We compare: Seat Ibiza 1.0 TSi vs VW Polo 1.2 TSi, leader and reference

Everyone wants to follow in the wake of the Seat Ibiza, sales leader. And everyone would want to make a car like the VW Polo, a benchmark in quality. We crossed incoming and outgoing generation ... Any surprises?

2017 Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, facing

2017 Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, facing

2017 Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, facing

2017 Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, facing

First days of life for Seat Ibiza 2017, for its fifth generation; last days for VW Polo, model in autumn landed with the sixth installment of the hit 'Here first impressions next VW Polo-. More than 14 million units sold, more than 40 years, their numbers are indisputable. He VW Polo has been a reference in the category since its inception but, if only at times, seems willing to cede the baton to his cousin Seat a Ibiza in the "filming" and we attended a Polo immersed in celebrations: In Spain, the market granted him "license" crowned last March as the best selling utility, outperforming the laureate Spanish utility, no longer undisputed leader since years, but decades. April, by the way, reconfirms the Seat Ibiza as the undisputed leader in our market.

VERSIONSeat Ibiza 1.0 TSIVolkswagen Polo 1.2 TSi
displacement999 cm31,197 cm3
Power116 hp90 CV
Pair20.4 mkg16.3 mkg
Weight1,140 kg1,107 kg
Luggage capacity355 l280 l
Maximum speed195 km / h184 km / h
Acel. 0-100 km / h9.3 s10,8 s

Seat Ibiza 2017 against VW Polo: mechanical options

And is that even with generational change in view, the VW Polo is much Polo and its tempting promotions They seem to have had the desired result. There have also been new information about reposition the range and focus exclusively on supply engines demand. Farewell, therefore, to 1.0 TSi, whose production derived engine to Ateca Seat or very Ibiza, but we will see in the next generation, definitely relieving the 1.2 TSi. A big loss, no doubt. Incidentally, during the last months of life of VW, You can not buy in version 1.2 TSi 110 hp, but exclusively with the 90 hp.

Seat Ibiza 2017 - VW Polo

But not only discuss the engines with which we have held this meeting, partly because the 1.5 TSi 150 hp with which presented the Seat Ibiza will not arrive until later this year. its finish FR, yes, it is present in the range from the moment of release, combined with the 115 hp 1.0 TSi, tricilíndrico more powerful version of revelation; There are also A version with 95 hp This same engine also saying goodbye Ibiza 1.2 TSi yes continues to offer the Seat Leon. By the way, since we're talking compact, makings turn to speak, and not only size but also of lines: much like the compact model (the Lion) at first glance; Y how much older the VW Polo to put beside the Spanish model. Longer, considerably wider, more future-the battle Polo clone the basic dimensions of the new Ibiza-, the visual impact is higher segment car. The immediate impact of these new dimensions is, as you can imagine, a much more spacious cabin. Wide and the Seat Ibiza and outgoing current VW Polo, the new generation of Seat sets new standards. There are few cars in this category so actual amplitude in the rear seats, Meanwhile he trunk, with 355 liters, also long exceeds the average in the category.

Within qualities, Seat is already a guarantee, but with two brands in the same house positioned above, it seems forced to leave room for maneuver. There hierarchies. The plastics used in the dashboard They are therefore only right, although Yes adjustments are proud. In this sense, even chest out an already Veteran Polo even provides details as an additional rubber lip on the rear doors to improve acoustic seal and prevent soiling inside frames ... I do not know, yes, if this kind of details that make the difference will remain in the future Polo. For now, it is to Seat who stands out with reference equipment options in its category, especially for the welter of driving assistants can assimilate the new MQB architecture A0, the same that will have future Polo and Audi A1, and it makes the Ibiza again be the reference car dynamically speaking, although the actual combat Polo holds more than dignity.

Seat Ibiza 2017

Seat Ibiza 2017 vs VW Polo: this will

the engine should qualify the unit shown in the photos, I was able to lead from the current Polo and also the first new generation Seat Ibiza in which I get, wearing 1.5 TSi 150 hp and finished FR equipped for the occasion with an impressive team of 18-inch wheels. Configuration obviously determine a unquestionable advantage for the Ibiza in accuracy and effectiveness, but they can be "read" Easily the benefits of this new chassis, including an exceptional quality of bacheo even with such mount wheels. From the pole, always at his wake in the tours we could do for Barcelona and surroundings, is not much difference you can feel as chassis and suspension, but poise and agility: Simply, with the Seat Ibiza you seem to roll on a Lion. More direct steering-for my taste, slightly duration and pinpoint accuracy the front axle in front of a pole a significantly higher level of understeer and larger movements body, but also superb in sense of security; compared to their peers, the current Polo is still a reference car, but the Ibiza seems to make clear from the outset that sets new levels of dynamism and refinement.

OFFICIAL CONSUMPTIONSSeat Ibiza 1.0 TSIVolkswagen Polo 1.2 TSi
urban consumption5,8 l / 100 km5,9 l / 100 km
extra-urban consumption4,1 l / 100 km4.0 l / 100 km
average consumption4.7 l / 100 km4.7 l / 100 km

The motor 1.5 TSi it opens the Ibiza simultaneously with the renewed VW Golf, natural evolution of the 1.4 TSi, more efficient, very soft... Perhaps too "friendly" for FR version, or maybe "too" chassis for only 150 hp. Ibiza assimilates without the slightest complaint while the much less powerful Polo you even gently modular acceleration occasional slow curve that shiny asphalt coast. Electronics also makes a difference: the evolution of electronic self-blocking, integrated stability control acts more effectively without interfering at all in direction. Very elastic, with fine twist and quite busy media, 1.5 TSi may provide greater plus in driveability in sporting sensations. End of the year you can not buy this version, but the 1.0 TSi is full guarantee. Regarding the Diesel, Seat corrects the shot: goodbye to 1.4 TDi 3 cylinder, welcome back TDi 1.6 with 80, 95 and 115 CV, thrusters will share with the future Polo.

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