Volkswagen Passat 2017: teach you their secrets

Volkswagen Passat 2017: teach you their secrets

In order to remain the reference between the average sedan, the 2017 VW Passat will receive a new design and technological and mechanical innovations.

Volkswagen Passat 2017: pictures of the new sedan

Volkswagen Passat 2017: pictures of the new sedan

Volkswagen Passat 2017: pictures of the new sedan

Volkswagen Passat 2017: pictures of the new sedan

The current Volkswagen Passat arrived in late 2014 and upgrade It is scheduled for 2017. The evolutionary rate of the car is almost standardized time validity of a vehicle, not only the full cycle, also the intermediate, when updated design, it integrates him latest equipment and its mechanical range is reviewed.

Is not the Current Volkswagen Passat a model that sits spent, much less veteran. In fact, based on the MQB platform, This generation came to market splurging cutting edge technology in its segment and as a clear reference among general manufacturers. It can boast today of a wide range in body variants (sedan, family and crossover) and mechanical, with traditional diesel and petrol versions, plus the hybrid plug-GTE. Also the range Passat It provides DC version, a coupe 4-door sedan still based on the previous Passat and will soon be replaced by a new generation developed and on MQB.

Volkswagen Passat 2017: sophisticated design

He front of Volkswagen Passat 2017 will display a more sophisticated image, with new headlights, which in turn require changes in the grill and the paragolpes. Also, as usual, the daytime running lights, in addition to its basic function, they will be used as an element of design, drawing more striking light strokes. With the same objective, led technology existing intermittent and tail lights serve to design new light strokes. Renovados wheel designs would eventually rejuvenate 2017 Passat image, as well as new body colors.

VW Passat 2017At inside, he VW Passat 2017 you will receive other colors and materials that will renew its image, as well as the perception of luxury and quality. No gaps in the equipment current Passat and only one Update your system Infotainment will be enough to stay ahead. Already has a large central screen, box configurable virtual clocks, Head up Display system information projection on the windshield and numerous security systems, dynamic or comfort they exist in the market.

Volkswagen Passat 2017: more efficient engines

The Mechanical range 2017 VW Passat It will adapt to the rigors of emissions standards, with phase C current euro VI and demanding new lows. the range Diesel will continue as we know it, with blocks 120 hp 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI 150 hp main options market, although a new 1.5 TSI petrol engine (130 and 150 hp) You could confirm this trend already in sight, where gasoline engines begin to take a greater role. Before the case of Volkswagen TDI engines will point to this new engine 1.5 TSI, which will debut soon the Golf, was the commitment to the future of the brand to take over from the increasingly threatened Diesel.

East modern and evolved 1.5 TSI engine Diesel consumption promises not equivalent, but a reference fuel efficiency (10 percent better than the 1.4 TSI). The new 1.5 TSI combines a variable geometry turbo (only used by Porsche in gasoline), cylinder deactivation, direct injection and Miller cycle.

Volkswagen Passat 2017: wide range

The Passat Variant station wagon version It will also endorse the amendments and innovations range. Nor should we forget the peculiar variant crossover Alltrack with high body, 4MOTION and image SUV.

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