The Volkswagen Scirocco will not go away: It will be a new electric coupe!

Who thought the Volkswagen Scirocco is going to disappear completely wrong. The latest information indicates that there will be new Scirocco and will be ... electric!

The new VW Scirocco is an electric coupe

The new VW Scirocco is an electric coupe

The new VW Scirocco is an electric coupe

The new VW Scirocco is an electric coupe

The Volkswagen Scirocco next generation will be a hundred percent electric car. Within the new strategy of the Volkswagen Group which will firmly commit the electrification of many of its models or hybridization -gasoline engines and diesel new and more efficient evolution is still much recorrido- them, the VW Scirocco future will be one of those cars "full and pure electric", ie will be promoted only electricity.

According to the latest information which has, he VW Scirocco future It will continue to have an attractive body coupe and will be built under the new methods of building the platform MEB future electric and hybrid vehicles. In fact, the new generation of the Volkswagen Golf, it will have a version hundred percent electric based on prototype I.D. Concept. Being a size vehicles more or less similar, everything indicates that the VW Scirocco future will share almost all the technical elements electric Golf.

VW Scirocco ElectricHe VW Scirocco electric future It will be a vehicle to transmit many emotions at the wheel, with the dynamism and agility that have always distinguished qualities to which must be added the very rapid acceleration power distinguishes an electric car, with maximum torque available just inside The accelerator.

He Volkswagen Scirocco new electric Could have different types of batteries, which they will make you have various ranges of autonomy. Initially, there will be versions with batteries ensure an autonomy that could range between 200 miles (about 320 kilometers) And 375 miles (more than 600 kilometers).

The flexibility and versatility of the MEB platform electric cars of the Volkswagen Group also allow the future VW Scirocco offer several versions depending on the level of engine power. Variants more "simple" They could have an electric motor placed in the front and with a power of about 170 hp, while the most exciting and powerful version could carry two electric motors (one on the front axle and one in the back) with a total power of about 300 hp.

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