Vibrations in a hybrid Toyota Auris

Vibrations in a hybrid Toyota Auris

I have a Toyota Auris HSD still híbirdo warranty problems began shortly after buying the car, with a very ugly noise most times the gasoline engine cold and with a lot of vibration starts, even going to move Car.Vibrations in a hybrid Toyota Auris

All this is very evident when the motor pass to recharge the batteries, with many more vibes. It shows moving passing electric gasoline engine with small jerks and vibration when switching from one to another. Something I did to buy it. I’ve already gone to three different dealerships but they tell me that everything is correct and you are my hobbies. These problems are quite intermittent, in general, and miraculously upon arrival at the dealership after a 40 km They spend more unnoticed than the tours of some 10 km I do daily.

Response Technical Director Miguel Garcia Highway Bridge

It is exasperating until there is solution. Sometimes it is the result of scuffs and full resolution can be costly. If hot mitigate problems The first would leave a day the car to sleep near the workshop so they can understand your perception on short tours of the day. He thinks that if you download a lot of battery forcing the electric roll, at startup you will have to deal with cold engine, which is never fine, plus significant burden to move the car further promote strong battery recharge, While the engine warms. But not be ruled out anything, from a motor support makes the vibrations are transmitted to the compressor of the air conditioning (even in your car precisely is uncoupled from the internal combustion engine). I’d rather you did direct comparison with a new car, to see to what extent is not logical consequence of the use or impairment symptom something that could go further. The dates are not the most conducive to getting things moving, but we will try to advance in the search for an answer.