Ford S-MAX, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: Large 7-seater minivans

Ford S-MAX, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: Large 7-seater minivans

Ford S-MAX 2.0 TDCi, Renault Espace 1.6 dCi and Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI: compare three very different types of minivans for very numerous and traveling families.

S MAX Ford, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: 7 seats minivans

S MAX Ford, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: 7 seats minivans

S MAX Ford, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: 7 seats minivans

S MAX Ford, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: 7 seats minivans

There was a time back in the MPVs big they presented themselves as an exclusive format for families numerous. And there were many models that followed the passage of the two models at that time concerning: the Chrysler Voyager, as an example of this type of family car conceived in U.S; and the Renault Espace, the first to take the idea here in Europe.

Interestingly, Chrysler Voyager, in the latter sold under the Lancia brand years, is no longer sold in Europe. And this fifth generation Espace has been redesigned in such a way about their past, it has taken influences from successful SUV to make your design and also you provide a more emotional claim, corresponded with other technological solutions.

Perhaps the little debugged massive aspect is conditional on the large MPVs, but Ford has succeeded like no other manufacturer energize silhouette pure minivan in its S-MAX and not only in sight, also with dynamic behavior that, far from the pomp that accompanied those first large MPVs, is more typical of a good equivalent saloon.

These rearrangements, the Seat Alhambra remains faithful to Format plus traditional of the segment, where design and proportions are the result of making a cabin very spacious. Its silhouette does not deceive: the Seat Alhambra It is the top model and which has more glass surface. Regardless of what the meter says, in general it is the larger minivan also that sense of space that transmits its more light.

In any case, Ford S-MAX, Renault Espace Y Seat Alhambra They can boast of having top 5 places exceptional, not only for space. But in the Alhambra You will always feel a plus greater ease and at the Espace basically for its high level, no sense a extra roominess much higher compared to its already generous size. He Ford S-MAX It is closer to the sensations experienced in the Seat Alhambra.

Dealing with two seating of the third row It is when differences they can be vital according to size his passengers. And here, the Seat Alhambra clearly uncheck the top places, to consider the regular use only temporary and those of its rivals. He space minimum lets feet Y legs he Seat It is essential, as its very good headroom. At Renault Espace you feel part boxed, again, for their just dimension height and the S-MAX find very little bit space for the feet.

Ford S-MAX, Espace and Seat Alhambra

Ford S-MAX, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: multiconfigurables

In all three you can play with the position of the seating central, slide 16 centimeters on average, all independent and Same size, to adapt their living quarters every moment. No seat is removable yes it were- but recline the backups and fold down the banquettes to clear the cabin and expand the trunk to the letter. And all have remote buttons to comfortably abate central backs.

The seats of the third row are lowered on the basis of trunk. These can vary greatly between minimum and maximum, and always Seat Alhambra offers best records verified that Ford S-MAX and Renaul Espace. As five seats there is so much trunk all the differences may be insubstantial, but not when used as seven seats, where he Seat Alhambra it's a convenient trunk 325 liters, almost like a Seat Ibiza. Something less than a Seat Mii, offer Ford S- MAX and Espace.

From a practical point of view, Alhambra also makes its sliding doors a solution very useful and convenient, especially if automate, as you can do with the tailgates of the three models. The Conventional doors S-MAX and Espace are very large and release as much space as the sliding of the Alhambra, but that is why difficult opening by children or tight spaces.

Not only passengers in these cars perceive that they pay greater attention than in conventional sedans. In its work, the driver It is in these Ford S-MAX, Espace and Seat Alhambra driving positions that have been normalized much about the first MPVs, with angles of steering wheel and seat height you had to feel like a van. Today that's past and on my own Espace with his avant-garde design, If it were not for its height hips it seems that we were in a modern saloon.

He Seat Alhambra is also very natural. In it you will find a perfect harmony between shapes and locations seat, steering wheel Y lever from changes and only by other references, such as the depth of his dashboard Y greater height, you feel a minivan traditional. He Ford S-MAX It combines feelings of each other, environment minivan but closer to the ground than the Alhambra. And the height is critical in the S-MAX. It is the car lower and defines much dynamic which you find yourself.

Ford S-MAX, Espace, Seat Alhambra

Ford S-MAX, Renault Espace and Seat Alhambra: we set off

For general sensations Ford S-MAX is the minivan large it feels more dynamic Y reagent, also by the good touch from his suspension Y address. It feels very plumbed, but also very comfortable; transmit lot security and curve turns quickly. It supports in such a way that allows you to take very fast without any difficulty. Sways very little and slows particularly well.

He Renault Espace It has a full address which also it makes it very easy maneuverability. It is the car fewer turns of the wheel (Only 2.1) and that more tour It is the longest, what you appreciate especially in the tightest angles city and in shunting from parking. At times you have to assimilate great maneuverability. In the usual road curves do not feel the exaltation of direction had a 4Control Laguna GT, straight even demanded control with small movements of the steering wheel. He Espace result fast and light guiding, but very progressive road. As you go faster cornering, It provides address a lot of security. better manage input and curved path than its rivals when we started to flirt with its limits. Can Modify his conduct with different driving profiles, which change also sensitivity of shock absorbers. But you always feel comfortable and agile, so that its weight and size do not pose any impediment.

Far from paying the Seat Alhambra their Space gifts and functionality with dynamic ostentatious, your driving is in practice so simple and not less effective their "compact" rivals. It is less direct steering and therefore you have to turn the steering wheel more, but chassis and supports transmitting tour much trust. If you also atenúas movements with Optional adaptive damping, mode Sport, the feeling is you bring a car dynamic and very balanced. In its natural habitat is everything comfortable Y nice you can expect, much as its rivals have a game higher waist, which perhaps only appreciate in routes very torturous, where it is certain that is where it most agradecerías.

Ford S-MAX, Espace and Seat Alhambra

Ford S-MAX, Espace and Seat Alhambra: Diesel engines between 150 and 180 hp

We did not find mechanical equality in this comparison, but not well defined desvirtúas of each of these minivans orientation. Automatic six-speed changes Ford S-MAX Y Renault Espace They bring much pleasure; and the very dynamic of Ford. Your box Powershift changes double clutch, as EDC Espace, it feels faster transitions and no less smooth, forming a set very superior with the engine 2.0 TDCI 180 hp. The engine S-MAX It provides an answer much more consistent that he 1.6 dCi twin-turbo Espace. He S-MAX It is clearly the model faster engine and Renault Espace he less Quick. It is logical on the other, but in the Espace rife not the 160 hp from his "little" engine as you could expect. In this sense, some may be questionable figures acceleration the French model, especially when traveling at full load and this in a minivan 7 seats They may be many kilos.

These characteristics mechanical and other also have another reading: the higher consumption, especially in city (up to one liter and a half) of Ford S-MAX. He Alhambra -change manual six marches-defends the validity of a transmission with this engine 2.0 TDI 150 hp it generates much liking, very good answer and the best consumption, both city and highway driving.

Ultimately, the Seat Alhambra It makes good format traditional segment. He Ford S-MAX, By the way, the model that at times you feel like premium for his great quality from rolling and of functioning, combines space Minivan and dynamic from sedan like no one. If you need a minivan, but you like SUV, test with Espace vanguard.