessary parameters of the car (body height, regulation of the rear spoiler or system more or less light the glass ceiling are handled, for example).

GTA SPANOThe seating They have a sporty design specialist Recaro It puts its seal of quality. They have electrically controlled heating and cooling system. Inside the GTA Spano no interior mirror and uses a set system rear camera and LCD screen to display images when the reverse operation is performed. And the techies? Well, they can listen to their music in MP3 format as well as connect their mobile devices (iPod or via Bluetooth for smartphones). And to carry ‘baggage’? He GTA Spano also it has two aided trunks, with 100 liters 130 liters front and rear.

V10 925 hp

The original engine GTA Spano is of American origin, specifically it uses a 8.4 V10 of a Chrysler Viper Fourth generation (current 8.4 V10 SRT Viper incorporates the same mechanical base, although various changes), mounted in longitudinal rear position. After numerous adjustments, Spania GTA announces a maximum power of 925 CV and maximum torque electronically limited to 124.40 mkg.

Engineers Spania GTA They have delved into the mechanical innards. The main change is found in the compressor has been incorporated, whose performance is greatly improved. In all, the benefits they announced for GTA Spano are to start trembling, with a maximum speed of 350 km / h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. If you need not make the most of 925 CV, he GTA Spano It has an electronic control system power control, with a minimum figure of 450 hp. a sequential seven-speed automatic with steering wheel paddles on the one hand, and on the other, also sequential manual seven-speed: As for gearboxes, two alternatives are offered.

Carbon fiber, titanium and kevlar

The GTA Spano uses the lightest and revolutionary materials used in the automotive industry in its chassis and bodywork. Thus, carbon fiber, titanium and kevlar abundant. The end result is surprising, with a total vehicle weight of 1,350 kg, with all liquids and comfort equipment including

GTA Spano. Data sheet


Location: Central rear longitudinal

Displacement: 8,400 cm3 / V10

Maximum power: 925 hp at 6,300 rpm

Maximum torque: 124.40 mkg


Length / width / height / battle (m): 4.60 / 1.98 / 1.18 / 2.8 m

Weight: 1,350 kg

Fuel Tank: 100 liters

Trunk 100 liters (front) / 130 liters (rear)


Drive: rear-wheel drive

Transmission: 7-speed sequential automatic. with steering wheel paddles / 7-speed sequential manual.


Double wishbone configuration, multirregulables shock absorbers, electronically controlled vehicle height

Wheels and Tires

Tires: 19×9,5 Front / Rear 20×12

Pneumatic Pirelli P Zero 255 / 35ZR19 (front) and 335 / 30ZR20 (rear)


carbon-ceramic system AP Racing, forced ventilation, 6-piston calipers and ABS system


Maximum speed over 350 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 2.9 seconds