Skoda future: SUV and cars for all until 2019

Skoda future: SUV and cars for all until 2019

Without neglecting values ​​such as space, versatility and price / output ratio, Skoda revolutionize design to its range in 2019. The renovation includes up to 4 new SUV.

Brand new Skoda until 2019

Brand new Skoda until 2019

Brand new Skoda until 2019

Brand new Skoda until 2019

Admittedly Skoda It is one of the brands that have evolved and grown in recent years. Although he began his career It is practically the manufacturer "low cost" of the VW group, Today already established itself as one of its major brands and perhaps still hides the greatest growth potential. In fact, protected by large numbers (for second consecutive year has exceeded a million cars delivered beating his record), now there are rumors that those responsible for studying even enter the American market. So to keep the same pace Skoda evolve already you have on the table a new roadmap with news that will launch in the next three years. There is everything for everyone, but if Skoda brand has always been a model based on high volume sales, as is the market, He needed to strengthen its SUV range. And she started. If you walk into the gallery that we have prepared you'll see all future Skoda.

Skoda large 7-seater SUV

Skoda will present before 2019 until four new SUV. The first, with body 4.64 meters and 7 places, not officially unveiled until the 2016 Paris Motor Show in September, but we can tell you about him. It's no secret that Skoda is developing as an SUV larger than the Yeti. Known starting with the internal name A-Plus SUV, and seen in recent months as a prototype Vision S, reach the Spanish dealers in early 2017. Size as it was absorbed into the D segment and It will be like a Audi Q5, BMW X3 or Nissan X-Trail, to name just a few.

Although there is still no official confirmation, This SUV will likely be called Skoda Kodiak (or Kodiaq), will have the ability to configure an interior for 7 passengers or, if preferred, only 5 seats and more luggage capacity. Also we know as will use the MQB modular platform VW Group, so you will have many similarities to technological level and with respect to engines with new Tiguan Volkswagen or Seat Ateca. Its design include a front with personality thanks to optical oblate groups that reminiscent of the Range Rover Evoque, with split function, LED technology and horizontally separated by the bumper to leave a small square below the lighthouse. The trapezoidal wheel arches are similar to those of the previous Tiguan and not too bulky to avoid too aggressive image, thus maintaining some discretion in line with what customers expect from the brand. Of course, depending on the use to which it is intended, some details and exterior finishes can be customized to give a camper or more elegant look.

Rate your car for freeSkoda SUV coupé

TO you from this great SUV Skoda also emerge, A few months later, a 5 seater derivative and sportier look, almost coupé aesthetics, following the fashion imposed by the BMW X6 He puts in the time and today is becoming popular. It will be differentiated by slight changes in the grille, chrome elements and, above all, a line sloping ceiling finished in a prominent spoiler. Viewing the concept 20V20 Seat, in which the computer generated image we show on these pages are inspired, you can make a very rough idea of ​​its proportions and forms of the body panels in the rear area car, tilt gate and silhouette have pilots. Initially it will target the Chinese market, where conventional models growth has stabilized and increased demand for cars SUV type is expected. But who knows if in the end you end up seeing in Europe.

Skoda SUV coupeSkoda Yeti: bigger in 2017

When we do we will definitely around here is the Skoda Yeti new, now more versatile. It will be another major player in the brand becoming somewhat later than the biggest SUV, and between mid to late 2017. It will keep, yes, a great aesthetic similarity with him, but at a smaller scale. As well based on the base platform MQB, It will grow in size over the current Yeti, something that will come in handy to further increase its already good practicality and interior capacity. A marked lateral rib bring dynamism to its design, along with a smaller glass area on the side that achieves greater sense of roundness and robustness, as the windows are reduced in size as they approach the rear of the car. As in the upper SUV Skoda, the headlamps are divided into two parts.

Skoda SUV Access

The Skoda offensive to the SUV segment It is supplemented by a model of small size, along the lines of what already promise future Volkswagen Polo with SUV or a mini Ateca Seat. and framed in the B utility segment, his first appearance is expected to not before 2019. It not yet defined its final appearance, although the first designs point to a more lighthearted and youthful than the rest of the range line. Here we will find, as in all future Skoda, stylistic references to the concept Vision C, especially in the case of the front and rear lights and a 3rd brake light that occupies the entire width of the rear window: a resource that also current models use the Volkswagen Group as the Audi A7 or the Bentley Continental GT.

Skoda Octavia future

Skoda Octavia Combi 2017The major offensive to the SUV segment, which will mark a before and after in paragraph Skoda design, will also be accompanied as it could not be otherwise of subtle touches in the Octavia, whose updating It is scheduled for 2018. Basically they change the headlights, which adopt a vertically split design. It seems that there will be plug-in hybrid version to the next generation. In fact, this technology will first Skoda Superb, before the end of the decade, and will do so with an electric range of 50 km.

Skoda Octavia future, would-be king of range, shut the as always traditional values ​​of Czech brand, which will continue with this future restyling. In this interpretation include personal divided headlights, undoubtedly the most striking element. Meanwhile, the Skoda Octavia Combi wagon version will have more packaging still. Today has a great importance in the sales mix, brand and thus reinforce their skills. The main, as the sedan modifications affect the front and wheel design headlights. Connectivity is another of the sections in which will be updated.

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