New Mercedes Class E 220D 2016: we have already tasted!

New Mercedes Class E 220D 2016: we have already tasted!

First test Mercedes E Class 2016, in this case, with the new Diesel 220d, a smooth and refined engine. Technological waste, up to a good star.

Class Mercedes E 220D 2016 test

Class Mercedes E 220D 2016 test

Class Mercedes E 220D 2016 test

Class Mercedes E 220D 2016 test

The wait is over and finally we have been able drive he Mercedes E Class 2016 new generation. You open the door and will seem you are at a Mercedes Class S: bulky seats with an elegant design, with finishes compartments wood Y aluminum… The seats are extremely comfortable and lateral support of the backrest is appreciated. On the other hand, motor is really silent; If you are able to listen, then you have really tuned ear.

In front of the driver Mercedes E Class 2016 present two screens 12.3 inches of the highest performance. Classical areas with typical needles may well be the latest generation of Mercedes Class E. All functions are controlled either through a joystick as a "touchpad" and through two touch surfaces on the multifunction steering wheel.

He size and the browser design reveal the style of a genuinely German manufacturer: allows the user to view all gas stations area, detailing prices, so you can save the most. You can also view available parking. Yes, the system works by transmitting data constantly through Internet.

Mercedes E inside 220dMercedes E220d: parking without driver

If you drive a version of Mercedes E Class 2016 equipped with Park-Pilot system, You not need to be inside to park it. You can connect your smartphone the car through a application. This detects the parking space and the driver only has to describe circles with your finger on the screen to indicate your phone to the car way forward, and it works perfectly. Even if it detects any obstacle inside the garage, a bicycle you have saved, for example, the car stops and asks whether to continue with the parking. If risk of collision, the car just stops. Finger circles are simply an additional control: used to indicate the car when to stop, or provide operation in tight parking lots. It is that responsible for driving remains, ultimately, the driver. By the way, during parking with the remote control, there can be no one on board Mercedes E220d.

He automatic parking system Park-Pilot tracks parking spaces, both online and on drums, along the route, and the driver can choose whether to park forward or reverse. The car tells the driver to keep his hands off the steering wheel and separate the foot pedals. Then begins the parking lot. From here Maneuvering car, forward or backward independently as necessary. In the parking on drums, the driver has to choose whether to leave the square to the left or right. If you must go reverse, the system detects traffic and warns the driver when he has free rein. The new parking attendants Mercedes E Class They are already quite evolved with a high degree of performance and perfection. It seems that is not far when the driver can get off the car and it will take care of parking alone.

Mercedes E inside 220dWhoever wants to use your smartphone to park your Mercedes E Class 2016 in other places besides your garage, you can use the NFC function (Near Field Communication) Of your phone: you can use it as a key to open and start the car. Currently, this works with SIM cards and the Samsung S6, that they have an NFC chip.

Mercedes E Class 2016: driver almost feels like uneaten

Finally started driving: the new engine diesel 2.0 from four cylinders of the Mercedes Class E 220D. At startup, this "roars" gently and flipped twice distronic lever. He class E determines the speed by signal recognition or the browser, It is permanently adjusts to the speed of the vehicle in front and also stays within the lane. You just have to slightly touch the engine for the system to remain active, as the legislation still does not provide autonomous driving. What we mean here exactly drive ‘good’? The distance and speed control is fluid, the car nothing peacefully through traffic. Only in difficult conditions The lane keeping assistant It is on the edge: our path descends sharply in a long curve to the left and then turn sharply to the right, and Mercedes Class E a trace ‘esses’ and quickly recovers the line. Activate intermittently for a few seconds is enough to change lanes, the car will do the rest. The strange initial feeling of paternalism quickly gives way to adapt to the technology.

Of course, we also tested what happens when you fail to maintain contact with the steering wheel Mercedes E 220D 2016. The system reproaches us with a beep sound and then begin to reduce speed. When lower than 60 km / h activates the hazard warning lights and the car slows and gradually. In the shoulder, the Mercedes Class E not start because it detects a continuous line and interprets it should not go beyond it.

Mercedes E 220D 2016 backUntil speeds of 130 km / h, he New Mercedes E-Class You can even follow other vehicles autonomously. Once established what car should follow, it uses a Radar and one stereo camera, and that does not even need road markings: the car is exactly the line that precedes it. However, during testing, our dear Mercedes E220d He went once to the meadow limiting the right road. No need to worry, for that is driver: for rectifying the direction.

He director’s assistant to avoid accidents is new. For example, if a child suddenly appears in front of the car, the vehicle is braked not only quickly, but also sends an impulse to the steering wheel with the driver indicating which side should perform evasive action.

Mercedes E 220D: efficient and refined engine

He new diesel engine of the Mercedes E 220D 2016 It works now with a stage turbo technology, a sophisticated system of exhaust gas recirculation and an exhaust pipe placed directly in the cleaning system of the engine. Quiet, performs its function, and remains almost imperceptible even when you start to give gas, and we’re not just talking about acoustics. Treading the highway, the engine a little awkward though shown HE it has lightened over 35 kilos, the Class E still weighs 1,680 kg. Their 194 hp and maximum torque of 400 Nm achieve good acceleration time (from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds) and enable a maximum speed of 240 km / h. The latter also contributes greatly aerodynamics: according to the manufacturer, has a drag coefficient of 0,26. And the sophisticated gas recirculation system and reducing internal friction thanks to coated cylinders closer and small make the E220d a car homologated as average fuel consumption 3.9 liters per 100 km.

Mercedes E 220d: in a nutshell

He New Mercedes E-Class, with its great progress towards autonomous driving and his self parking, It has diverted our attention from driving classic old school with your hands on the wheel and your right foot on the pedals. This step towards automation is most impressive new E-Class.

He New E 220d saves fuel thanks to its dynamism and acceptable relaxing smooth running. On interior space, he new E-Class moves in the range of S-Class will arrive next spring with a starting price of 48,500 euros (Official rate in Spain of this diesel version).

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