Seat Arona: so will the new small SUV for 2017

Seat Arona: so will the new small SUV for 2017

Confirmed: the name of the new future launch SUV Seat Ibiza based on Arona be called. This was just officially confirm Seat at the Paris Motor Show.

The small SUV will be called Arona Seat

The small SUV will be called Arona Seat

The small SUV will be called Arona Seat

The small SUV will be called Arona Seat

The Seat address It is increasingly clear where should you go the future of the Spanish brand and which should already be their common development plans. One undoubtedly passes reinforce its core values, and renew its star products, the Ibiza and Leon; another, obviously passes for increase a range of cars SUV It begins to clearly be the most successful in Europe. And his new Seat Ateca is already proving so; and a third also goes through unify the names of some of their models and vehicle concepts. Well, these three dash lines converge in just one year in one of its most anticipated new features: the New Seat Arona.

Rate your car for freeYes because this future Seat Arona will depart of the base new generation their selling Ibiza, which will be shown next few months before the new A0 bypass the MQB platform: Which used all new urban and utility Volkswagen Group. Yes, because this future Seat Arona will also be an SUV that, also taking many components and elements of the new Audi Q2, attack the small segment to be positioned below the Ateca as its second member SUV. And yes because, just as all Volkswagen SUV starting with T (Tiguan, Touareg and those to come) Seat has also already clear how it should be the name of its models: Start by A, having 5 letters and the name of a town or a Spanish city.

With all these conditions, and we can almost guarantee that, today, this small SUV Seat future already has first name: Arona. Everything fits together (in late March it was recorded and patent in the Intellectual Property Office of the EU), official sources Seat and we confirm that now is the name chosen by its leaders. But, just in case there is change of final course, also they assure us that for Ateca two other names (Teide and Tecta), which ruled last hour previously handled. In any case, certainly we bet Arona that for those who do not know, is a bonito municipality of the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, with about 80,000 inhabitants.

Arona, the people of the small SUV SeatSeat Arona: “Made in Spain”

There is no doubt therefore that, with the new Ibiza, Seat Arona will be the most important model of the brand for the next two years. Rival of Juke Nissan, Honda HR-V, Renault Captur, and company, this small SUV should measure around the 4.20 meters will play long and hard with many customization options and color scheme: Even with two color shades between roof and body. In design, this future will again Arona stylistic language that permeates Seat Alejandro Mesonero Romanos, with a front form of X that gives aplomb, widens and brings dynamism, as well as a very sharp and lateral folds, and short overhangs.

East New Seat Arona be built, Now, in the Martorell plant by the second generation of the Audi A1, who will also share the new derivation of the MQB platform A0. HE also it provides a great technological burden and connectivity, drawing elements released today by the Ateca Seat.

He Arona promises to offer new Seat brand DNA in behavior, so, if it continues with the character of the current Ateca, will become one of the small SUV lighter, agile and dynamic. The Audi Q2 us and it is also proving, and the advantage of this Seat is that it will be significantly cheaperIf the small German SUV of 22,000 euros, the new Arona should start in rather less than 20,000. Surely then arrive also leads the Skoda brand and of Volkswagen, where it already Polo also announces its particular SUV, which we’ve already discussed.

Seat Arona 2017Little is known so far of the Seat range of possible mechanical Arona. But it seems clear that it will take the latest generation engines group, ie, the 3 blocks 1.0 TSI petrol with 95 cylinders and 110 hp, as well as the 1.4 TDI (Also 3-cylinder 90 CV) plus superior 1.6 TDI. It remains to be seen if in the future will announce some sort of electrified and hybrid version. Front-wheel drive versions and AWD They should also be combined to form a complete range. Sure in the next Paris Motor Show in early October, we find out more. Will the new future Ibiza will lay its foundations will be presented there? If not there, sure to be at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

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