Citroën MultiCity Connect, a virtual copilot

Citroën MultiCity Connect, a virtual copilot

Citroën makes available to the owners of the Picasso C4, C4 Picasso and future C4 Cactus the MultiCity Connect service, through which customers of the French firm will have access to a total of 11 applications that allow an easier and smooth driving.Citroën MultiCity Connect, a virtual copilot

How avoid jams, which is the cheapest petrol station nearby, in which hotel and in what restaurant worth staying or eating … are just some of the features include apps from service MultiCity Connect Citroen.

To access 11 free apps including at Connect Citroën MultiCity, It will make use of a previously USB key with GPS and 3G connection. This device displays all information provided by applications on the touch screen multimedia system Citroën C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (later in the C4 Cactus).

Connect Citroën MultiCitySome 11 free apps Featured in Connect Citroën MultiCity They are as follows: “Fuel”, which locates the cheapest gas stations; “TripAdvisor” you are looking for hotels, restaurants and attractions with the guarantee of the popular web travel; “Collection Europe Michelin Guide”, with information about best hotels and restaurants of the Old Continent higher quality; “Michelin Traffic”, It is indicating the fastest and most comfortable on routes or destinations recommended itineraries; “ViaMichelin”, with an easy, fast and intuitive visual navigation; “Coyote Series”, that warns of withholdings and hot spots in real-time each way; and “Parking”, a tool that searches very quickly the nearest public car parks.

The first signing of the contract Connect Citroën MultiCity, plus 3G USB key and the connection is priced 385 euros. For its part, the annual renewal Internet via this service is 139 euros.