Test: Toyota Aygo 1.0 5 door, “fast food”

Toyota Aygo 1.0 5 doorsToyota Aygo 1.0 5 doorsToyota Aygo 1.0 5 doorsToyota Aygo 1.0 5 doors

Fast, but with Michelin stars, as the new McDonald's hamburger designed by a great chef food. I think that you'll easily understand how Toyota has raised the next generation of its urban Aygo. Pour design, large doses of personalization interior and exterior, connectivity in line with new trends ... But all under one product-in essence, the same but improved optimized at 360 degrees- running costs and maintenance, maximum demand among those who acquire a focusing tool so clearly aimed at the city. As I'm sure you know, Toyota continues to manufacture the Aygo in collaboration with PSA -also new clones C1 and 108 are hers, although the Japanese home has decided to limit the offer to a single engine, the less powerful riding the two French cars.

Test: Toyota Aygo 1.0 5 doors

Power enough. They are a minority who buy a motor more "road"It is true that there was thankful that 1.2-liter three-cylinder 82 hp of his kinsmen, more now than in the Aygo no clear improved chassis to assimilate more horses extra. But it is also true that for predominantly urban use, the more power is not decisive. And it is not because 68 hp 1.0, well used, is very resolute. Even if it is the same as the previous generation, many elements have been improved by increasing the compression ratio and optimized internal friction. And moves a very light car just 900 kilos empty. -persisten vibrations outside despite the new hydraulic support, although not feel incómodas- is an engine with good answer provided that at least devote attention to not less than a certain number of revolutions: no need to look the corresponding indicator; when you perceive a tingling in the feet is that you have dropped their guard and have dropped below optimum performance zone. Using the change head, and taking advantage of how much and good stretching this engine, have answer in the three intermediate gears to move nimbly city. And a fifth that once released the condition- It's that lets you move desahogadamente -for ease to maintain the periphery speed- or even on the open road. Consumption have also improved although the two tenths less in our media hide the true reality: in town been lowered by more than one liter engine to the previous Aygo equivalent.

Test: Toyota Aygo 1.0 5 doors

Safe. Abundant structural improvements direction changed settings and adjustments make the above suspension in Aygo "other car"Much more friendly in the city smoothness control and superior comfort and quality of bacheo, and more effective and safe road, where I feel certain differences in the two models PSA: the Toyota seems more settled in tread, poise and steering feel. Functionally, you can imagine what they give of himself 3.45 meters car interior roominess, which incidentally has lost a centimeter in width, which is irrelevant, since it can only travel in them two passengers. In return, the sum liter trunk can conclude that, plus more comfortable and efficient, the new Aygo is also more versatile.

Acceleration. Prudencia the modular accelerator and clutch because coves or pull or with high engine speed. Not fast, but not higher value measurement in a car that is flesh city.

Change. The jumps between gears are somewhat open but its operation, soft-not only lever, clutch-and also accuracy is impeccable.

Braking. Minimum services, brake system, for a light and underpowered car: the Aygo no longer needs to stop safely. In town it offers good and quick bite.

consumptions. On the downside, especially in town where mechanical optimization work has borne fruit, reducing more than one liter spending the always rigorous layout from the previous version.

Overtaking. Forced participation of the driver, who will need to use very often change whenever you need to gain speed, incorporating them to a route or take a car off.

Weight. On the scale goes from 868 kg from the previous version just 900 kilos: it's still a very light car.

Sonority. In their environment the engine sound is not too annoying. On the road, rolling and other aerodynamic noise figures rise almost to the threshold of the uncomfortable.

Power and torque. Small and atmospheric engine is a little stuck, but if you take advantage of their ability to dive very satisfying.

Trunk. Toyota has "I delved" to gain some volume: 165 liters of passes just over 200 liters a pretty good figure for the size of the car.