Test: Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi DSG Sportsvan / 7, the best Golf Family

Test: Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi DSG Sportsvan / 7, the best Golf FamilyTest: Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi DSG Sportsvan / 7, the best Golf FamilyTest: Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi DSG Sportsvan / 7, the best Golf FamilyTest: Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi DSG Sportsvan / 7, the best Golf Family

Goodbye Golf Plus, welcome Sportsvan likewise linked to the Golf range. Hename change is not free, because this new car also gives a new twist to its course: With its new dimensions and design, now covers scope much larger and bites directly on ground of strict compact MPV, although with certain peculiarities. EN 8 centimeters longer than a normal Golf, about 22 cm shorter than a Variant and almost 6 cm lower than a Touran, so the handles Sportsvan proportions with getting the best of several worlds: some compactness There's compact with the same length, and among his peers is so "short" as a Scénic- and huge interior volume which, in addition, VW pulls out a huge party with a genuine own solutions minivan. Then we talk about space, but let us first see other details. Once on a V / VI Golf, the Plus did not modify 258 cm Battle of architecture that was based, while the Sportsvan stretches the Golf VII MQB platform of up to 268 cm curiously, the same as the Touran - about 5 centimeters more than the Golf derived.

VW Golf SportsvanIt is now under 4 centimeters wider but five and no less than 14 longer, which makes clear that it is a totally new concept car -a see what makes VW the future Touran- no longer only offers an extra space on the normal Golf, it takes on a clear guidance and family. VW says dynamic space. To me I would not suggest his line but the most characteristic is his height to similar cars or behavior have ways of Golf, because what makes characteristic to Sportsvan is not exactly its magnificent dynamic, but its outstanding running refinement and high overall quality.

For the family

The result of the new mold, the inside length-the distance between the brake pedal and the hypothetical extension of the backrest to the floor of the car passes a187 182 cm, the space Sportsvan divided between front and rear seats therefore needs to improve security and space. You advance, as always, increased dimensions of a new vehicle is not always seen proportionally represented within it, but one thing is the meter under standardized measurements and other reality, and what I do I can assure you is that the Sportsvan it is long, much roomier than before.

VW Golf SportsvanThe bench remains divided in sections 1/3 - 2/3, moving together with the corresponding back portion over 18 centimeters, 2 more than before, offering space ranging legs between 65 and 83 cm -before, 79 cm height maximalist, all with a 93 cm more than enough ceiling height even when all seats Spotsvan are clearly higher than normal ... You know tourism, walk better in a saloon, you sit straighter and better take advantage of the longitudinal space, can look at the midpoint anchor seats virtue having the Sportsvan when compatible space for passengers and cargo. That means playing between 440 and 575 liters of boot volume, whose loading mouth is, as before, at 77 cm from the ground. Not bad, but when the rear seatbacks also have tilt adjustment, move gently and fold when the priority is load volume. then have up to 151 cm of the surface completely flat front seats -before cm- 140, if the boot floor lift and place it in corresponding rails to make flush with the seats, so that would leave a drawer under him about 12 cm. In short, you will not have individual seats, but the Sportsvan faithfully reproduces the space and versatility of a minivan own use really. Nor drive from an elevated position such -preferible facing the behavior-, but higher than a conventional passenger, sufficiently "dominant" to better spot traffic.

VW Golf SportsvanTo liquidate inside, mention that from the finishing Advance hereinafter has an auxiliary drawer under the front seat and folding tables for the rear passengers; the Sportsvan is the first model of the mark sensor blind spot and Exit Assist function -Detects objects approaching from behind more than 4 km / h and up to 40 meters and has the capacity to act on Brakes-; or, saving the repositioning of elements, it has a design similar to Golf qualities, but start to implement even no longer seem a more comfortable car, but also, so I may have felt, more refined-worth as an example clearly better than a Golf with identical engine / change-. sonority


With more "sheet" and equipment, today the Sportsvan weighs exactly the same as the Golf Plus. Unlike other models VW TDi 1.6 has the same specifications as the pure Bluemotion -these have an additional aerodynamic treatment and different-wheel, ie, 110 hp and 105 that can be combined with manual gear 5 -6 in Bluemotion- or 7 as in the case of our DSG. With any record you make reference, the difference is negligible compared to the equivalent version of the Golf Plus, with 105 hp outgoing unless the engine now feels somewhat thinner-product of the new platform-, elastic and progressive.

It is not a quick and much less agile car to gain speed, but Yes to keep it without much difficulty even with the car loaded. Also today the DSG / 7 seems intentionally provide some slippage between gears to chain them a smoother although somewhat less rapidly, but truth is a superb change. And on behavior, we can always resort to the typical topic of talk about balance, but it's pure reality: very comfortable, very effective.

In a nutshell

Acceleration: clearly larger model than the Golf Plus although the Sportsvan does not weigh a gram more: accelerations have come today identical to the tested in 2010 Plus.

Change: It is the best complement to this engine may have no power left over. That itself is not cheap: EUR 1,880 premium over the manual gearbox.

Frenada: Safe. Even with "low" rubber and much sinking body, slows the Sportsvan dignity and without the least destabilized.

cONSUMPTION: efficient engine without being a pure Bluemotion: we spent only 2 percentage points more than the Golf with identical power.

Overtaking: Allied DSG / 7 for these exercises, making the Sportsvan overtaking run as fast as you could do for the available power.

habitability: Not only much usable space, also highly versatile and smooth movements of the seats to move the sidewalk along its 18 cm of travel.

Power and torqueVery flat and elastic, but with little punch. Today it is the less powerful 1.6 market, but it does honestly.

Sonority: Quality environments, especially noticeable in the passenger compartment filter exceptional ... except at high speeds.

Trunk: Large or huge as configure the seats; with 83 cm leg with them in the rearmost position, there is room to look for a good balance.