SUV Hyundai plans to 2020: new Tucson, Santa Cruz ...

SUV Hyundai plans to 2020: new Tucson, Santa Cruz …

Hyundai continues to grow with great innovations and new SUV. And more than it will do: by 2020 will launch other 5 models in the category. We tell all your plans.

New Hyundai SUV that will arrive until 2020

New Hyundai SUV that will arrive until 2020

New Hyundai SUV that will arrive until 2020

New Hyundai SUV that will arrive until 2020

No doubt: Hyundai has been proposed to form one of the most complete ranges SUV and interesting market. Your bet and you are giving revenue to the success of Tucson and the new small Kona, we have already been proven in Korea, will come market soon to become one of its models star compete in a segment growing where Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur or also new Seat Arona They should be their biggest rivals.

Of course, if you think it ends here, nothing is further from reality: It has made only start. Both global vice president of Hyundai Motor, Chung Eui-Sun, as vice president of corporate planning and product of Hyundai America, Michael J. O’Brien, They have officially confirmed These days different media brand strategy will continue to grow (And how) with new SUV. Therefore nothing better to go one to one reeled future developments. And they are no less than five …

Hyundai Santa Cruz: 2018

Probably the first news to hit the market will be the new Hyundai Santa Cruz, a model that we saw in 2015 at the Detroit Motor Show as a prototype and now just received green light for production. In fact, this model is vital to Hyundai for the US market, where its sales fall in 2017 at a rate of 10 percent and where they have never competed in one of the most popular categories: those pick-up. This is confirmed today the news agency Reuters.

Hyundai Santa CruzEast Hyundai Santa Cruz spectacular will take place, according to initial reports, under the same platform Tucson. Marketing in the United States is scheduled for late 2018 (Or at the latest early in 2019) and only would fail and see if enter the European market. But we miss not seeing the new commitment announced and brands such as Peugeot, Fiat and Mercedes in the segment until the pick-up more refined. Very soon we know certain new data.

Hyundai Santa Fe: 2018

If the United States have spoken of a sales slump Hyundai, and the need to bet on there important products in Europe the opposite happens: the brand is growing at close rhythms always 10 percent in the 2017, and to follow the new SUV will arrive trend. O renewed, as in this case. And is that, for within a year approximately the expected update Santa Fe. It will remain its medium SUV, measuring around 4.70 meters. It will also remain an SUV global concept, adapted to different types of markets. Hyundai should soon officially give us their early data, but Michael J. O’Brien and confirmed.

Hyundai big SUV 7 seater: 2019

As already announced the arrival of a major new 7-seater crossover which, although not confirmed, should replace the Grand Santa Fe. We do not know at the moment whether it will adopt a new name, although starting to bet yes. This model will become another heavyweight for the American market, but will surely European adaptation for another segment here grow, as announced and also Seat or as we see after the release of the last Kodiaq Skoda, Peugeot 5008 and Renault Koleos. This model will and in 2019.

large SUV HyundaiHyundai small SUV: 2019/2020

And if we just talked above, now we do below. Hyundai and also speaks openly of a small SUV to compete in A market segment and is positioned by under the new Kona. Unusual size, should be around 4 meters long and here it will be born with the main objective of selling in Asian markets and even in Europe. For now name or technical data is unknown, but we can anticipate that should already be being designed under the new pencil chief designer Brand, former Seat Luc Donckerwolke.

Hyundai Tucson: 2020

And of course… will be new Tucson. Hyundai will close its SUV circle with the release planned and renovated in 2020 the compact SUV, and its big star in our market. always positioned itself as one of the best selling models, even for months about the almighty Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai will continue to pursue the continuous improvement of quality and technology in their products. If the mark we already spoke in his last edition Volkswagen Tiguan competition, sure that the new generation will delve into this line of sophistication. New engines, fuel cell version, a large equipment… the new Tucson will continue to lead the new Hyundai. But there is still time to know: so far we have to settle with knowing its release date.

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