VAQ: The Secret of the new Seat Leon Cupra

VAQ: The Secret of the new Seat Leon Cupra

It has reached the market a new Cupra and again, as the Seat most powerful series ever made. As always … here. Because the new Seat León Cupra is not a super GTi more. After scoring the fastest time at the Nurburgring a front-wheel drive, it is time to discover his real secret: VAQ differential.VAQ: The Secret of the new Seat Leon Cupra

It’s not a sport anymore. The new Seat Leon Cupra times pulverized in March of a front-wheel drive Nürburgring. And he did as production car, which only he sets up a Seat Performance pack, that any customer can order dealer and includes only Michelin Pilot Cup 2 higher performance (no, they are not “slicks” competition) and Brembo brakes oversize. In the Green Hell he fell for the first time of 8 seconds (7.58 “: 04), cutting back on no less than 10 seconds the previous best times recorded by a Renault Mégane R26R even with safety cage and polycarbonate windows and, more recently, a Mégane RS Trophy.

The feat, obtained by the wheel Spanish rider Jordi Gené, It gives an idea of ​​the great sport that has developed Seat. A great lightweight chassis, a set-point and very successful 2.0 TSI engine (Here in its top version 280 hp, although it is also sold with a “bottom” of 265) are key to its success. But something more was needed … and arrives electronics.

The big secret so hidden Seat for new León Cupra is called VAQ. By forgoing (so far) to all-wheel drive, it was a priority for the Spanish brand fine motor skills to manage face to earn extra seconds. So he has laid hands on the Volkswagen Group a active autoblocante It called, as we said, VAQ. But what is it really?

Delve a little more. The VAQ differential is not a mechanical limited slip as the Opel Astra OPC, he Renault Mégane Cup chassis or new Torsen RCZ R. It is, in practice, the same system that today has only ridden before all the German group Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Pack. But here Seat, is standard. Forget therefore also be the “artificial” integrated into the ESP already assembled many models of the German consortium and that only apply selective brake interventions XDS system.

To understand basically the autoblocante VAQ is no more (or less) than Haldex differential type as used in the group to distribute AWD models with transverse engine, but this time crossed between the front wheels to handle the torque between the same axis. With it’s not the new Seat León Cupra not lose wheel, because with so much power, you lose. But it is surprising how well it manages those absences grip, especially in a sporty Cupra mode.

From hydraulic actuation and electronic control tarada always attack to find the silver lining minimum adherence to “hold on” to allow the León Cupra shot out (and so good is that almost goes unnoticed in driving), its clutch discs are opened or closed depending on the grip of each wheel, and may go up to 100% torque to one. And the best part is that, along with its other electronic aids properly configured or suffer the usual rebounds in his direction, and power interruptions.

To electronic emulators for ESP, another advantage is that VAQ differential also works on hold, In addition to free turn brakes. Ultimately, Seat has employed a great resource to improve agility and pulling his Seat León Cupra. So you finish to understand the importance of their operation, only I will bring one more fact: only with him, that is riding his Performance Pack, the VW Golf GTI was able to improve its record in 8 seconds at the Nurburgring.