Test: Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4Control, feet on the ground

Test: Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4Control, feet on the ground

Their strategy is not the way, neither hyper connectivity, and boast the latest security assistants. Renault still has that car for those still "we throw" we like nostalgia and, above all, driving really. It called Laguna, surnamed 4Control.

Test: Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4Control

Test: Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4Control

Test: Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4Control

Test: Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4Control

Days are numbered, giving way to a whole new generation, but quality, exclusivity and personality is not lacking to this very special Laguna to be one of the most special products in its class. Absent for a long time in -lleva Autopista years seeing how competition changes generation- has been back to sit on it to feel almost obliged to remind you that among the general average sedan remains one capable of reminding you that any past was better , at least as far as concerns driving feelings.

Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4ControlIff is a 4Control. I will not deny that the years do not go in vain, Clio and Captur have left old exterior or interior lines Laguna, nor that competition has eaten him land in safety equipment, but it is no less true that, today, nobody in the category can boast a chassis as having versions 4Control: Four-wheel steering already stopped using Japanese and the only BMW, Infiniti, Lexus or some very specific versions of the Porsche 911 seems to continue betting. Balanced Passat, Insignia 508 have made us assimilate drawn in tiralíneas and monolithic bodies, slow waist, something that unfortunately did not have abolished these new generations of cars much lighter than the Laguna was perhaps the Mazda 6 as best example. Openly I acknowledge that you have not pass through my hands Laguna, but most luck, now that everything was lost with this category, It has been reunited with this hilarious and super effective family successfully combined with the rear wheels.

Game Doll

Recalls that the 4Control rotates in phase or antiphase depending on the speed -60 km / h is the threshold at which they do in one another sense-. In your hand so quickly like the best Alfa old address, taking it all in just two turns of steering wheel in Laguna, rather than shorter turning radius, crop land in urban slow turns: yes there seems to conceal sized road is like flying kilos and kilos off. It is not only agility, today almost extreme, what you find between straight lines and curves, but also a parameter change: do not feel the inertia, you have the feeling of not finding limit on your front end.

Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2.0 dCi 4ControlFly where you have to brake with others, find the vertex, turn and accelerate gradually, sometimes forgiving mistakes in the shadow of faith, because This address has direct link with stability control and recalculates orientation and degrees of rotation on the rear axle; also sometimes drawn little thin if time and kilometers have not been enough to catch the thread to this chassis in which, as important as the direction, is a suspension and equipment specific wheels, also undisputed star in dynamics of this Laguna. And do not forget the 2.0 dCi / 150, fast enough and very nice, as is the norm in the house. Another example of the Laguna remains mechanically prepared.

In a nutshell

Acceleration: No lack elasticity, but the brilliance of this engine is its stuck up: from 4,000 to nearly 5,000 rpm, still holds more than 90 percent of the maximum power.

Change: touch something "rubbery"; guaranteed accuracy: fail insertion difficult. It has spent years moving developments, and today are not as long.

Frenada: The distance does not do justice to the actual capacity of Laguna when braking. Initial deceleration is good and the 4Control works closely in its stability.

cONSUMPTION: The 2.0 dCi nimbly moves a large car not exactly light; less than 6 liters on average in our two tours is an excellent value.

Overtaking: Remarkable resilience in fourth and fifth. Even forcing the engine to push from 1,400 rpm, nor does evil role in sixth. Good engine / transmission balance in this Laguna.

livabilityNo excesses, but lack space in three dimensions. valid for three occupants rear width and sufficient height leg, always with the handicap of the center tunnel, but with good seats for the person occupying this place

Power and torque: Fulfilling well, also providing some extra horse. A 1600 rpm already have 90 percent of maximum torque and climbing power is always up to cutting. Elastic and punchy engine

Sonority: Good dCi, not cloud the atmosphere for nothing, but in this Laguna firm suspension and large wheels if you hear little background noise on rough asphalt.

Trunk: It does not reach half a cubic meter measuring up to the tray, but there are many liters above. Their forms are regular and, on both sides, has practical gaps with lid. System extremely comfortable seats to abate.

So we do the tests