We drive the new Nissan Micra 2017

We drive the new Nissan Micra 2017

Nissan presented at the Paris Motor Show the new Micra. A bet full design to gain a foothold among small cars. We have already conducted.

We got on the new Nissan Micra 2017

We got on the new Nissan Micra 2017

We got on the new Nissan Micra 2017

We got on the new Nissan Micra 2017

The new Nissan Micra, gets for sale in Europe from Next March. It’s about a brand new car which shares mechanical and structural elements with the current Renault Clio. In fact, this new Nissan Micra be manufactured in the same Flins (France) where the Clio is assembled.

This new model comes to make it difficult to rivals like the Seat Ibiza, Opel Corsa, Renault Clio or Volkswagen Polo, to quote the best sellers in Spain. When it goes on sale in March 2017 will be available with either a gasoline engine three-cylinder turbo and 0.9 liters or with a diesel 1.5 four cylinders and two 90 hp. These two mechanical already used in other models of Renault and Nissan. Later, the Nissan Micra 2017 will have another gasoline engine 1 liter, without turbo and power 75 CV.

In the case of Diesel engine 1.5, Nissan has offered us some provisional data consumption of 3.2 liters per 100 km and emissions of 85 g / km of CO2.

Nissan Micra 2017But the new Nissan Micra and Renault Clio They are not the same although car manufactured in the same plant. He Nissan Micra launches new platform, which will use the next generation Clio. Apart from the engines, only the exterior mirrors and laaterales moons are common with the French model. “The standards will be Nissan, Renault not. Further, we have our own car tuning; We may share components, but looking for something different to differentiate ourselves from Renault “explains one of the engineers who worked on the project for years. For example: only one engine Nissan engineers handle about 3,000 parameters to bring about mechanics.

Nissan Micra 2017, driving

The first time we drove a Nissan Micra petrol 0.9 turbo 90 CV camouflaged completely outside and partly inside. We did along one of the paths evidence has the Nissan development team in Spain: 38 km route in which sections of regional, national highway and turnpike succeed. Also, the firm of impeccable sections ranging from some other very broken.

The driving position is good, even for someone like me who exceeds 1.9 meters high. The downside is that behind me there is hardly legroom of a child. A driver of a smaller size itself would leave room for another adult of similar size viajase loose. The front width is more than correct, like the rear seats. According to our provisional measurement, Nissan Micra back has 1.37 meters wide. Seat Ibiza or Clio measured 1.3 and 1.25 meters at the same level, respectively.

Nissan Micra driving theHe 0.9 engine and move decisively accelerates the car with agility, at least with only two people on board without luggage. Touch manual gearbox (5 gears) I found especially good: fast and accurate. Qualities that stand out when compared to one of the cars we had at our disposal to try: a Renault Clio.

Management meets to spare for accuracy. If we notice vibrations in certain circumstances, something typical of a pre-series as we drove. We did not like excessive steering riding test unit corresponding to intermediate finish and had flattened the bottom of the rim. It is true that gives a dynamic to the interior (dashboard combined with more orange) appearance, but very tight turns or maneuvers can get to grab the steering wheel wrong.

The suspension attaches either the car in all kinds of firm, especially with the floor in worse condition. In that same path to the wheel of a Volkswagen Polo or said Clio, these models we found smoother behavior of the suspension.

During the test we could try any of the security systems that incorporates the new Nissan Micra. For example the alarm leakage of carril, which can be turned on and off to suit the driver with a button. This system It powered by the camera mounted on the windshield and reading road sign marks. By the time the line is exceeded, it emits a vibration to the steering wheel and dashboard lights on a bright warning. These alerts do not occur if you activate the turn signal to change lanes. What does the system is to correct the steering wheel to send back the car to the center of the lane. Yes there is a small correction of the trajectory, while the driver is warned by applying a little pressure on the opposite wheel brakes which treads the line.

A few weeks later we had the opportunity to drive, and without any camouflage, 90 hp diesel variant, also equipped with manual gearbox five relationships, with which we could make a brief tour of the environs of Barcelona. The main diferenecia with petrol variant apart from the logic sonority, It is its greater responsiveness and improved recoveries figures. Already from 1.500 rpm shows enough power, so you do not need to throw a lot of change to achieve a satisfactory answer. Even on fairly level roads, expressways or highways, You do not need to go down to fourth gear. Low consumption figures, good pleasure to use and somewhat softer than gasoline, although it is true that the test units were preproduction could drive even with a few kilometers from shooting in their engines.

We have noted the somewhat softer suspensions in petrol variant, although the assembly equipped with the diesel engine shows greater weight than gasoline. As for steering precision, response brakes, etc, we have not noticed big difference between the two.

Nissan Micra 2017, equipment

The new Nissan Micra may incorporate a very complete equipment depending on which of the three trim levels concerned. For example, it can take the call Nissan Chassis control already present in the Qashqai and applying pressure automatically on the front and rear brakes, compensates for pitch and body roll. Active Trace Control system acts as appropriate to limit the occurrence of understeer.

Nissan Micra camouflagedThey can also be installed as the aforementioned systems for lane departure warning, pedestrian recognition with emergency braking warning car in the blind spot or peripheral view with object detector.

Nissan has invested heavily in customizing the car, inside and out. Combining the 10 striking body colors, trim levels and options can be created, according to the mark to 125 different combinations.

Among the equipment that caught our attention is the Bose Personal. This has six speakers distributed throughout the car with two extra bulls, called Bose UltraNearfield, which are mounted on the headrest of the driver. Nissan says that “it is remarkable listening experience” with this device.

Trim levels of the new Micra range are articulated in five finishes, called Visia, visia +, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna. The first has wheels 15" steel rim, daylight led, electric front windows, hill start assistant, trip computer, six airbags, speed limiter, automatic lighting and emergency braking system. The Visia + version adds the audio system with two speakers and air conditioning.

For finishing Acenta add some equipment as alloy wheels 16", Fog lights, flashing mirrors body color, driving assistant screen 5", audio system with Apple carplay, four speakers and cruise control speed. Additional to Acenta, the N-Connecta added tinted glass, leather steering wheel LED ambient lighting, intelligent key, automatic climate control and rain sensor.

The top end Tekna, in addition to the above aleaciuón wheels 17", Absolute specific upholstery, assistant beam, prevention system lane change, traffic sign recognition, rear camera, rear parking sensors and Bose Personal audio with 6 speakers.

Nissan Micra 2017, a distinctive design

The new Nissan Micra project began six years ago. But it was at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 when he first saw where he was going exterior design concept thanks to Sway. In AUTOPISTA.ES and then we move that would be the prototype fifth-generation Micra.

What catches the attention of the new Nissan Micra is its distintivito exterior design. Traffic will be distinguished at a glance that is a Nissan. First the front grille, where the typical vee who presides over the front of all models is enlarged. If it joins between the range of colors available there are good striking (orange, for example), the effect will be doubled.

One aspect where Nissan has been more emphasis is on aerodynamics. This section affects both interior comfort, by the slightest noise of the air against the body, and consumption, because it allows progress with less resistance. Nissan announces a coefficient Cx 0.29 and considers “remarkable for a five-door”.

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