Test: Nissan Pulsar 110 dCi N-TEC, which was missing from Nissan

Test: Nissan Pulsar 110 dCi N-TEC, which was missing from Nissan

Since four years stopped selling the Tiida ago, the Japanese firm has endured in our country with a successful Qashqai, but without a classic representative in the compact segment, which solves now with the Pulsar, which together with completely revamped crossover and the X-Trail, with the image of these, you can help add an unknown number of sales for the brand.

Test: Nissan Pulsar 110 dCi N-TEC, which was missing from Nissan

Test: Nissan Pulsar 110 dCi N-TEC, which was missing from Nissan

Test: Nissan Pulsar 110 dCi N-TEC, which was missing from Nissan

Test: Nissan Pulsar 110 dCi N-TEC, which was missing from Nissan

The first compact Nissan to reach Spain was the Cherry (1985) that happened on Sunny (1989) and followed the Almera (1995) two generations, the first manufactured in Japan and second in the UK. Three very different names, but all known in other places as Pulsar. A name that has a lot of tradition, although in Spain the vast majority of them will sound again. In between one Tiida, a concept of global car, designed for all markets here not reaped the expected success.

Nissan PulsarBut let’s focus on the new Pulsar. A model that It is manufactured at the Spanish plant in the Zona Franca in Barcelona. It is a compact five-door with 4.39 meters length is between the longest in its category, with few options ahead, as the Mazda3 with 4.46 or 4.42 Opel Astra, and like the Mazda he holds next to the biggest battle of them all, with 2.70 meters. Not surprisingly, this measurement is 5 cm longer than the Qashqai, and one in length, with which it shares some of the structural elements. All this allows you provide space on its hind record plazas. Something that Opel Astra or Mazda3 fail to make much profit.

What a liveability!

So, what stands inside the Pulsar is its magnificent longitudinal space to accommodate the knees of the passengers in the rear seats. 85 cm, look among the most spacious sedans to find a model that surpasses it, endorsing Lion 4 cm and 5 to Spaceback Skoda, which until his arrival were broader in this measurement. Its height is also remarkable, although a Hyundai i30 offers a couple of cm more, but its width, on average, corroborates that is more suitable in those places for two adults for three. In addition, very high -from 1.80 m-, despite having such longitudinal distance, they will miss a higher positioned stool to not travel with your knees as high. The funny thing is that despite offering both space behind, the trunk cubique generous 435 liters to 70 of the Civic, the reference, but well above the bulk of its rivals. It would be perfect if it had a more regular shapes and a plane load lower than facilitate the introduction of luggage.

Nissan PulsarIn the front seats is also generous space, with a considerably larger width and larger possibilities for adjusting the driving position. Even better if the sidewalk could lower stand and support in the upper half did not have much inclination; something that has not been welcomed by all drivers who have tested the car.

For quality finishes, only the top of the dashboard and doors exhibit soft plastic, burrs while binding between the lower parts of the center console not seek a pleasant feel. Front seat the backrest adjustment lever rather difficult roulette precise adjustment of the driving position while the backrest is divided into two asymmetrical sections, although not bring them down flush with the floor of the boot to create a flat load surface.

Little by little

At the start of its commercial life only offered with two engines, both known. He 1.2 DIG-T petrol supercharged by turbo 115 hp, Very pleasant and refined, available with six-speed manual transmission or an automatic continuously variable Xtronic called, and 1.5 dCi Diesel Source Renault 110 hp, it only has manual. The first € 1,400 worth less, which to amortize the Diesel must travel about 68,000 km the current price of fuel. By early 2015 it is confirmed a version 1.6 turbo gasoline engine with 190 hp, already known Juke, probably complete with sports variant Nismo 218 hp with wheels 19 “, a full aero kit and sports suspension, and presented as prototype at the last Paris Motor Show.

Nissan PulsarThe 1.5 dCi Diesel engine, coming from Renault, it is also present in other compact as Mégane and Mercedes A180 CDI; although the Pulsar feels slightly rougher by a somewhat higher noise level at idle and vibration. He is a veteran and propellant, 8 valves, and although not as refined as the 1.6 dCi offers lower than this and reduced consumption. The amount average obtained by our Technical Center is 5.1 l / 100 km, far from the homologated 3.6; which in practice it is impossible to reproduce. Things European homologation cycle NEDC, which in the future will be replaced by a globally harmonized. Nevertheless, consumption in city is competitive, 4 tenths obtained by e-HDi 308 and A3 Sportback 1.6 TDI Ultra, two of the best. Road is situated in the middle to make the same difference of four tenths with Audi, but this measure are all much closer together in their records. In terms of benefits, acceleration runs enough for what we can expect from its 110 hp, recovering but I lack pleased to use excessively long chosen change developments. Sought to reduce consumption and meet the standard of pollutant emissions Euro6, but that prevent getting a good balance and force them to resort to the gear lever more frequently, even limited to travel in 90/100 km / h in 5th rather sections of in 6th. 1.2 DIG-T is more refined, vibrates less and runs almost the same, but not so sparing in consumption.

First of all, comfort

Pulsar behavior clearly responds to the approach that conveys his body, It is, above all, a comfortable car, with a rather soft cushioning, but responds well at risk and even sporty driving without the car has this approach. Draw drawn precise, predictable and easy to control reactions when its grip limit is exceeded, helping to greatly stability control fine tuned.

Nissan PulsarThe electric steering conveys enough information and accurate, like change, even when driven very quickly is missing better touch, while Brakes meet sufficiency, although in very demanding driving fatigued quite easily and fail distances notable arrest. As happens with the Qashqai, with which it shares many components, It offers good ride quality and a very refined rolling, only broken by a noise level and vibration level above the 1.6 dCi with which we routinely tested this crossover.

Equipped and reasonably priced

The range is structured with four finishes. The dCi Visia the basic means to disburse 17,450 euros, where it offers 6 airbags, ESP, air conditioning, four electric windows, cruise control, trip computer, Bluetooth and wheels 16 “. move to Acenta more advisable bill increases 950 € elements such as air conditioning, central armrest and forth, light sensors and rain, electrochromic interior mirror handsfree key and fog lamps. For the N-Tec test add another 1,700 € by the anti-collision front, LED headlights, 17 “wheels, Nissan Connect (Smartphone Apps to manage, navigation, Google Send-to-Car …) and reversing camera. system The top end Tekna Blind Spot added, alert lane change, motion detector, camera 360, leather upholstery, heated seats and electrically folding mirrors € 1,700 more. There are cheaper compact rate, but what is difficult is to overcome its excellent price / equipment.

Driving aids

Under the name “Smart Shield Protection” It offers some of the latest systems driving aid. The N-Tec has finished the Front anti-collision system, which warns the driver acoustically and even stops by itself when it detects a possible range of driver distraction. The Tekna complete this section with Blind Spot Assist, which warns of the presence of another vehicle that we may not have noticed in the rearview mirror, the warning against unintentional lane change and motion detector, that notifies the movement of other vehicles around the vehicle parking in the work. A feature that is complemented by the Camera 360 that plays in the center console screen an overhead view of the car to park almost to the millimeter without a single touch.

After an unprecedented success with his SUV Qashqai, which has taken over the top of the sales ranking in recent years. Nissan, with Pulsar ends to structure its offering in the C segment with a traditional compact with a clear commitment to the economy, simplicity and space to meet the classic client category; the new Qashqai, which adds to the practicality the aesthetics and versatility of its body crossover and the X-Trail, with a somewhat-more commercial approach Campero Real- greater capacity, modularity and the possibility of having seven plazas. An option for every type of customer. It will triumph.